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Thread: Jerry Vale and Frank Sinatra

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    Jerry Vale and Frank Sinatra

    A new article Feb/2006 in Palm- Springs- Life about the singer Jerry Vale, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

    Instead of using quotes I suggest you look at the whole thing.

    What do you guys think of it ?

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    Anton, thanks for that - it was an interesting read.


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    Thanks Anton -- Jerry Vale has always been one of my favorites.

    Great article.

    In memory of my Jesse

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    Thanks for posting this, Anton. I didn't get to read the entire article 'cuz I have to get going soon, but so far, it's great.

    You have excellent taste, Zia, Jerry's one of my favorites too. But you knew that.

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    Very nice listening is Jerry Vale singing Carlo Donidas " Al Di La ", the English version of this very beautiful Italian love song.

    BTW Conny Francis did also a fantastic job singing it.

    Another good one is "Non Dimenticar".

    For those romantic evenings with Italian vino rosso.

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    Anton...a beautiful article. It makes me love and miss Frank even more. Thanks for the link to it.


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    "Non Dimenticar".

    Still remember Dean Martin spoofing that song:

    "Non Dimenticar....means I don't got no car............'
    My heart.

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    Boy, Anton, I was right... it would be a treat to meet you.

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    Smile Jerry Vale and Frank Sinatra

    Good early part of February afternoon from a part of The American Midwest-USA:

    Anton, I read the whole article and loved it...thank you very much. Jerry Vale is another one who has a pure honest voice....It was sad to read about the Dean Martin part...It was wonderful to read about how nice FRANK treated him (Jerry) refreshing.....

    I'm glad I clicked in....
    The journey's long, much longer that I reckoned, in any throng, I'd know her in a second......

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    Jerry & Frank

    Thanks for the info, Anton..I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Jerry and his friendship with Mr. Sinatra...What an era...

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    Please don't blame Dean. Read it more carefully.

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    Thumbs up Jerry Vale..

    Another great Italian-American singer of the 50's and 60's who was born in the Bronx. Jerry lived on Magenta Street right behind the high school I attended "Evander Childs" on Gun Hill Road in the Wakefield section of the Bronx.
    He's a credit to his family and craft, love you Jerry...
    Joe V.

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    A very nice article. Really enjoyed reading it.

    Thank you for posting it, Anton

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    Wow Anton,

    And You wonder why I love Frank so much, this is the stuff You dont hear about, the things the tabloids dont want You to here. Anton, that was a beautifull article, thats what keeps Me COMIN BACK, Frank, He was and always will be, ONE EXTRORDINARY GUY.

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    You know Nancy,

    Your right, that doesnt sound like Dean.

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    Thumbs up What a great article.

    It is heartwarming to read this story .
    ...Knowing that Jerry Vale loved and respected Frank and cared to go that extra mile to make Frank feel better in his later days is just wonderfull.

    "Your getting to be a habit with me"...Sinatra Now & Forever!

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    This was awesome...I think I may pick up that seems interesting and honest.

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    Great article thanks Anton, it's a shame Dean didn't get the whole story, I don't think his reaction would have been the same. Wonderful to read about Jerry's relationship with Frank, what a lucky man.

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    Anton, Very interesting reading...thanks so much. As I read Jerry Vale's comments about Frank, I was thinking to myself, "That's our man!" Somehow I'm not surprised about Greg Garrison. The Dean Martin TV show dvd's/tapes are great to watch, (the real shows, not the roasts), but Garrison keeps popping up, pretty much saying the same things from one volume to another, bragging how the show was a disaster (with circus animals and the like) till he took over and added girls. Since he apparently owns the rights to the shows, one thing you can't say is he was dumb! (How did Dean let that happen, anyway?)

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