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Thread: Nancy SR.

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    Joanne Guest

    Nancy SR.

    Hi there Sinatra Fans!
    Can anyone tell me please...
    I believe that Nancy Sinatra Senior is still living, where is her home and did she ever re marry after her marriage to Frank..

    I hope this is not too personal a question, if it is , please accept my apology

    Sincerely, Joanne

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    Smile Mrs. Nancy B. Sinatra

    Hi Joanne,

    On one of the Chat Rooms one night, someone ask Nancy how her mother was and she said she is doing fine. She has a pacemaker now and lives only a few minutes away from Nancy.

    She never remarried. We had a Chat one night with Nancy, when the family came over for supper and some of us got to ask them a few questions, with Nancy's help!! What a pleasure it was!!

    Hoped that answered your question! Hope you are feeling alittle better!!


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    Joanne Guest

    Mrs. Nancy Sinatra

    Thank you for the reply Lynda...It is good to hear about Mrs Nancy Sinatra....

    And yes I am feeling better, nothing new regarding the surgery date, hopefully with herbs . vitamins and exercise I might not need surgery....( probably only wishful thinking though on my part)

    Take Care
    God Bless


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