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Thread: Natalie Wood (merged)

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    Natalie Wood...

    Good Morning!

    Did anyone read the latest book about Natalie was kind of upsetting to read for me, as I was/am a huge fan and seems she had alot of issues to deal with...

    I just know when I was a teenage girl watching many of her movies, she 'got to me' and touched me deeply and I was terribly saddened when she passed so tragically and young...

    Seems that Mr. Sinatra (according to the book) was very fond of her..also mentions her going to parties at his house..when I think she was still a teenager...must have been pretty exciting!



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    selena65- She was a remarkable beauty

    And she was the female lead in what is still to this day my favorite movie of all-time "West Side Story" She was perfect for that role. I still remember how upset I was when I found out she didn't actually do the singing in the movie. I was just a kid when I first saw it, and accepted what I saw for what it was...who ever heard of lip-synching at 8 years old. I also think there was something very fishy (no pun intended) about her accidental drowning. Too many guys on that boat with a romantic interest in her for that to be an accident. Just my opinion.
    My heart.

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    Hi Fred..

    Yes..she was incredibly beautiful and sensitive!

    My brother and I heard about her death over the radio while my folks were out...I can still remember the moment...just very shocking!

    I was 'afraid' to mention it before, but yes, the whole thing seems weird..considering the notion that she was very afraid of the water and it's reported there was alot of drinking going on that night and I guess fighting too..not to spread's just what I have read...the whole thing is very confusing and senseless....I wish we could know what really happened...maybe the answer is so simple and sad that it would be hard to believe..who knows?

    I just wish she was still here 'among us'..she seemed like a 'dynamite' ( sorry for the 70's reference!) lady and would have only continued to grow as a person and actress and would have been a very interesting 'celebrity' prescence for us now...I'm sure she would be a delight to see, listen to or read interviews about, and certainly would have found some great roles to play on TV or the Movies..the last time I remember 'seeing' her was on the Mike Douglas show...and I remember those Raintree Face Lotion commericals she used to do..rushed right out to buy some...

    I was 15 ( gosh time has gone by) when she died and I know I cried off and on for at least a week after she passed...guess it was a 'teenage' thing..but as I said in my first post..she really touched me and was a very relatable actress...she is very missed and I am sorry for her daughters lose such a sweet Mom.

    Just terrible all the way around!


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    Natalie Wood

    Yes, Selena, she was very beautiful and very good actress.
    I saw many movies with her. "West Side Story"was a great film I always remember this one. And she works with Frank Sinatra in "Kings go Forth" which I saw many times. Great film! . I saw "Marjorie Morningstar" with her and Gene Kelly.

    I was so sorry with what have happened to her. She was very young and beautiful to die that way. I think nobody will never know exactely what happend that day.

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    Hi Lourdes

    I remember Marjorie Morningstar too..I only saw it once when I was a teenager and it made me cry..I also had a big 'crush' on Gene Kelly at the time and that movie really got to me...again maybe a teenager thing!

    I think I saw it for sale on Amazon or something..I am thinking of buying it ..tho I think it might have been out of stock or something..thanks for reminding me! I will have to check again!

    Take care!


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    Thumbs up Natalie Wood

    Hi, Selena

    Today I remembered another Natalie's film: "Rebel Without Case" with James Dean. Did you see it?
    A very good film.

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    I have seen it a few's touching when she is trying to show her father affection and he keeps pushing her off..sad...

    I also Love...Splendor in the Grass...This Property is Condemned and Love with the Proper Stranger...and Gypsy!

    Take care!


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    Hello, everybody!

    I saw a special about Natalie Wood either on AMC or A&E Biography.

    Natalie was very afraid of water. She said she liked being on it (on a boat) and near it, but she couldn't stand being in water (swimming).

    The special explained that when Natalie was very young, she was in a movie. One scene called for her to walk across a bridge. The bridge was supposed to cave in and Natalie would fall into the water below.

    The director discussed this with Natalie's mother (who was the epitome of a stage mother). Natalie's mother thought Natalie would give a better "scared" performance if she really was surprised by the bridge caving in. The director agreed.

    So, young little Natalie was simply told to walk over the bridge. She took a few steps on the bridge and, to her complete surprise, it caved in. She fell and was submerged in the water below. Natalie (as you can imagine) was TERRIFIED!

    And that was the cause of her lifelong fear of water.

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    Thanks Carl!

    Lovely picture..thank you so much!

    In reference to the bridge story..isn't that were she hurt her arm..I think in the picture you show, that you can see the 'deformity' from it that she tried to hide..the wrist with the bracelet on it..

    Dear they say in the High Society song, 'Well did ya ever'..she was a 'game girl'....wish she was still here!


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    Hello, Selena!

    I'm not sure if Natalie broke her wrist during that fall or during an accident on another film.

    The special I saw explained how her wrist wasn't treated and was left slightly deformed. Natalie wore bracelets to hide it. She said she felt naked without a bracelet on that wrist.

    The special went into detail about what a demanding stage mother Natalie had and their troubled relationship.

    Very, very sad.

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    HI Carl...

    Another beautiful picture..thank you again!

    Yes, according to the new book, she had such a hard time with her Mom...the whole stage mother/parent concept is so can you ever be parent and child when the parent is also the agent or promoter...parent and child relationships are hard enough..but seems like Natalie ( as well as so many other child performers) have such a hard time..they have to be so grownup and responsible and 'adult'..way beyond their years..I can't even imagine the pressure that must be..all those adults expecting you to be ready and prepared and always attractive and well-behaved and all the production elements and money's hard enough when you have demanding parents..but to have a whole 'studio' watching you like a hawk..awful!

    One of the things I always admired about Ms. Wood was that she worked so hard to retain her humanity and her 'sanity'..sought help and continued to grow as a person and not let things from the past keep her down or from moving forward..



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    and who can foget "Splendor in the Grass"???

    Hi....Natalie Wood was one of my favorite teenage years movie stars. I wanted to BE her!!!!
    When I saw her in "Splendor in the Grass" I was incredulous....The scenes between her and Warren Beatty were unforgettable.
    I immediately went and cut my hair in the exact style that Natalie Wood was wearing...
    Thanks for posting this thread...I couldn't wait to reply.....jeane/SinatraPhan
    "I hadn't anyone till you..."

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    Hi Jeane..

    Yes...I wanted to be 'her' to...she seemed to embody so many fine qualites...beautiful, sensitive, intelligent, kind...

    I started watching the 'old movies' at a very young age..the movies and the people in them were like my 'friends'...and most of the movies were repeated it was nice to 'visit'..gave me a lot of comfort..

    My first favorites were Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard and Vivien Leigh..then I 'found' Natalie...

    Thanks Selena

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    I loved Natalie in Inside Daisy Clover, an unjustly maligned movie (in my opinion anyway! ).

    Why she was given the Worst Actress Award from the Harvard Drama Society is beyond me.

    Great photos, Carl!

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    Selena, that is a cute avatar!

    Smoking, huh?

    Young lady, we'll have none of that!

    Garfield, I recall hearing that Natalie surprised the Harvard Drama Society by accepting her award in person.

    I like your avatar too!

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    to Natalie lovers

    She was THEE most beautiful actress! I always wanted to look like her and I adored her husband RJ! God bless him. He is still going strong.
    There was a picture of Frank and Natalie on E-Bay I bid for , but I got outbid. My loss- their gain.


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    Thumbs up West Side Story just starting on TV over here

    so bumping the beautiful Miss Natalie Wood, what a movie, what an actress, what a score, what choreography......
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    Natalie Wood was the Meryl Streep of her time! She was beautiful and everything you ever wanted to be. Another tragedy in our history of entertainment. Think about how many celebrities that we lost you'll be surprise !

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    Thumbs up I remember Natalie as a child actress when

    she acts at "Miracle on 52th Street". Very beautiful, poignant film. /// Also "Splendor in the Grass", with Warren Beatty, she is superbe. Well, God bless her. Paolo.
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

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    Thumbs up ..Splender in the GRASS!

    ...Natalie Wood was a great Actress.....I fell in love with her when I watched Splender in the Grass!

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