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Thread: Piscopo imitates Sinatra on SNL-Christmas Special

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    Piscopo imitates Sinatra on SNL-Christmas Special

    Hey everyone,

    Last night there was a funny montage of Saturday Night Live's Christmas skit featured Eddie Murphy as Gumby with a little skit called "Merry Christmas, Dammit" .

    Gumby's guests included Donnie & Marie (Julie Louise Dryfus & some dude) and Frank Sinatra(Joe Piscopo).....

    Piscopo came out and sang a hillarious version of "Silent Night" Frank-style...and the theme song to the Flintstones and Woody Woodpecker. It was really hillarious.

    It was circa 1982

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    Thumbs up SNL & PISCOPO

    i'm sorry i missed the show but, joe piscopo was my choice as doing the best sinatra, he captures a side of sinatra[not he's singing] that no one else seems to do. joe....

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    What's great about Joe Piscopo's "tribute" to Frank is that there's nothing snide or cruel about it. He caricatures Frank's coolness and hipness, but never crosses the line into the parodies of Frank's supposed bigotry or cruelty (both traits that only existed in the mind of Kitty Kelley).

    In contrast....

    As much as I mourn the death of Phil Hartman of the later Saturday Night Live cast, I must say that his imitation was cruel, evil, and did not capture ANY of the traits of the REAL Frank Sinatra.

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    Thumbs up Joe Piscopo really loves Sinatra

    ....He was partners in Jillys East ...........

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    I also enjoyed that bit by Joe Piscopo. Although I do not think he does a great vocal impression of Sinatra, the characterization in that Christmas sketch is pretty damn funny. I can still hear him crooning, "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.... 'Ats da Woody Woodpecker Song!"

    'Scuse me while I disappear,

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    He really does capture the nuances of Frank's movements and phrasing when he speaks.

    Although, I used to enjoy Hartman's imitation too...primarily because it was such an over-the-top parody, that it was simply crazy. But you are right, Hartman's is more caustic.

    Joe's is more tribute to the style.

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    Joe Piscopo..SNL

    I have seen this several times, and it never ceases to amuse me.
    I agree he captures Frank's coolness and hipness. It is obvious how he feels about Sinatra.

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