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Thread: Sinatra Live at the Sands - DVD

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    Sinatra Live at the Sands - DVD

    I've been searching for the Subject DVD for some time. It was released last August 12th I believe. Anyone know where I can actually find a new DVD? Many sites promise they have it but they don't.

    Sure appreciate it!


    Doc. G.

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    Nancy posted the following in the "News" section of the website. Looks like the DVD is audio only....


    Reprise has scheduled DVD-A releases of Sinatra At The Sands, Sinatra-Jobim (expanded) & September Of My Years for September 23, 2003.

    There will also be a Deluxe Rat Pack Set (that includes a DVD of St. Louis 1965 and a 1962 Villa Venice concert with previously unissued tracks) set for an October 7, 2003, release by Reprise.



    FS @ the Sands, September & Jobim are all being released in DVD-A format. That is audio only.

    The Rat Pack Deluxe package will include a DVD-A of Villa Venice (audio only) and a DVD (video) of Dismus House.

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    Angry more duping?

    Thanks Beth;

    Sounds like another public duping by the technical media. To me an audio disc was called a CD. A vidio disc was called a DVD. The "V" stands for VIDEO. DVA, DVD-A Sounds like a confusion factor to dupe customers into repurchasing what we already have. I have enjoyed Sinatra at the Sands for a few years on CD. I don't need another. I am looking for the video (motion picture) version to play on my television.

    I guess I'll wait until I see it (someday) in a store and can actually touch/feel prior to purchase.

    Thanks again for your concern and time.

    Dr. G. Wendorf

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    DVD-A or DVD Audio is a much higher resolution (better quality sound) system then standard CD's. It also provides up to 5.1 channels of sound and includes still photographs and even liner notes to show on your tv. When listening to this recording in surround sound you are put right into the Copa Room as if you were there. No 2 channel CD can provide that effect. It is a quantum improvement in sound, just as CD's surpassed LPs and Cassettes.

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    *** am looking for the video (motion picture) version to play on my television.***

    To my knowledge, The Sands concerts in 1966 were not recorded on video or filmed. It's just audio recordings, made by Reprise at the time. In case all of the original recordings do still survive, there should be some unreleased tracks since Reprise recorded a whole week of shows at the Sands from Jan 26 to Febr 1.


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    I personally do not see the use of a DVD-a. Unless you have your DVD player hooked up to a surroundsound system or a home theater system.

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    "Quantum improvement in sound." It certainly is. You get a whole different feeling listening to it on DVD-A 6channel sound. You can listen to it with any DVD player, but for the ultimate listening experience, you need a DVD-A player.

    For more info. please see thread on Pioneer Universal DVD player.

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    the V in the word DVD stands for VERSATILE, not for Video. it is confusing, that's why they call audio discs dvd-a.
    SINATRA : 100 Years ... 1915-2015

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    Frank's Modesty

    Frank does an awesome, awesome version of Don't Worry About Me. The crowd goes wild. BRAVO! And in Frank's modesty, all he says a marvelous song, a great standard.

    Simply amazing. One of the many reasons why I am so glad there is a forum keeping the Sinatra legacy alive.

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    For the sake of accuracy (or just being a wiseguy) the song is called "Don't Worry 'Bout Me". (not "About").

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    You're partially right: From our old friend at Webster's:

    DVD ( P ) Pronunciation Key (dv-d)
    A high-density compact disk for storing large amounts of data, especially high-resolution audio-visual material.

    [d(igital) v(ideo)d(isk), and d(igital) v(ersatile) d(isk).]

    As you can see the words "audio" and "visual" are tied with a conjunctive (-) indicating both are on this media.

    Just for the record - pun intended...

    My sincerest thanks to all who contributed. I believe there never was a DVD per se for this wonderful Sinatra session. I received the DVD-A for Christmas, the Bose in the Cadillac seems to discriminate little and it has 11 speakers.

    Doc. G.

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