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Thread: Remembering Elvis Presley, His Life and Music

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    There is no doubt in my mind of the class differences between Frank and Elvis. When Elvis died, he cemented himself in our psyche for all eternity as he was in the mid to late 70's (tacky rhinestone jumpsuits and all). When Frank died at 82, he suddenly became "Pal Joey" for all eternity ( classy and care-free 40 year old in tailored suit, trench coat and fedora). When Frank stepped on stage, he represented musical art in its highest form. Elvis, on the other hand, did not. Frank Sinatra is opera or the symphony. Elvis, on the other hand, is Karaoke. Also, let's not forget the most important difference between Elvis and Frank. While Elvis stole his musical style from others in the mid 50's and made it popular, Frank invented his musical genre and forced everyone else (including his own idol-Bing) to adapt to it.

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    a shadowy reservation about Elvis

    I have no problems with Elvis' authenticity. He was an all around entertainer, music, movies, nightclubs. He had a good style and some sisters as his backup singers.

    But my reservation is that Willie Mae Thornton wrote and first recorded "Hound Dog", and never received one thin dime in royalty from the man with the purple Cadillac. He was buying his momma Cadillacs while Willie lived in abject poverty. I'm sure if you asked him about it, he'd say "Talk to Colonel Parker, I don't handle that."

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    Wink Hi, Carl

    Thanks for the photo. It's beautiful!

    Member since 1997
    - Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    HI Peggy..

    Hey there!!

    Enjoyed your would be a really depressing thing to find out how many unsung artists have been ripped off , uncredited, left behind etc.....

    And....Love your Avatar...where did you find that...


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    Hi Selena!

    One day at work, one of my co-workers was putting together an ad layout in the Photoshop program, changing colors of fabrics (in towels and curtains - Martex, Inc.) with the touch of a button. We were on break and I asked him if he could change the color and gender of my Porky Pig avatar. With a few clicks he said "Done." Then he asked me if the Forum would allow a two frame animation for batting eyes. I said "maybe", and showed him Carl's waving flag avatar, and added, "if this is one". He said yes and then made my animated avatar.

    He tried to make the background transparent, so that it would have a gray background if my posting landed on a gray square. But two out of three ain't bad.

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    You know..I didn't even notice that was Porky Pig..I thought it was a totally new avatar!!

    I love it..wish I knew your co-worker ...I'd like a new, groovin avatar.....I need a silly looking white girl, with bugged out blue eyes and some crazy, unruly , out of my control wavy hair...that would be me! Oh...aside from the bugged out eyes, they need to look kind of clueless too! And could he make one that smokes a cigarette....? Like a foolish-girl avatar!

    Peggy..if you see this first..check out Friendly Chatter..I am opening a thread directed at YOU!! About NYC schools ref: 9/11


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    Peggy, great avatar!

    I know Big Mama Thornton sang it, but didn't Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller write "Hound Dog"?

    I agree she didn't recieve the money she should have from the success of the song.

    Have you heard her version of "Ball and Chain"?

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    Adam - "I see"

    I'm a snob too. The difference between Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley can be summed up in one sentence: Frank Sinatra had class; Elvis Presley did not.

    And this time I'm perfectly serious, I assure you. Actually, I think I could write a thesis in comparing Frank and Elvis.

    "Don't be trapped by dogma which is living as the result of everyone else's thinking" - Steve Jobs

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    I'm confused.

    Is the topic here "Could Elvis Sing?"

    Or is it "Who is Better: Elvis or Frank Sinatra?"

    And what does class have to do with having a good voice?

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    The topic was started with 'Could Evlis Sing' but now we have widened the deabte. And naturally, this being a Sinatra forum (i know this topic is other celebrities, but you get my drift) we are going to make comparisons. But for me personally there are no comparisons and Savatari , you are bang on target there.

    Great animation Peggy!

    Be Aware Don't Despair

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    Thanks Adam and Carl

    Carl, now that you mention it, it probably was Lieber and Stoller. Here I am walking distance from the Brill Building while over looking that. I hope Janis gave Big Mama some royalties on "Ball and Chain". I know Janis bought Bessie Smith a big headstone for her grave.

    Selena, I'll see what I can do with my co-worker. It'll no doubt be simple because we're limited to 64 by 64 pixels. So that's wavy medium brown hair, smoking, bug-eyed, kind of like one of Marge Simpson's twin sisters? (Only a little prettier with a smaller nose.)

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    Hi Peggy... got me! I'd love to have a 'comical version of me' avatar..again..I love is so sweet and cute and just really cool!


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    Thumbs up

    Hola Adam:
    Creo que Elvis fue un excelente cantante, lamentablemente
    terminů su vida en muy mala forma. Con afecto.

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    Thumbs down Elvis fans are not intelligent?

    I think the writer of that is not intelligent - maybe a bit stupid.
    Elvis was in 1956, a very unique person. He was singing music
    and getting air time because of disgraceful treatment of black
    performers. In some ways, he was a great friend of black
    performers, as he was getting attention to their music. That is
    also what Fats Domino said about Pat Boone.
    I liked Elvis. To compare his voice to Sinatra is unfair. As for
    unintelligent fans, I have seen plenty of them at Sinatra concerts, too. I just feel that Elvis had a lot of raw, uninhibited talent.
    Very well managed by Tom Parker. In my opinion, had drugs
    not been a factor in his life, Elvis would still be selling out in Las
    Vegas. John

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    Adam in England

    Adam , I see by your profile that you were born in 1982, so
    in my opinion, you are not qualified to judge Elvis Presley.
    Sinatra was 41 when Elvis 'made it.' A totally different era
    from 1939. John

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    Wink Oh, John

    I don't underrate your point to your fellow countryman, but we all judge our elders over here.

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    John, that is a very petty statement in my opinion 'what do you know you're not old enough', it usually comes from an older person who cant win an argument because the younger person does actually know more.

    Look at it this way, if i hadnt have put my date of birth on my profile, you would not have known how old i was and therefore would not have had the excuse of 'You're too young, you dont know' so what other excuse would you have come up with for disregarding my perfect right to an opinion? Indeed, i could have studied Mr Presley for the years of my life and would know more about him than you ever could.

    In simple terms, John, do not judge someone by their age.

    And another point, Mr Sinatra did indeed 'make it' in another era, he infact 'made it' in every era from 1939 until 1998. Mr Sinatra stepped over all generation gaps to be where he was, and without a doubt was the superior vocal talent when compared to Mr Presley, that i doubt you could deny. And the lifestyle that Mr Presley led (allegedley) would not have lead to a good voice in HIS 70's. Mr Sinatra was a voice for every era, and will continue to be so.

    Be Aware Don't Despair

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    Dear Adam,



    PS: Mr Osterholm, I'm not going to wase my time and convince you that I'm not "a bit stupid," but I will tell you that what you said was not very kind. Who am I that you should care about my opinion of Elvis Presley?

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    I don't agree with the statement about Elvis fans being unintelligent. While you do see many of his fans on Jerry Springer, there are also millions more who are doctors, lawyers, scientists, executives, etc. Many are cultured and well-rounded people who have chosen to include Elvis in their musical index. Also, I've seen and read many indepth interviews with Nancy where she made a point of praising Elvis. I believe Nancy was a fan as well as a friend of Elvis. As for the comment about the younger site members not having the right to comment on Elvis due to their young age, it is totally ridiculous. Musical taste is subjective and everyone has a right to voice their opinions about it. Some are good and some are bad, but it's their right (yes, their generation gave us Britney Spears, but the "older and wiser" generation made Eddie Fisher a star--that in itself should be a crime). Let's not forget that there are also countless numbers of teen-agers who are fans of Frank Sinatra and the fact that many are on this site keeping his legacy alive should speak volumes. Lastly, Col Parker did amazing things for Elvis when he started, but Elvis should have dumped him in the early 60's. The Col's self-serving attitude and bad decisions ultimately became Elvis's professional and personal undoing. He used Elvis's lack of education and trusting nature and exploited Elvis in unimaginable ways to pad his own pockets. The Colonel deserves our scorn, not our praise

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    Sinatra VS Presley

    To all, I do not recall making comparisons with the two people.
    Sinatra is above all, the greatest pop singer of the last 60 years.
    No one can challange that. As for the comment by Eugene
    about Elvis fans being unintelligent, I stand by what I said.
    If they are unintelligent, what's your take on Kiss fans?
    Or sold out concerts where people get on stage and sing about killing cops? I was never a crazy Elvis fan, although my older
    sister was. I guess she was just unintelligent. During the
    late 50's , I was more comfortable with Johnny Mathis or
    the Four Lads. I would agree with the comments about Tom
    Parker. He should have dumped him in the 60's. I think Elvis
    could have made it on his own - maybe. I am not sure Elvis
    had the education or sophistication to do it. Kind of like Joe
    Louis. As for me "losing the argument," wasn't there an
    Elvis album titled "100,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong?" Of course,
    Elvis is no Frank Sinatra. Was I unkind to say that it was stupid
    to say that millions of Elvis fans are unintelligent? I don't believe
    so. John

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