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Thread: Remembering Elvis Presley, His Life and Music

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    Abersoch on the stunning Llyn Peninsula.

    Adam Elvis yes

    Early years great RnR.

    Go man
    Mustn`t grumble.

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    Elvis, a great singer and entertainer. His films too. He makes part of a special era of music and entertainment. His charisma. A great voice for special songs too. It'was an enchanted era when Elvis had his marvelous performances. I remember, one of them, it was in the International Hotel in Vegas {1969 I guess}. And also his tours. Well, to me, Elvis is a fantastic person. My regards to all his fans. A magic presence of his voice, and a a good pianist too,{ beyond playing his guitar}... ---- Paolo.........
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

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    Rock and Roll

    I don't care what people say Rock and Roll is here to stay!!!!!!!
    Adam did all the other kids beat you up? Cheers, Ira

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    Like many others I am a Presley fan, Though not as big as Sinatra. I like Presley but I don't think that there can be any comparison to FS. Frank understood the art of singing and interpreting a song and the lyrics. Elvis sang just the song.

    So could he sing? yes, Was he a real talented singer? No.


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    Abersoch on the stunning Llyn Peninsula.

    Elvis sing?

    I guess the answer is in Voice of the Century where EP finished runner up to FAS, as voted by listeners to the UKs best Radio Station.

    "That`s alright Momma"
    Mustn`t grumble.

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    The King returns!

    Elvis Presley's 'A Little Less Conversation' is No.1 Worldwide!
    (Here too)

    4 WEEKS.

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    Thumbs up YES

    Could Presley sing, ABSOLUTELY.

    When he started he sang the music of the times. In the early 70’s he sang some songs with such talent that I am surprised that this question even comes up. Frank Sinatra’s trademark song of My Way is one that Presley does a fantastic job on. He had such a great range and “depth” to his voice I could listen to him all night.

    Could Presley sing, not a question.
    "Enjoy The Day"

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    Elvis Presley

    On August 16, 2002, Elvis will have been gone for 25 years...

    I still remember the day I heard the announcement of his passing on my car radio....Do you remember what you were doing that day?

    Still missing the King of Rock and Roll....

    "I hadn't anyone till you..."

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    gpru Guest

    Unhappy I remember

    I was at work and had an Elvis tape playing on the store stereo. A gentleman came in and thought I was playing the music because of Elvis' passing. I told him thst this was the first I had heard about it.
    I had tickets for an concert in Long Island scheduled just days after his passing. I still have those tickets. It was a very sad day.

    Remembering the King,

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    Maxine McKnight Guest
    I remember Elvis died on my daughters birthday. We had asked that question to my coffee ladies and about all of them knew what they were doing at that time. Just alike when a president of the U S dies.

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    Thumbs up Elvis

    I havae to answer to all those peoples comments. I am a big fan equally s Frank and Elvis. They both had their own style. I have all of aboth of the CDs. I saws Elvis's last concert and he announced that he was going to sing Franks My Way' He gave Frank credit. After he died they toook song out of concer4t and My Way was made a hit again. When Elvis was older his voice mellowed and you listen to the records and compare. I have alkl of Elvises Gospel songs and they are beutiiful. When he made movies he sang about 10 songs mostly ballods. He was much more than a Rock and roller. He became a legend as Sinatra did.

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    Elvis had recorded some excellent performances between 1968 and 71.
    He was doing high energy arena R&R tours at a maddening pace in the early 70's and lost his way around 73.
    Many fans consider 'Aloha From Hawaii' the beginning of the end.
    His last four years are tragic.
    One of the saddest elements in the Elvis Presley 'story' is, when you see him at the end, sick and out of steam, you shed a tear for a guy lost and greatness wasted.
    He was used up and mishandled.
    He wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the poor man was worthy of better. Tom Parker brought him on the road to nowhere for a variety of bad reasons.

    Again, check out 'That's the Way It Is, Special Edition' or 'Elvis On Tour' if it should pop up on TV this coming few weeks. Both documentries and they show this magnificent man at his seventies best.

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    I agree -- starting with the '68 comeback TV special and into the early '70s, Elvis focused on the music, took himself seriously for a change, worked hard, and produced some of the best music of his career. Then he got bored again, same as in the early '60s, and let Tom Parker, who could care less about artistic integrity as long as there was a buck to be made, dictate his schedule and his repertoire. It's sad to imagine the fascinating things Elvis could have done if he'd been able to extricate himself from the Colonel and his "Memphis Mafia" coterie of goons.


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    Exclamation Elvis tribute day

    TV viewers in the United States who can receive TCM (Turner Classic Movies) can catch an all-day Elvis tribute of his movies Friday 16 August beginning at 10:00 AM.

    Retirees (and those with VCRs) can find "Speedway" to see Elvis and our Nancy and whatever other of his movies you want to see.

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    Elvis Presley

    25th anniversary of death

    I remember when he died I was working and someone tells me. I couldn't believe. He was the idol of crowds of people around the world. Elvis did't die. He will live forever. I miss him so much.

    Member since 1997
    - Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    RIP Elvis you meant something to everyone
    we will never forget you or your music. you had a voice we will never forget.

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    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

    Unhappy Rest in Peace Elvis.

    We miss you very much.

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    I just got back from a business trip to Memphis. While I was down there, I made a point to visit Graceland. I have to say that was an amazing experience. The main floor of the house that we tourists were allowed to visit was like a time capsule that was sealed the day that he died. It was eerie because you could still feel his presence in that place. There were rooms with his awards and clothes (including his army uniforms on a manniquin). Even if you're not a devout Elvis fan, I highly recommend visiting the place if you get the chance. you won't be disappointed.

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    I like his younger days....i like his movies too... My fav Elvis song is Fame and Fortune...

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    Thumbs up Elvis Presley

    Has anyone ever heard Elvis Presley singing Dean Martin's "Everybody Loves Somebody" . I heard he did it in Vegas when Dean was watching his show. I know Elvis was a real fan of Dean's.

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