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    Thumbs up Richard Conte

    Can someone answer this:

    What ever happened to Richard Conti, last picture I saw him in was the Godfather, and also caught a glimpse of him in the Sinatra concert tape "Ole Blue Eye's Is Back."

    Did he pass away?
    Was He married?
    Did He have Children?

    Would really like to know, he was always a favorite


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    Hi Char -

    I know this off the top of my head. He is buried in Westwood Memorial Park, just off of Wilshire. His flat headstone has a pyramid with an eye in the middle (I think) and the dates of his birth and death (not sure right now), but the death date was followed with a question mark, which I believe is a hint as to his belief in re-incarnation. I took a picture of this, along with many others in this fascinating cemetery. I believe my first 'visit' there was around 1989, so he's been gone at least since then.

    Mr. Conte was an exceptional actor.

    Added: This is a great site to research famous, and non-famous alike. I have my parents and other relatives under the non-famous

    (I corrected my spelling..thanks Dennis)
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    Richard Conte is also in Ocean's 11.

    Other great films: 13 Rue Madeleine, The Purple Heart,Guadalcanal Diary, and The Brothers Rico.

    Also in Tony Rome and Lady In Cement.
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    Ron, I have a quick question. Was it Richard Conte that played in an episode of Superman - the one with Tony & the barber shop. To this day, I'm not sure if that was him or not.



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    You all may have seen this, but in case you haven't, Fox Movie Channel presents the "Hour of Stars", and Richard was in one of my favorite episodes. Forget that...they're all my favorites! Hope everyone gets to see these re-broadcasts of a great series (I don't remember this program, from my childhood.)

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    Dennis: No, you could be thinking of Rick Vallin. Best, Ron.

    Conte and George Reeves crossed paths in the film "Blue Gardenia" in 1953. Nat King Cole sang the title song in a nightclub sequence.
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    "The Big Combo," was a great 'film noir' crime film with Conti. The great heavies were featured here. Lee Van Cleef, Conti, Brian Donlevy, Robert Middleton and starring Cornel Wilde.
    Check out this site for finding old movies and actors.

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    Thumbs up Mr. Conte

    A terrific actor, played in Ocean's Eleven, Assault on a Queen, Tony Rome, Lady in Cement with Sinatra. Conte was also a native of New Jersey. joe.....

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    And let's not forget Henry Hathaway's "Call Northside 777" with Jimmy Stewart, the original 1966 film of "Hotel" with an all-star cast, and especially his chilling Don Barzini in "Godfather I." A fine actor.
    "Remember, there's no place like home...'cept Vegas when Sinatra's in town." -- Bruce Willis in "North" (Columbia - Castle Rock: 1994)
    Library Bob

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    Thumbs up Richard Conti

    To All who Answered: I think my favorite Richard Conti, movie was A House Of Strangers, with Edgar G. Robinson, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Luther Adler, and the beautiful Susan Hayward the movie was black and white and made in late fortys.

    Also think it was Raymond Burr, with Richard Conti in the Blue Gardinia not the other actor mentioned.

    I love that song, by Nat King Cole, hear it on the radio every once in awhile, and saw the movie not too long ago also. Its really great that AMC and TCM run these great movies.

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    Thumbs up ...Richard Conti also gave a great...

    ....performance in several films....Tony Rome, Lady in Cement....and a WWII movie called ........"A Walk in the Sun"...Conti was a great actor...........and lets not forget Ocean Eleven

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    His real name was Nicholas Richard Conte and my dad called him Nicky so we all did. He was one of the sweetest people who ever lived and I count him amongst my dearest friends, someone I trusted as a girl and admired as an adult. Always kind, always smart and adorable. He was born this month, on the 24th, so I'm thinking about him. Nicky died way too soon in 1975.

    He was a poet in a way, in spite of his New Jersey, tough guy roots, and he would quote poetry on occasion. With his accent it could be sweetly funny. I miss you, Nicky.


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    So true, Nancy, Richard Conte was not only a great actor but a special man, I read his biography. There are many of his films to remember.
    His character "noir" remains among the most memorable.
    I miss him, too!

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