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Thread: The Complete Reprise Studio Recording Box Set

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    Question The Complete Reprise Studio Recording Box Set

    I just wondered what everyone thought of the Reprise Box Set with 20 CDs because I would very much like to have this but in order to get it, I will have to get my first job. I wanted to know if the quality was good and the difference between the $300 one and the $400. This may have been addressed in a prior thread but I just wanted to start a new one. Thanks.

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    Kelsey, this has been discussed a few times here. Just go to Frank's recordings section and check it out. My opinion? It's the only way to get all his Reprise recordings in one shot so that is good. Unfortunately, where all the previously issued tracks are concerned, second generation stereo mix-downs were used so it's not as if they went and remastered them from the first generation tapes, which makes a big difference to my fussy little ears. I've read that it's no longer in print but many copies should still be available. Happy birthday, kid!

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