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Thread: Promotional Issues and Samplers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steph View Post
    Do you know how many singles were produced, approximately? Is it a commonly-found item?
    I have no idea about number of copies pressed, but my impression is that it is rare. I believe it was intended more for radio and campaign play than for private distribution. Price listed in 1993 was $150.

    [Added:] A current eBay auction claims:
    Reportedly only 1,000 copies of this recording were made in 1960. No artist or label names appear on either side of the record. The A side (High Hopes) is printed with kb-2077, the B side (All the Way) is printed with kb-2078. Both sides are printed 45 rpm.

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    OK Marty here's #1,500

    I finally transferred this information from my card file to my computer, so i thought I'd share.


    PRO 197/198
    The Capitol Story
    This 7” 45rpm record contains a 30 second excerpt from “Just One Of Those Things”. Narrated by George Fenneman, this record also contains excerpts of many other recordings by Capitol artists like Nat “King” Cole, Peggy Lee, Stan Kenton, Dean Martin and Johnny Mercer among others.
    Pressed especially for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Ad Club, The Capitol Story was accompanied by a blue paper sleeve illustrating an artist’s rendering of the Capitol Tower, and was a souvenir given to attendees of the ground breaking ceremony on Sept. 27, 1954.

    PRO 201/202
    Special Christmas LP for dee jays. This red labeled 10” 33rpm album contains recordings of “The Christmas Waltz” and “White Christmas” from Aug. 23, 1954.

    PRO 215/216/217/218
    Recorded Highlights of Glen Wallichs Day.
    This two 10” LP double-pocket contains excepts from “Young At Heart”. Narrated by George Fenneman. The album, whose jacket displays photographs of the Capitol Tower ground breaking ceremony, was given to attendees of Capitol’s annual Christmas banquet in Dec. 1954.

    PRO 246/247
    Selections From New Capitol Albums-March 1956
    Issued in a special green and white paper cover, this silver-labeled 12” demo contains recordings of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “You Make Me Feel So Young”.

    PRO 254/255
    The Capitol Record
    This 7” 45 rpm record contains an excerpt of the tone poem “Orange” and “Love And Marriage”. Narrated by George Fenneman. The record’s golden label matches the color scheme of the special cardboard jacket that houses it. The front of the jacket shows an artist’s illustration of the Capitol Tower, while the rear features a photograph of Sinatra conducting a 56-piece orchestra at the Tower’s first recording session on Feb. 22, 1956.
    The record with the cover was only given to the 500 invited guests who attended the grand opening dedication of the Capitol Tower on Apr. 22, 1956.

    PRO 268/269/270/271
    Salesman Demonstration Records Aug. 1956 Album Releases
    This two 12” LP set contains the 2:15 version of “You’re Sensational” and a 3:20 montages of excerpts from the tone poems “Black”, “White”, “Silver”, and “Orange”.

    PRO 272/273/274/275
    New Album Preview-Capitol’s August Releases
    This two 12” LP double-pocket contains the 2:53 version of the Sinatra/Crosby duet “Well Did You Evah?” It also contains the tone poem “Yellow” and a 2:51 edited version of “White”.

    PRO 281
    Dee jay interviews record for High Society. This one-sided 45 contains a 0:42 voice track by Sinatra, a 1:25 voice track by Bing Crosby, a 0:42 voice track by Grace Kelly and a 0:50 voice track by Celeste Holm. On their respective voice tracks, each star pitches their role in the movie and talks about a particular song on the soundtrack.

    PRO 299/300
    Salesman Demonstration Records Nov. 1956 Album Releases
    This 12” LP contains a 2:09 montage of excerpts of “I’ve Got The World On A String”, “Young At Heart” and “Learnin’ The Blues”.

    PRO 301/302
    New Album Preview-Capitol’s November Releases
    This 12” album contains “I’ve Got The World On A String”.

    PRO 304/305
    Triple Hit Preview For Billboard Readers
    This 7” 45 EP, housed in an orange triple double-pocketed wrapper whose faces display photos of Sinatra, Nat Cole, and Tennessee Ernie Ford, contains two recording from each artist. Sinatra sings “Hey, Jealous Lover” and “”You Forgot All The Words”. Mailed to Billboard subscribers via the inside of a mid-1956 issue.

    PRO 311/312/313/314
    New Album Preview-Capitol’s February Releases
    This two 12” LP double-pocketed contains “With Every Breath I Take” and “Everything Happens To Me”.

    PRO 339/340/341/342
    Maytime Is Music Time On Capitol, New Album Preview-May 1957
    Sinatra sings “Stars Fell On Alabama”, “Nice Work If You Can Get It” and “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To”.

    PRO 347/348/349/350
    Salesman Demonstration Records May 1957 Album Releases
    This two 12” LP set contains a 4:25 montage of “Stars Fell On Alabama” and excerpts from “Nice Work If You Can Get It” and “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To”.

    PRO 391/392/393/394
    There’s Magic In The Music On Capitol, New Album Preview-Sept. 1957
    Sinatra sings “Where Are You” and “Laura” on this two 12” LP double-pocket.

    PRO 398/399/400/401
    Capitol’s All-Star Line-Up Of October Albums
    This two 12” LP double-pocket contains “Bewitched” and “I Could Write A Book”.

    PRO 424/425
    Christmas Around The World
    This 12” gatefold LP from Dec. 1957 features two Christmas programs hosted by Fred Waring. Sinatra recordings are “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”.

    PRO 426/427
    Christmas Around The World-Selections From Capitol Christmas Albums
    This yellow-labeled 7” 45rpm EP contains “Jingle Bells” and “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”.

    PRO 434/435
    Voice Track & Music From Pal Joey
    This 7” 45rpm EP contains “Bewitched” and “The Lady Is A Tramp”. The record also contains a 25 second voice track by Kim Novak, a 35 second voice track by Sinatra, and a 45 second Sinatra-Novak voice track. Accompanying the record is a printed sleeve that does not mention Sinatra.

    PRO 437/438
    Special Hit Pressing
    This 7” 45 rpm EP contains “All The Way”.

    PRO 439/440/441/442
    Salesmen’s Demonstration Records Jan. 1958 Album Releases
    This two 12” LP set contains a 2:43 montage of excerpts of “Come Fly With Me”, “Around The World” and “Let’s Get Away From It All”.

    PRO 443/444/445/446
    I Love Music-Preview Of January Albums From Capitol Records
    This two 12” LP double-pocket contains “Brazil”, “Let’s Get Away From It All” and a 22 second voice track by Sinatra introducing his new album “Come Fly With Me”.

    PRO 500/501
    This untitled 7” 45rpm EP contains “Witchcraft” and “Tell Her You Love Her” on one side and two songs by Nat Cole on the other.

    PRO 564/565/566/567
    Salesmen’s Demonstration Records Apr. 1958 Album Releases
    This two 12” LP contains a 2:10 montage of “Time After Time” and “Put Your Dreams Away”.

    PRO 568/569
    Hi-Fi Esta! On Capitol-New Album Preview Apr. 1958
    “Time After Time” is featured on this 12” LP.

    PRO 596/596
    All The Way/All The Way
    Quotes by Sinatra, Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen are printed in silver on the face of the charcoal-colored sleeve that houses this 7” 45 single whose charcoal-colored label is overlain with gilt-gold lettering. Only 101 of these special records with sleeves were produced and distributed to radio station dee jays in the top 100 markets as a thank you for helping to promote the Academy Award winning song. The 101st copy was mounted in a frame that hung inside the Capitol Record’s president’s suite.

    PRO 642/643/644/645
    New Worlds Of Music From The Capitol Tower-Aug. 1958
    This two 12” LP double-pocket contains one selection from the soundtrack of Kings Go forth, whose cove, containing Sinatra’s name and illustration, is featured on the jacket.

    PRO 696/697
    New Album Preview For Sept. 1958
    “Only The Lonely” is featured on this 12” LP

    PRO 727/728/729/730
    Christmas Around The World
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Jingle Bells” and “The Christmas Waltz” are featured on the two 12” LP double-pocket from Dec. 1958

    SPRO 758/759
    Salesmen’s Stereo Demonstration Record Nov. 1958 Album Releases
    This 12” LP contains “One For My Baby”

    SPRO 846/847
    Sinatra sings “Angel Eyes” on this 12” LP

    PRO 967/968/969/970
    Sounds Unlimited-New Album Preview For Mar. 1959
    This two 12” LP double-pocket contains Dean Martin’s “Hit The Road To Dreamland” and “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” from his sleep warm album conducted by Sinatra. The Sleep Warm album cover, which credits Sinatra as conductor, is pictured on the jacket.

    PRO 987/988
    Dean Sings! Frank Conducts!
    This blue-labeled 7” 45 contains Dean Martin’s recordings of “Sleep Warm” and “All I Do Is Dream Of You” from the album Sleep Warm. The promo single is accompanied by a paper picture sleeve that features the cover of Sleep Warm, which highlights Sinatra as conductor for the album.

    PRO 1166/1167/1168/1169
    Sinatra sings “When No One Cares” and “A Ghost Of A Chance” on this two 12” LP double-pocket

    PRO 1253/1254
    Merry Christmas From Capitol
    Sinatra sings “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on this 12” LP

    PRO 1390/1391
    I Feel A Song Comin’ On-A Tribute To Jimmy McHugh From Capitol Records
    Sinatra’s recordings of “I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night’ and “Where Are You” on this special 12” LP

    PRO 1539/1540
    Reach For A Star On Capitol-New Album Preview May 1960
    Sinatra sings “C’est Magnifique” on this 12” LP

    PRO 1549/1550
    Selections From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Of Can-Can
    This 7” 45 EP contains “C’est Magnifique”, “It’s Alright” and “Let’s Do It” (with Shirley MacLaine). Accompanied by a picture sleeve with a photo of Sinatra from the film.

    PRO 1623/1624
    The Best Of Sinatra!
    Housed in a special paper sleeve it contains:
    Side 1
    1. Young At Heart
    2. Hey! Jealous Lover
    3. All The Way
    4. Witchcraft
    5. Chicago
    6. Only The Lonely
    7. Come Dance With Me
    Side 2
    1. High Hopes
    2. Nice ‘n’ Easy
    3. Put Your Dreams Away
    4. I’ve Got The World On A String
    5. South Of The Border
    6. From Here To Eternity
    7. In The Wee Small Hours

    PRO 1707/1708
    The Christmas Seal Song
    Both Sides contains “Mistletoe And Holly” preceded by a 28 second introduction by Sinatra

    PRO 1725/1726
    New From The Sound Capitol Of The World-Jan. 1961
    Sinatra sings “Blue Moon” on this 12” LP

    PRO 1775/1776
    Capitol’s Winners In The Billboard 13th Annual Disc Jockey Poll
    This 12” LP contains “Nice ‘n’ Easy” and is housed in a special red & white paper cover which displays Capitol’s winners in the Billboard 13th Annual Disc Jockey Poll

    PRO 1864/1865
    Come Swing With Capitol-Excerpts From New Albums-Aug.1961
    This 7” 33 1/3rpm compact double, issued in a blue and white cardboard cover, contains “Day By Day’ and “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”

    PRO 1898/1899
    Do Open Before Christmas
    Housed in a special red 7 white paper sleeve, this 12” LP contains “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

    PRO 1974/1975
    Great New Releases From The Sound Capitol Of The World-Mar. 1962
    Sinatra sings “When The World Was young” and “I’ll Remember April” on this 12” LP

    PRO 2068/2069
    Great New Releases From The Sound Capitol Of the World-Jul. 1962
    Sinatra sings “Hidden Persuasion”, “The Nearness Of You”, “Jeepers Creepers” and “The Girl Next Door” on this 12” LP
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    #1500 & 1/2

    PRO 2085/2086
    Silver Platter Service Sides 9 & 10-Jul. 1962
    “Sinatra’s recording of “Hidden Persuasion” is featured

    PRO 2097/2098
    Silver Platter Service Sides 11 & 12-Jul. 1962
    The Silver Platter show on side 11 is completely devoted to spotlighting Sinatra’s Capitol recordings. Host Jack Wagner features excerpts from numerous Sinatra cuts for three listeners across the country, and then has them choose which song they each liked the most so that he can give them a copy of the Sinatra album containing the selection they chose. The following are the musical contents of the program:
    Mr. Success
    On The Sunny Side Of The Street (excerpt)
    Come Dance With Me (edited)
    I’ll Never Smile Again
    Taking A Chance On Love
    Anytime-Anywhere (excerpt)
    Nice ‘n’ Easy (excerpt)
    Witchcraft (excerpt)
    Should I?
    A Million Dreams Ago
    Put Your Dreams Away (edited)

    SPRO 2159/2160
    Silver Platter Service Sides 19 & 20-Sep./Oct. 1962
    Sinatra’s recordings of “South Of The Border” and “The Last Dance” are featured

    PRO 2163/2164/2165/2166
    Selections From Sinatra: The Great Years
    This is one record of a two 12” LP double-pocket. The contents are:
    Side 1
    1. Lean Baby
    2. From Here To Eternity
    3. Young At Heart
    4. Three Coins In The Fountain
    5. All Of Me
    6. Love And Marriage
    7. Hey! Jealous Lover
    Side 2
    1. Witchcraft
    2. All The Way
    3. Come Dance With Me
    4. The Nearness Of you
    5. Nice ‘n’ Easy
    6. It’s Over, It’s Over, It’s Over
    7. Ol’ MacDonald

    SPRO 2181/2182
    Sales Meeting Demonstration Record For Oct. 1962
    This unique 12” LP is hosted by Dave Cavanaugh, who introduces a playlet featuring the characters of Dudley, a Capitol sales district manager, Sammy, the new Capitol salesman in Dudley’s district and Max, a record store owner. During the playlet, Dudley and Sammy give Max a sales pitch about 16 new Capitol releases and feature a musical montage from each record. Among these is the three record set Frank Sinatra: The Great Years, whose 2:33 montage consists of excerpts from “Lean Baby”, “Young At Heart”, “Three Coins In The Fountain”, “Love And Marriage”, “Witchcraft”, “All The Way”, “Come Dance With Me”, “Nice ‘n’ Easy” and “Ol’ MacDonald”

    PRO 2209/2210
    A Merry Christmas From Capitol
    Sinatra sings “The Christmas Waltz” on this 12” LP
    PRO 2229/2230
    Excerpts From Great New Releases-Nov. 1962
    This 7” 33 1/3rpm compact double, issued in a black and white cardboard cover, contains “Little Girl Blue” and “My Funny Valentine”

    PRO 2233/2234
    Excerpts From Popular Albums-Dec. 1962
    Sinatra sings “Little Girl Blue” on this 7” 33 1/3rpm compact double

    PRO 2414/2415
    Great New Releases From The Sound Capitol Of The World-Aug. 1963
    Sinatra sings “Can’t We Be Friends” and “Tell Her You Love Her” on this 12” LP.

    PRO 2416/2417
    Excerpts From Popular Albums-Aug. 1963
    This 12” LP contains an edited version of “Can’t We Be Friends”

    PRO 2430/2431
    Instant Music- Sept. 1963
    This 12” LP contains an edited version of “Tell Her You Love Her”

    PRO 2474/2475
    Sounds Of The Holiday Season From The Sound Capitol Of The World
    Sinatra’s recording of “The Christmas Waltz” is featured on this 12” LP

    PRO 2505/2506/2507/2508
    Instant Hits-Jan. 1964
    An edited version of “Learnin’ The Blues” is featured on this two 12” LP double pocket

    PRO 2537/2538
    Great New Releases From The Sound Capitol Of The World-Feb. 1964
    Sinatra’s recording of “Nice ‘n’ Easy” is featured on this 12 ” LP, which also contains a song from Meet The Beatles.

    PRO 2821/2822
    Great New Releases From The Sound Capitol Of The World-Apr. 1965
    This 12” LP contains Dean Martin’s “All I Do Is Dream Of You” and “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams”, which were conducted by Sinatra, previewing the re-issue of 1959’s Sleep Warm

    PRO 2974/2975
    Frank Sinatra Minute Masters-Nov. 1965
    17 of the 20 selections contained on this 12” LP are specially edited versions of Capitol recordings by Sinatra.
    Side 1
    1. Should I? (unedited)
    2. In The Wee Small Hours
    3. Nice ‘n’ Easy
    4. I Won’t Dance
    5. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
    6. I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night
    7. It’s A Blue World
    8. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
    9. Too Marvelous For Words
    10. Lover (unedited)

    Side 2
    1. Come Fly With Me
    2. You Make Me Feel So Young
    3. It’s A Lonesome Town
    4. Get Happy
    5. Fairy Tale
    6. Something’s Gotta Give
    7. Where Do You Go
    8. High Hopes
    9. You Do Something To Me (unedited)
    10. I Believe

    SPRO 3021/3022
    Silver Platter Service sides 21 & 22-Oct. 1962
    Sinatra’s recording of “I’ve Got The World On A String” is featured

    SPRO 3023/3024
    Silver Platter Service sides 23 & 24-Oct. 1962
    Sinatra’s recording of “Lean Baby” is featured

    SPRO 3025/3026
    Silver Platter Service sides 25 & 26-Nov. 1962
    Sinatra’s recording of “Come Dance With Me” is featured

    SPRO 3027/3028
    Silver Platter Service sides 27 & 28-Nov./Dec. 1962
    Sinatra’s recording of “Lover” is featured

    PRO 3029/3030
    Silver Platter Service sides 29 & 30-Dec. 1962
    Sinatra’s recording of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is featured

    PRO 3055/3056
    Silver Platter Service sides 55 & 56-Jun. 1963
    Sinatra’s recordings of “In The Wee Small Hours” and “Anytime-Anywhere” are featured

    PRO 3057/3058
    Silver Platter Service sides 57 & 58-Jun. 1963
    Sinatra’s recording of “Everything Happens To Me” is featured

    PRO 3059/3060
    Silver Platter Service sides 59 & 60-Jul. 1963
    Sinatra’s recording of “Just One Of Those Things” is featured

    PRO 3061/3062
    Silver Platter Service sides 61 & 62-Jul. 1963
    Sinatra’s recording of “Love Is Here To Stay” is featured

    PRO 3063/3064
    Silver Platter Service sides 63 & 64-Aug. 1963
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Tell Her You Love Her” and “I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plans” are featured

    PRO 3065/3066
    Silver Platter Service sides 65 & 66-Aug. 1963
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Weep They Will” and “Pennies From Heaven’ are featured

    PRO 3075/3076
    Silver Platter Service sides 75 & 76-Nov. 1963
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Something’s Gotta Give” and “Dream” are featured

    PRO 3077/3078
    Silver Platter Service sides 77 & 78-Nov. 1963
    Sinatra’s recording of “I Thought About You” is featured

    PRO 3079/3080
    Silver Platter Service sides 79 & 80-Nov. 1963
    Sinatra’s recording of “P.S. I Love You” is featured

    PRO 3081/3082
    Silver Platter Service sides 81 & 82-Dec. 1963
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Too Marvelous For Words” and “Jeepers Creepers” are featured

    PRO 3089/3090
    Silver Platter Service sides 89 & 90-Feb. 1964
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Learnin’ The Blues” and “Young At Heart” are featured

    PRO 3091/3092
    Silver Platter Service sides 91 & 92-Feb. 1964
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Witchcraft” and “Come Dance With Me” are featured

    PRO 3147/3148
    Silver Platter Service sides 147 & 148-Apr. 1965
    Sinatra’s recordings of “You Do Something To Me’ and “I Concentrate On You” and Dean Martin’s recordings of “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” and “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” conducted by Sinatra are featured

    PRO 3149/3150
    Silver Platter Service sides 149 & 150-Apr. 1965
    Sinatra’s recordings of “I Love Paris” and “Just One Of Those Things” and Dean Martin’s recordings of “Sleepy Time Gal” and “Hit The Road To Dreamland” conducted by Sinatra are featured

    PRO 3179/3180
    Silver Platter Service sides 179 & 180-Dec. 1965
    Sinatra’s recording of “On The Sunny Side Of the Street” is featured

    PRO 3181/3182
    Silver Platter Service sides 181 & 182-Jan. 1966
    Sinatra’s recordings of “Should I?” and “Here’s That Rainy Day” are featured

    PRO 3183/3184
    Silver Platter Service sides 183 & 184-Jan. 1966
    Sinatra’s recording of “Lover” is featured

    PRO 3185/3186
    Silver Platter Service sides 185 & 186-Jan. 1966
    Sinatra’s recording of “Why Try To Change Me Now” is featured

    PRO 3187/3188
    Silver Platter Service sides 187 & 188-Feb. 1966
    Sinatra’s recording of “I’ve Heard That Song Before” is featured

    PRO 3189/3190
    Silver Platter Service sides 189 & 190-Feb. 1966
    Sinatra’s recording of “Day By Day” is featured

    PRO 3205/3206
    Silver Platter Service sides 205 & 206-Jul. 1966
    Sinatra’s recordings of “American Beauty Rose” and “It’s Only A Paper Moon” are featured

    PRO 3209/3210
    Silver Platter Service sides 209 & 210-Aug. 1966
    Sinatra’s recording of “Just In Time” is featured

    PRO 3219/3220
    Silver Platter Service sides 219 & 220-Oct. 1966
    Sinatra’s recording of “Same Old Song And Dance” is featured

    PRO 3221/3222
    Silver Platter Service sides 221 & 222-Nov. 1966
    Sinatra’s recordings of “If It’s The Last Thing I Do”, “Chicago” and “Don’t Make A Beggar Of Me” are featured

    PRO 3247/3248
    Silver Platter Service sides 247 & 248-May 1967
    Sinatra’s recording of “They Came To Cordura” is featured

    PRO 3251/3252
    Silver Platter Service sides 251 & 252-Jun.1967
    Sinatra’s recording of “It’s All Right With Me” is featured

    PRO 3253/3254
    Silver Platter Service sides 253 & 254-Jun./Jul.1967
    Sinatra’s recording of “Young At Heart” is featured

    PRO 3257/3258
    Silver Platter Service sides 257 & 258-Jul./Aug.1967
    Sinatra’s recording of “The Tender Trap” is featured

    PRO 4111/4112/4113/4114
    FM-Stereo Silver Platter Service
    A two 12” double-pocket album contains a one-hour show in stereo. Sinatra’s recordings of “American Beauty Rose”, “Day By Day” and “Sentimental Journey” are featured

    PRO 4155/4156
    Capitol Pops For October ’66!
    A 12” album containing Sinatra’s recordings of “Same Old Song And Dance” and “Your Love For Me”

    PRO 4174/4175/4176/4177
    Remember How Great…
    Specially edited versions of “Witchcraft” and “Young At Heart” are among the 40 edited recordings featured on this two 12” double pocket album from late 1966

    PRO 4210/4211
    Music For Christmas Shoppers Only
    A 12” album distributed to radio and retail in late 1966 features Sinatra’s recordings of “Mistletoe And Holly” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

    PRO 4411/4412
    The Silver Years 25
    This 12” album commemorating the 25th anniversary of the founding of Capitol was produced and narrated by Dave Dexter and contains excerpts from hit recordings by Capitol’s artists from 1942-1967. Among these is an edited version of Sinatra’s “Young At Heart”

    SPRO 4582/4583
    The Capitol Dee Jay Album-Jul. 1968
    Sinatra’s recording of “Nice ‘N’ Easy” is among the eleven selections on this 12” album

    PRO 4724/4725
    Capitol Hits Through the Years
    This 12” album whose cover features a breathtaking color photo of the Capitol Tower at sunrise is narrated and contains over 140 excerpts from Capitol artists’ hit recordings from 1942-1969. Among the excerpts are Sinatra’s “Young At Heart”, “Learnin’ The Blues”, “All The Way” and “High Hopes”. The album was produced for Capitol Records salesmen and executives. The back of the jacket displays photos of 73 Capitol recording artists.

    Pro 9303/9304/9305/9306
    A Rocking Christmas Stocking
    A two 12” non double-pocket album distributed to radio and retail in late 1984. It contains Sinatra’s recordings of “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” and “Silent Night”
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    Dean, this is FANTASTIC! I had only hoped I could trace these promo records one day, not knowing someone had them all listed somewhere!

    I am currently working on two websites: one is my old Capitol Sinatra/Reprise Sinatra website that is being overhauled and completed after 5 years of inactivity; the other is a brand new "Golden Years of Capitol Records" that attempts to list and document EVERY release by Capitol between 1943 and 1968... I would love for this list to be included in my pages, if you do not mind, Dean. I will of course give credit where credit is due...

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    Nice To See This Thread Active Again!

    This thread contains a great number of 45 white-label singles sent to radio stations for air play.

    I'm curious - what, if anything gets sent out today? Last years Vegas box has a demo listed by the esteemed Ron Sarbo. Were hundreds of these sent to radio stations around the world?
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    Merci beaucoup, Stephane.

    Be my guest, my friend. As for the credit, it is a basically just a bunch of information I have culled from various sources over this and the past century.

    Peace, Dean
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    At a local music store here in Las Vegas I found the CD... Freedom To Swing: A Las Vegas Tribute To Frank Sinatra. I'm really enjoying the CD... this is my first time hearing It's Time For You. It's a great song and Frank sounds terrific... this song should be better know because it is a great performance and was perfectly written for Frank. Also, I don't have the concert CD Royal Festival Hall (1962)... so I haven't heard this version of I Could Have Danced All Night before... it sounds real good. I'm glad I finally found this CD.
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    78 Question

    a listener posted this as a comment on my website

    My father passed away recently and in a stack of his old 78's I found what appears to be a dub of a Sinatra performance of "The Meadows of Heaven" for WNBC in 1949.

    The recording was made at Associated Recording Studios, 1625 Broadway in NYC . The label (hand-typed beneath the studio logo) says "10/11/49 7:00 PM WNBC "THE MEADOWS OF HEAVEN" Frank Sinatra".

    Does anyone know how I can find out anything more about this record?

    any ideas on something like this?

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    Nick mentions the Stargazer/Best I Ever Had promotional 45.
    The released single also had the same white sleeve with the words, "New Sinatra Single".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noebie View Post
    My father passed away recently and in a stack of his old 78's I found what appears to be a dub of a Sinatra performance of "The Meadows of Heaven" for WNBC in 1949.
    Hi Brian,

    It's a bit off-topic in this thread, but here's what I can tell you according to some sources:

    The song "The Meadows Of Heaven" (music by Joseph Meyer, lyrics by Joseph A. McCarthy) was performed by Sinatra on at least two of the 15-minute Light Up Time shows on NBC radio sponsored by Lucky Strike Cigarettes: November 7, 1949 (show #46) and December 15, 1949 (show #74). Details of these shows may be found at the Tobacco Documents Online site (see here) with some tedious searching.

    The song was also inserted into a rebroadcast of the November 10, 1949, Light Up Time (show #49) by the AFRS. (It was typical for the AFRS to use songs from different shows in place of commercials on their recorded transcriptions.) The record your listener has would appear to be a dub of one of those radio performances, perhaps even the one used by the AFRS for building their program for rebroadcast.

    The given date of "10/11/49" is quite close to those above, and in fact might actually be the same as the Nov. 10th date, if the European style date order was used. "Associated Recording Studios" might just be the printed address of the disc manufacturer on the label, rather than the site at which the recording was made.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    sorry for the drift

    and thanks for the info

    i wasn't sure where to ask this

    It's Frank's world. We're just posting in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noebie View Post
    i wasn't sure where to ask this
    The main Frank Sinatra room. I've asked a mod to split this topic into a new thread there.

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    "Magnavox" album

    Martin had a question about the "Magnavox" album mentioned back on page 5.
    That album was available only at Magnavox dealers and I believe it was sold for around $2 ($1.99) rather than given away.

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    I should have included the information that Magnavox was the sponsor of the "Ol Blue Eyes is Back" tv special (and Hank Aaron, who broke the record for most career homeruns that year, was on some of the commercials)

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    I was searching for an elusive CD last night and came upon a Reprise Promotion - Not for sale 45. Both sides contain I Love My Wife, one of the tunes intended for the Ladies album. It's # is RPS 1382 and the year of release appears to be 1976.

    Was this record ever sold commercially prior to the 4 CD Reprise Years box? (I bought this record during the mid 1980s)
    Old School Teacher

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    Nick: Besides the 45 single in 1976, "I Love My Wife" appeared on the Italian LP, The Singles, circa 1978. Also on a Brazilian LP, I Sing The Songs (not to be confused with the same-titled Italian LP).

    This note in the thread Frank's US singles on Warner-Reprise may be of interest to you also:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    Steph: [...] Several issues [in Steph's original list] were marked as "P" (promotional) which were in fact released commercially. Many singles may have had both normal retail and white-label/promo-marked releases, sometimes with different sleeves. Also, there were many (radio promo?) issues containing the same song on both sides (e.g. mono and stereo) which duplicated the number of a corresponding commerical release.
    "I Love My Wife" was the A side of the commercial single #RPS 1382. B side was "Send In The Clowns" (Bill Miller solo piano version with FS spoken intro).

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    Thanks for clearing that up Bob! Do you think that this thread deserves a place in your INDEX?
    Old School Teacher

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    Not necessary, Nick. You reach it by clicking on any one of the many links for issues described in this thread—easy to find in the Miscellaneous Compact Discs section near the bottom of the page.

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    Pardon the out-of-season post, but I discovered three new cover images for the album, Have Youself A Merry Little Christmas, described earlier in this thread. I'm noting this now because I'll probably forget next Christmas.

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