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Thread: Yet Another Friday Night Movie Quiz.

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    Yet Another Friday Night Movie Quiz.

    Just for fun and to pass the time, yet again a little "spot the movie star" in our "Wee Small Hours" section to pass a bit of time before the Friday night chat room livens up..

    So without further ado, another series of the famous and maybe not so famous for you to get our collective heads around...
















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    #6 - Lloyd Nolan
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    #1 is Hal Holbrook.
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    #11 is Anthony Dawson I believe.

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    #4 Rhonda Fleming
    #8 William Demarest
    #10 Dorothy McGuire
    #12 Hedy Lamar
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    #3 Nick Cravat (Burt Lancaster's buddy)

    #5 Hardy Kruger

    #7 Cathy O'Donnel (Bst Years of Our Lives, Detective Story)

    #8 William Demarest (sesveral Preston Sturges movies, TV's My Three Sons)

    #10 Faith Domergue

    #12 Richard Carlson (Creature from the Black Lagoon)

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    Well done everyone, we've nearly solved the a quick rundown of our correct answers so far..

    1. Hal Holbrook
    2. ????????
    3. Nick Cravat
    4. Rhonda Fleming
    5. Hardy Kruger
    6. Lloyd Nolan
    7. Cathy O'Donnel
    8. William Demarest
    9. ????????
    10. Dorothy McGuire
    11. Anthony Dawson
    12. Faith Domergue
    13. Richard Carlson
    14. ????????
    15. ????????

    May have to make Sunday's re-run just that little bit trickier methinks.

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    A Clue or Two or Three or Four

    So who didn't we get?

    Well #2 is a German musical star, a famed son of Hamburg's fair city in which he has a landmark statue and square named for him.

    #9 is a lovely British actress known mostly at home for a Television role as a prison governess in the 1970s but to American audiences she's probably best remembered for playing opposite a typically hyperactive Richard Widmark in one of his signature roles.

    The gentleman in #14 is one of the most familiar faces from British films (most notably comedies and Hammer Horrors) of the 1960s and his first and surname share the same initial.

    And the lady in #15 scandalised Hollywood in the 1920s when after serving a short jail sentence for unpaid speeding tickets made an exploitative movie capitalizing on the celebrity the case brought her, a native Texan, she later decamped to England where she found later life fame playing a version of herself in radio and film programmers with her real-life husband.

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    #2 Hans Albers

    He appeared opposite Marlene Dietrich in "Blue Angel''

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    (9) Behind those Walls was...Googie Withers ?
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    Two down and just two to go..

    #2 is German legend Hans Albers and as Tony pointed out #9 is the rather wonderfully named Googie Withers.

    Just 14 and 15 to go, i'll check in later before Sunday's version of the quiz begins.

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    Is #15 maria montez?

    vinny b.

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