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    I'm happy to say. I've got my copy today. Not that I'm surprised but I love it.

    It's always hard to pick your favorite "Sinatra" Sound. But the Sinatra/Basie Sound. I'd have say would be in the top 3, if not #1.

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    Wonderful and Not So Wonderful. Having listened to this new release for some time, and making some comparisons, I pretty much agree with Jeff and David. "It Might as Well be Swing" sounds better on the EOTC version. Here the sound lacks that shine of the earlier versions, and it also lacks the booming bass that makes the Basie band sound like a huge truck barreling down the highway. Some may not like that sound, but I miss it here, especially when the band starts cooking on "I Wish You Love". Those who like the closer sound are better served with the cuts from this album on Nothing But the Best. And, from someone who likes to play along with my cd's on the piano, this album isn't quite on the same pitch as the Sinatra-Basie songs. I don't see any excuse for that. I'm not positive my piano is in perfect tune, but I can tell you the two albums are not exactly the same as far as pitch.
    Now to the "Sinatra-Basie" songs.....perfect. Not a lot of difference, no, but it seems the flute solos are just that much more wonderful. It seems there's just a slight bit more crispness here that makes me appreciate "Looking at the World Thru Rose-Colored Glasses" more than ever. I wouldn't change a thing. The second album suffers more than it might because it immediately follows the first album.
    Then, consider, for the price of this collection, you're getting a lot of music here. I'd say this is worth it just for the first ten songs, then consider the rest a bonus.

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    While listening to I Believe in You, I heard something I had never noticed before; Frank's Jersey accent really shows on the words truth, youth and vermouth. It made me smile because he worked so hard to have perfect diction and to "lose" the accent when he sang. I kind of like it when the "true" Frank comes through!
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