St. Louis's Kiel Opera House, which was the site of the 1966 Father Dismas charity show organized by Frank Sinatra is back in business after going unused for more than 20 years and has been reborn as the Peabody Opera House.
The Peabody opened October 1st with Aretha Franklin and Jay Leno and by all accounts is much more luxurious than it ever was before. The opera house was part of a complex built in 1935 and included Kiel Auditorium, used for large events and St. Louis Hawks basketball games. It was torn down in the 80's and replaced with what's now the Scottrade Center. One of Frank Sinatra's last appearance (October '94) was in that then brand-new venue, then called the Kiel Center. The old opera house was just on the other side of a wall but vacant for years.

The charity show was the last appearance of Frank, Dean and Sammy together until their reunion appearances in 1988. The event us well known to Sinatra fans, since it was captured on video (glorious black and white). It's the one with Johnny Carson as mc, filling in for Joey Bishop, and includes Count Basie and his band. The show featured several other top name entertainers and was at least twice as long as what's available on video. (The "Rat Pack" was the finale.)

I think of Frank Sinatra every time I go by it. He'd also appeared in the old auditorium at least once, in May of 1975.