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Thread: Sinatra, again, again, &again

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    Sinatra, again, again, &again

    Hi Guys & Gals, For Carolyn, how is Silver Springs, today? We've got sunshine mixed with rain sprinkles now and than. About the album 'All Alone' you said its from Germany, is it available in the states. I've never heard of it or seen it. But absolutely intended to look for it. Can never have enough Sinatra playing, and the more of his music the better. I too lisen to him morning, noon, and night. I like alot of other singers too, but he rules the roost Today I'm playing 'WHERE ARE YOU" Haven't heard that one for awhile. Has my favorite sad song on it. "I'm A Fool To Want You" tears my heart out the way he sings it. Their use to be a restaurant here in F'burg, that had all kinds of Sinatra stuff on their walls, too, the manager told me that I could have my pick of stuff, if and when the restaurant. Alas, it never happened, went their one day,and it was closed, never to open again, guess they lost their lease or something. So guess all that great Sinatra stuff is sitting in somebodys attic somewhere. I keep hoping that the Sinatra family would do a exhibition on Sinatra at the Smithsonian, their was some talk about after he died, but havn't heard anything since. They would have alot of people to see that one. I'd be first in line. Also would like to see his painting and wonder if any are for sale. I did buy my husband, several of the Frank Sinatra ties, when they came, out they were really cool. All for now I guess. Keep HIS music playing and sleep warm. Char Thomas

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    Talking Charlie, I'm With You - Frank Sinatra Forever and Ever!!


    Good evening to you! Well, here in Silver Spring it started to rain and then the sun came out and stayed for a while, and then it rained again, and the sun came back out. Finally, it cleared up and we had a nice day. Comfortable. Low humidity. Just the kind of day that I like! But I heard on the weather report this evening that you had bad weather down in F'burg. I think there were some tornados if I'm not mistaken. I hope you're ok. I think the cd "All Alone" is a German import. I think I saw that on a website somewhere. I'm glad to hear you say that it's available here in the US though. I'm going to try and find it too. If you find it first, please let me know where you got it. I like your choice of listening for the day. "Where Are You" is great. I'm a Fool to Want You is a wonderful song. This morning, I was listening to "Sinatra Sings the Select Rogers and Hart." Frank sings every song from deep within his heart. So much emotion and feeling coming from a guy who has experienced loneliness and heartache and breakups and deep love for the women in his life. This album begins with Lover. Then there is Glad To Be Unhappy. You should hear Frank sing this! Frank instinctively knows how to enunciate each word to perfection and how long to hold each vowel and so on. The result is very beautiful! Only Frank can sing this way!! Then Frank goes on to sing I Didn't Know What Time It Was. He starts slow, and then he swings it. What a great rendition by Frank, the very finest vocalist!! Frank also sings Little Girl Blue and it's Easy to Remember. Simply gorgeous! And then there are others. They are all great! And then Frank also sings Blue Moon. You should hear it. What a treat! Frank swings it with such style! So that's what I listened to this morning. Right now I am listening to "Sinatra Sings the Select Johnny Mercer." Another great album!! "I'm a Fool to Want You" is a great sad song, Charlie. One of my favorites is "Only the Lonely." This song really gets to me every time I hear it. I also have the album by the same title. It has lots of sad, but very beautiful songs - - Angel Eyes, It's a Lonesome Old Town, Willow Weep for Me, Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry, etc. A wonderful album!! If you don't have it, you should definitely run out and get it. I would also love to see an exhibition for Frank here in Washington. If it happens, I will be second in line right behind you!! I would also love to see Frank's paintings!! Charlie, I have a few of the Sinatra ties. I got them so I could have them in my Sinatra collection. They are beautiful!! But then, I'm not surprised, because Frank had such exquisite taste!! He had the best of everything!! Charlie, again I am so happy that you play Frank on the tours you give! What a wonderful treat for everyone!! Again, more people need to hear Frank!! Take care! I hope you're enjoying your evening!! Right now, I'm listening to Frank sings Jeepers Creepers! So wonderful!!

    P.S. Sleep Warm is track #13 on the Only the Lonely cd. Frank does a gorgeous job with it!

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