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Thread: Is it true...?

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    Question Is it true...?

    ...That Frank has a song called "Noah"?
    My friend says there is,but I haven't heard of it...

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    Smile Not True

    Francis has not sung a song caled Noah, Noa. Have a good evening.
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    Yes, the Song is on the OLE BLUE EYES IS BACK album.

    It's not hard to find, just go to Todd Peach's Frank Sinatra Lyrics page. And while you're there, take a look at THERE USED
    TO BE A BALLPARK also written by Joe Raposo and on the same album. IMHO, two of Frank's best from the post-retirement years. Enjoy.

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    Thumbs up Thanks guys...

    I'll run and get it...!

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    Unhappy I couldn't find it there Bobby!

    I went to Todd's lyric page and I didn't find that song!
    If you have the lyrics,would you be kind enough to pulish them here?

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    Exclamation Noa

    By using the search engine on this site you can find exactly what Frank Sinatra recorded, and the album/s it's on etc. It's great search engine, and you're sure to dig up great stuff!

    There are copyright / legal problemswith many lyric sites nowadays - you'll find a lot songs disappearing from those sites.

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    Thanks for the info Rick!

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    viva_mexico Guest

    Wink but...

    Hello all!

    Do you know the mexican song call "El Noa Noa" (He's Noa Noa),
    ok, Francis has not sung this song (because is a mexican song), the singer is "juan gabriel", and noa noa mean "He is a cool man"...ok, bye bye

    your friend Sergio.

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    Words and music by Joe Raposo
    recorded by Frank Sinatra on June 4, 1973 on Reprise for the album "Ol'Blue Eyes Is Back" (issued 1973)
    Arrangement: Gordon Jenkins
    orchestra conducted by Gordon Jenkins

    The world's a tiny blue-green arche,
    Afloat in darkest space.
    And every creature lives his time,
    And knows his special place.

    And each of us is Noah,
    With the life all in our care,
    To keep against the darkness
    That's flooding everywhere

    We've got to walk with the lion,
    Soar with the eagle,
    Sing with the nightingale
    And live in love and peace.

    The times have made us fearful,
    And our fears have brought the tears.
    The loneliness and darkness
    Have grown bitter with the years.

    But a light is still beyond us,
    and the children almost see
    A world that we've forgotten,
    And the world they want to be.

    When we walk with the lion,
    Soar with the eagle,
    Sing with the nightingale
    And live in love and peace.

    The arche is getting crowded now,
    And each of us must know:
    When everything is finished here,
    There's no where else to go.

    The beasts are here to bless us,
    And the faith is in their eyes,
    That we can find the garden
    And see that sweet dawn rise!

    And we can walk with the lion,
    Soar with the eagle,
    Sing with the nightingale
    and live in love and peace.

    We've got to walk with the lion,
    Soar with the eagle,
    Sing with the nightingale
    And live in love and peace.

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    Thumbs up Thanks guys...

    I get a lot of thanking to do today!
    Bernhard-Again,thanks for the lyrics!
    And Sergio-I do know that song! It's funny hearing my voice with that beat...!

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    Will Friedwald, in his terrific book, says in a few places that "Noah" was perhaps one of the worst things Mr. Sinatra ever recorded...I personally think that that is a bit too harsh...

    Any other thoughts?

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    Exclamation I haven't heard the song...

    ...But the lyrics don't seem promising...

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    I wouldn't say it was the worst thing Sinatra recorded -- but I think it is a very weak song. Not as good as Raposo's other songs.

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