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Thread: Favorite Frank Sinatra Clothes, And The Way He Wore Them

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    Thumbs up Favorite Frank Sinatra Clothes, And The Way He Wore Them

    Frank Sinatra was also a Genius when it came to Fashion! Even as a Child, he had style!

    "You've Either Got Or You Haven't Got Style!"

    Models are often told to model their outfits with an Attitude.

    One outfit that comes to mind as one of my all time favorites, is Frank's "Pal Joey" Suit. It looked fabulous on him! I'm sure glad I have the Franklin Mint "Pal Joey" Doll! He IS a Doll! Speaking of Fashion with an Attitude, observe the perfectly folded trench coat slung casually, over Frank's left shoulder. You can still see its smart looking plaid lining. Notice the tilt of Frank's Suit-matching Hat, which he steadies with his left hand thumb. It gives him an air of mystery. Notice the turn of his head, as he glances flirtatiously back, over his right shoulder, and his right hand casually tucked inside his right trouser pocket. He's the perfect blend of impeccably dressed, AND casual! What an irresistable Attitude! What Style! He's got it!

    Guys And Dolls, What are some of Your favorites?

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    Cool Frank's Style

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Your mention of Frank's style, reminded me of a precious little boy, who at the age of three dressed like a little miniature Frank. I'd see him downtown, trench coat, and Sinatra hat. At the age of three he loved Frank and was convinced that he looked just like him. He's now a young man in middle school, and he has continued to loveFrank and Frank's music "all the way" through those growing years!


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    Thumbs up Elegant Frank!!

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Love this thread you started about Frank!! He was one classy man! I don't think I have ever seen a picture of him, where he wasn't dressed to the max! He always looked good in every picture I ever saw!!

    I read a article somewhere, that as a child, he was always dressed good and some of his childhhood pals would tease him because of all the good clothes he had. One pal named, Bob Anthony said they called Frank, "Slacksy O'Brien! They said, Frank's closet was crammed with so many pairs of pants!!

    Even as a teenager, Frank had a personal charge account at a local department store!! Don't really know if that is fact or fiction! You know how they print things sometimes that are not true!!

    Another thing I thought was cool, was the article said Frank was obsessively neat! And, liked to shower more than once a day!! Not many men like that!! At least, not the ones I have known!! Not saying all men are slobs!! Just some!


    Frank was a Classy Guy!!

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    Thumbs up Favorite Frank Sinatra Clothes, And The Way He Wore Them

    Hi, Andrea! What a dear little Boy at just three years of age! And now a Frank Sinatra Fan still going strong, in Middle School! He sounds like a Fan For Life to me!

    Dear Lynda, Frank showering more than once a day is mentioned in the Book "Frank Sinatra And The Lost Art Of Livin': The Way You Wear Your Hat" by Bill Zehme. Just imagine the number of Shows Frank did in a day, and under hot lights! Just think of the wonderful scent of "Frank Sinatra Foundation" Lavender Candles! Give me that Lavender and freshly showered scent, over a sweaty Locker Room, any day! Frank Sinatra didn't just look handsome and dress well. He smelled Heavenly, too!

    Dear Savatri, I believe that when Frank wore Hats, he was totally dressed, from head to toe, always tastefully and totally coordinated. The tilt of the Hats were so expressive. I believe he had the perfectly shaped head, face, and neck to make a Hat look real good! And,tuxedos! If I may respectfully and reverently say so, I believe that Frank Sinatra was The "Poster Child" for the magnificently worn Tuxedo!

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    Thumbs up Favorite Frank Sinatra Clothes, And The Way He Wore Them

    And then, there's Frank Sinatra, in Uniform.

    From his Navy Uniforms in "Anchors Aweigh" and "On The Town", to his Army Uniforms in "From Here To Eternity", "Kings Go Forth", "Never So Few", "Sergeants 3" (Cavalry), "The Manchurian Candidate", "None But The Brave", and "Von Ryan's Express", Frank held true to his Patriotism, and to his strong, but sensitive, complex Characters, as well as to the philosophy that a Man in a Uniform is quite irresistable.

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    Smile Top Hat

    Good Morning everyone, I remember Frank on the evening of President Kennnedy election Ball. From the top hat that he wore, to the beauty cape to the very classy tuxedo, down to patent leather shoes. I know the cape and Tux were designed especially for him. I also enjoyed seeing him in casual clothing. Somehow on him it was classy too. With that smile and blue eyes everything looked classy. God Bless America and bring peace to all other nations who join us in this war.
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    Thumbs up ORANGE SWEATER...

    You know the pic. I'm talking about... with the trumpets and frank in his orange sweater?!?!?!? I love that.... I've always wanted to paint that one...


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    This photo from the movie High Society is a perfect example of style.

    Notice Bing Crosby's shoes. When's the last time you saw a pair of those? I had some once.

    Sorry, no fedoras.

    Doesn't Grace Kelly look elegant?

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    "Now That's Class Baby"!!

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for sharing that picture!! I loved that movie!! I lost count on how many times I have seen it!!


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    Smile High Hopes !

    Good Morning Carl, I also have seen this movie many times, and never tire of it. I loved the duo with Bing and Frank. I believe their boat was called High Hopes. Super picture!! God Bless America and bring peace to all.
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    Thumbs up Favorite Frank Sinatra Clothes, And The Way He Wore Them

    Dear Lee, Thank You! You have so elegantly described Frank's Classic-Class Attire worn at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Inaugural Ball.

    Dear Kelly, Thank You for preceding my next Post regarding Frank's flair for Casual Wear. He wore V-Neck Sweaters elegantly, over Shirts, with and without Ties, Slacks, neatly coordinated and creased, socks and shoes, clean and new. And he wore the Color Orange so well. One fabulous photograph of a casually dressed Frank is on page 171 of Nancy's Book "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend". Nancy's Caption reads "Dad was photographed by David Sutton while relaxing in Hawaii. The shot was used later by The Gap in an ad campaign for khakis". Frank Sinatra wasn't just an Artist himself, but was also a Living Work Of Art in his appearance. He makes me wonder if, like Birds, the Human male of the species, is really the most beautiful!

    Dear Kelly And Carl, I Love Your Avatars!

    Dear Carl, Thank You for scanning in the photograph from "High Society"! That's Great! It literally illustrates the topic of this Thread! Bing's Shoes ARE great, and Grace Kelly looked Royally elegant. Her diamond ring is the real thing, given to her by her future Husband, Prince Ranier of Monaco. Frank's shoes probably had to remain a bit understated, because the Character he played was a Reporter, plus, he was in the role of a Supporting Actor, to Bing Crosby's Leading Actor role.

    Dear Lynda And Lee, I also own and Love "High Society". The name of the Yacht was "The True Love". Oh, how I wish Frank could have sung that Oscar Winning Song!

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    Thumbs up Favorite Frank Sinatra Clothes, And The Way He Wore Them

    Bump Up

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    Kimmi Guest

    Thank you so much for posting a picture that took my breath away. If Grace Kelly isn't the poster child for classic elegance, then I don't know who is. And Frank and and Bing - the epitome of style.

    I was born MUCH too late.

    Thanks again!

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    (i wore an orange hankerchief in my tux pocket to my school's Christmas ball last month in honour of Frankie)

    Just love that orange hankerchief, now that's style!!!!!
    ...said Duncan

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    Take a look in the Teen Forum, i've mentioned some places in Alcester i know.

    Be Aware Don't Despair

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