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    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

    Based on a story by Gene Kelly & Stanley Donnen
    Producer: Arthur Freed
    Director: Busbe Berkeley
    Screenplay: Harry Tugent & George Wells
    Music Surpevisor and Conductor: Adolph Deutsch
    Vocal Arrangements: Robert Tucker
    Dance Directors: Gene Kelley & Stanley Donen
    Art Directors: Cedric Gibbons & Daniel B. Cathcart

    Frank Sinatra: Dennis Ryan
    Gene Kelly: Eddie O'Brien
    Jules Munshin: Nat Goldberg
    Esther Williams: K.C. Higgins
    Betty Garrett: Shirley Delwyn
    Edward Arnold: Joe Lorgan

    Frank Sinatra sings: "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", "Yes, Indeedy", "O'Brien to Ryan to Goldberg", "The Right Girl For Me", "It's Fate Baby, It's Fate" and "Strictly USA"

    (Notes transcribed from Nancy Sinatra's "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend")

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    Thumbs up CUTE MOVIE!

    Added this VHS to my library several years ago. Francis was so skinny, and even had a bump on his forehead, but he was still adorable. Just wanted to hug him and never let him go. (Sorry, that's the mother in me!)

    Nice movie, a think a bit too much Gene Kelly, as I prefer Mr. S., so this JMHO! But he certainly taught Francis how to dance! Esther Williams was beautiful, as always, and the dance numbers were teriffic, naturally.

    Just don't make movies like this anymore! Well worth search for!

    Thanks, Martin, for the thread!

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    Here's a link to an older thread with some discussion on this movie:

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    This was one of the first musicals that I got on tape...I love Gene Kelly and FS and the price was right so I bought this one and On The Town...(still need to get Anchors Aweigh)....Um....I think this ones really cute I actually got my dad to sit down and watch it with me ^.^ FS Was so tiny!!!! There was alot of Gene in this one.....I noticed that too...but no complaints......Agrees with luxenhaus on the hugging. He was just adorable ^.^!!! GK and FS make an awesome team....too bad they didn't make more movies together....and Jules...well....he's just funny!!!!

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    FrankIEEEEEEEee eee Marry ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aw Frank is soooooooo cute in this movie! AWWWWWWWWW MArrryYYYYYYYY MEeeeeeeeeEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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    Dude I know XDD!! He was such a little cutie!!

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    Smile My Dear Lois

    How can a film have too much Gene Kelly in it ? Never mind it's another Betty Garrett movie which does me just fine
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    Finally someone who agrees with me on Gene Kelly XD!!!! lol

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    Thumbs up Ballgame....on DVD....

    Hi all, spoke to B&N today and they have "Take me out to Ballgame ", so i placed my order and it will be here in 3 or 4 days. It"s great that this movie is available on DVD, now if the power's to be move a little faster maybe i'll have all of Sinatra's films on DVD in my lifetime. Joe.......

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    Thumbs up Ball Game and alittle extra...

    Watched "Take me out to the Ball Game" on DVD and got a pleasant surprise. The DVD had a song done by Sinatra that was deleted from the movie, "Boys and Girls Like You and Me".
    Sinatra was singing the song to Betty Garrett, the song was nice but i think Betty who also played Sinatra's girl in "On the Town" had a great chemistry on the screen. Joe....

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    I love this movie! I love it when Gene and the boys were sitting at the diiner table and Gene was saying about Vanity Fair magazine!!!! Frank is such a sweetie in this one. Betty Garrett is so funny! I love her in this and On The Town!

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    Thumbs up Take Me Out To The Ball Game 1949

    How can anyone not like Frank and Gene Kelley togather!!!

    If I could dance like Gene or Fred Astair and sing like Frank, what else could you ask for. Actually we should give alot of credit to Ginger Rodgers, she did it on high heels and backwards.

    The cutest scene in the movie when Betty Garrett is chasing Frank up and down the bleachers singing "It's Fate, Baby It's Fate"


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    To get it's German DVD release

    as "Spiel zu Dritt" in August this year, as part of the Warner's "Endlich Auf DVD" series.

    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    I love this film its one of my faves as frank looks so gosh darn cute.... to me F.S and gene kelly are outstanding...i love them both!

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    saw this really late on amc

    this babe drives him and gene, on leave from the navy ( in real
    life read on the forum he flunked the physical) all over the city in a cab.

    after that another one came on even older - really young in this
    one - ok - he goes to a house to see this girl - dad pulls up
    in a new 1941 continental conv. he plays the piano in the house
    with gene.

    later hes in a mexican cafe singing. what is it?

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    I love this film the best of the Gene Kelly and Frank pair ups. The songs are great! I love the songs They are great together and Frank and Betty Garrett are so cute together. Frank is truly cute in this film. I love when the three of them are dancing while the guys are eating their supper in front of Ester Williams and then the clambake scene that is my fave scene.
    I always find it so funny to think in a few years Frank would be playing the roles Gene Kelly played of the womanizers and strong cockey men.LOL


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    Thie film is screening this morning on Turner Classic Movies at
    5:45AM. Enjoy the holiday with Frank, Gene, Betty and Esther! Have a good holiday!

    Sleep Warm

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    The Gene Kelly Signature Collection was released in the UK only last week, and although On the Town and Anchors Aweigh were included, I was disappointed to learn that Take Me Out to the Ballgame wasn't. I've bought the set anyway, and would assume that Take Me Out to the Ballgame will be released in the UK sooner rather than later, but here was a good opportunity to get on shelves a trilogy of films that are great entertainment from the word "go." In fact, a Sinatra/Kelly set would have been great in its own right.

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    I love love love this film The songs are the best part

    Hugh can you order the movie from the US or Canada? They are still on sale here.

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    I have yet to see this movie. Thats the good thing I like about everything Mr. Sinatra did....there's so much you cant just go out and learn or see it all in a takes time and you are always discovering new things. But ya I saw it in the store a while ago I should pick i up.

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