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Thread: THE DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK - 1961 

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    The Devil at 4 O'Clock - 1961

    A Columbia Picture

    Based on the Novel by Max Catto
    Producer: Fred Kohlmar
    Director: Mervyn LeRoy
    Screenplay: Liam O'Brien
    Music: George Duning
    Director of Photography: Joseph Biroc

    Frank Sinatra: Harry
    Spencer Tracy: Father Doonan
    Jean Pierre Aumont: Jacques
    Bernie Hamilton: Charlie
    Gregoire Aslan: Marcel
    Barbara Luna: Camille
    Kerwin Mathews: Father Perreau

    (Notes transcribed from Nancy Sinatra's "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend")

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    On episode 31 of the TV series The Sopranos, you can see Uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese) watching this movie in his living room.

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    I recently added this to my dvd collection. Spencer and Frank. How good can it get ?
    George B.

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    Barbara Luna

    My sister and I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Barbara Luna about a month ago. When my sister told her I was a huge Frank Sinatra fan, Ms. Luna told me how much she enjoyed working with Sinatra on this film -- and how charming he was.

    This is for the ladies of the forum: she said Frank Sinatra was a fabulous kisser.

    So there you have it!

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    Red face lost effort

    this movie was at best a mediocre film, to bad, i think spencer tracy was a giant among hollywood's performers. thanks, joe...

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    Miss a movie?

    Devil at 4 o clock
    CAST: Spencer Tracy, Frank Sinatra, Kerwin Matthews.

    A drunken missionary and three escaped convict try to save a group of children from a South Seas volcano. C 126m. LBX

    Adventure. D: Mervyn LeRoy.
    PLAYING ON TCM: 11/08/2003 04:00 PM


    Dirty Dingus Magee / 1970

    CAST: Frank Sinatra, George Kennedy, Anne Jackson.

    A two-bit outlaw's attempts to strike it rich put him in conflict with a bungling sheriff. C 91m. LBX

    Western. D: Burt Kennedy.
    PLAYING ON TCM: 09/07/2003 04:00


    Double Dynamite / 1951

    CAST: Frank Sinatra, Jane Russell, Groucho Marx.

    A bank teller reaps the rewards of saving a gangster's life, but can't reveal where he got the money. BW 81m. CC

    Comedy. D: Irving Cummings.
    PLAYING ON TCM: 10/02/2003 01:30 PM


    From Here To Eternity / 1953

    CAST: Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Frank AM Sinatra.

    Young officers in Hawaii fight for love and honor on the eve of World War II. BW 118m.

    Drama. D: Fred Zinnemann.
    PLAYING ON TCM: 10/25/2003 08:00 PM

    PLAYING ON TCM: 11/17/2003 03:30 PM

    PLAYING ON TCM: 11/02/2003 04:00 PM

    PLAYING ON TCM: 10/25/2003 12:00 AM


    Guys And Dolls / 1955

    CAST: Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Jean Simmons.

    A big-city gambler bets that he can seduce a Salvation Army girl. C 149m. LBX

    Musical. D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
    PLAYING ON TCM: 11/16/2003 06:00 PM

    PLAYING ON TCM: 11/13/2003 03:30 PM


    High Society / 1956

    CAST: Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra.

    In this musical version of The Philadelphia Story, tabloid reporters invade a society wedding. C 112m. LBX CC DVS

    Musical. D: Charles Walters.
    PLAYING ON TCM: 09/07/2003 04:00 PM

    PLAYING ON TCM: 10/20/2003 08:00 PM


    Some Came Running / 1958

    CAST: Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Dean Martin.

    A veteran returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals. C 136m. LBX CC

    Drama. D: Vincente Minnelli.
    PLAYING ON TCM: 11/04/2003 03:00 AM

    PLAYING ON TCM: 11/24/2003 08:15 AM


    Tender Trap, The / 1955

    CAST: Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, Celeste Holm.

    A swinging bachelor finds love when he meets a girl immune to his line. C 111m. LBX CC

    Comedy. D: Charles Walters.

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    Thanks Shawn.

    I think you missed noting when The Tender Trap is airing.

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    Franks War Movies

    I especially liked the Pearl harbor ( the one with Mc Hales navy Borgnine in it! ) movie along with the old war pictures Frank played in !

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    Thumbs up SUPER COMBO!

    While doing therapy, am catching up on some videos, and today was "The Devil @ Four O'Clock".

    The special effects were excellent, and Mr. S. was, as always, intriguing to say the least. So handsome, those beautiful white teeth on that tanned face. . . .Kathy, when he was kissing Camile good-bye, I could see exactly what Ms. Luna meant -- we all lived vicariously in her shoes!

    Spencer Tracy was excellent, albeit he was having health problems at the time. Kate was at his side throughout the entire filming, or so was said on TCM's Robert Osborn. Terrible ending....everyone is supposed to live hapilly ever after! But it was not to be. . . . .

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    Devil at 4 O'Clock

    To put it mildly, this was not one of Frank's finer films. Of course, the same is true of Tracy.

    From Maltin's Movie and Video Guide: "The two stars are lost in a weak film." "Static production..."

    When it shows on cable, the NY Times capsule review listing is one word: "Ghastly."

    I'd love to say great things about it, but I cannot. The two stars could have done great things together if they'd had a script. Manchurian Candidate, Tender Trap, Von Ryan's Express, From Here to Eternity it isn't.

    There was a good line in it though. The older Tracy, playing a priest, says to Sinatra, a convict, "I used to eat guys like you for breakfast." Frank replies, "Yeah, that's when you had teeth."

    Ed S.

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    Ed, I wholeheadedly agree w/you. It was draggy, Tracy many times seemed like he was just reading lines, but I'm sorry, Frank can be awful to others but he is never awful to me. I thought he did well for what he had to work with, so the role can be mediocre at best, and I still think he was great! I overlook his faults!! Must be the woman in me!!! Sorry! The "New York/Jersey" tie-in was clever.

    Now Dirty Dingus McGee--that's another story!



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    Thumbs up

    <<Frank can be awful to others but he is never awful to me.>>

    I whole-heartedly agree LuX!! Took the words right out of my mouth.Even his mediocre films are worth seeing if just to see his handsome face and that gorgeous smile.Did anyone else in Hollywood (or anywhare for that matter) have a smile like that?

    <<Now Dirty Dingus McGee--that's another story!>>

    Yea but hell I still watch it when it comes on just to see Frank!!


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    Cool Expensive Devil.....

    Like i've said already about this film, "a disappointment" but it's Sinatra so you got to have it....
    This is the last of DVD films to be bought, so i'll check ebay first before i'll spent $25 at B&'s not in Border's film catalog.....

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    The sadness in those eyes when he realises the little girl he's been carrying down the volcano had died, a mediocre film maybe, but some great emotional acting from FS,
    oculis coniventibus facile est vivere

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    Thumbs up Kid in a candy store...

    I was unable to find the "Devil" on e-bay so off to B&N and i placed the order for the DVD Devil, with shipping from a warehouse and tax it came to just under $30.
    It's Sinatra so the hell with the price, i just had to have it....Joe..

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    Thumbs up The Devil at 4 O'Clock 1961

    I got this movie about 5 years ago in a bargin bin at Kmart for about 5 bucks.
    As someone said earlier, with Sinatra and Tracy, how can it be bad. I think their are far worse Sinatra films. I like this one.


    Keep HIS music playing, and sleep warm

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    Thumbs up Hi Charlie,

    What can i say Charlie, you're one lucky "Devil"....Joe....

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    Cool Too harsh on my review....

    Well watching my new DVD of the "Devil" i came to realize how good it was to see Sinatra again in this picture......How beautiful Barbara Luna is and i couldn't help connecting this screen romance with the Sinatra recording of "On a little street in Singapore".....Plus, i thought Sinatra played a role that reflected him in real life, helping the needy, and it didn't help me to see Frankie and Spencer being vaporized at the movie's end.....I have to give "DEVIL" a new rating of 3 stars..........Joe....

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    Devil at Four O'clock

    Just found this thread and thought I'd bump it up because I just saw this movie for the first time the other night.I thought Frank did an excellent performance and was incredibly,edibly sexy as the ex-convict! ( why am I always attracted to bad boys?!?) and Tracy character was endearing from beginning to end.....and the end!!!! Oh how I cried!!!
    What a horrible ending!


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    Oh, you can tell Frank was a FABULOUS kisser! I love the scenes he's in with Barbara Luna. Those are my favorite parts.

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