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    Contract On Cherry Steeet - 1977 (TV Movie)

    An Artanis Production for Columbia Pictures Television

    Based on the book by Philip Rosenberg
    Producer: Hugh Benson
    Director: William A. Graham
    Executive Producer: Renee Valente
    Screenplay: Edward Anhalt
    Music: Jerry Goldsmith

    Frank Sinatra: Deputy Inspector Frank Hovannes
    Jay Black: Tommy Sinardos
    Verna Bloom: Emily Hovannes
    Martin Balsam: Capt. Ernie Weinberg
    Joe DeSantis: Vincenzo Seruto
    Martin Gabel: Baruch Waldman

    (Notes transcribed from Nancy Sinatra's "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend")

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    Thumbs up I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

    It's a NEW YORK CITY favorite MOVIE....Filmed in Manhattan and in Woodside Queens (Very Close to my HOUSE in Astoria)...I wasn't there when they filmed it , but I have went to the spot where they film the "Chop Shop" where Frank and the other Cops raid"...This is where Frank BLOWS away the CRAZY Black bald Bad Guy with the Shotgun .........When ever I pass that street I always think of FRANK SINATRA !!!!!!...I always tell people with me in the car that , that is the place where Sinatra filmed a scene from "Contract on Cherry Street"........Frank Also goes into the Famous STUDIO 54 in the movie as well as the Prince Street Bar in Little Italy..........

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    Thumbs up bump up

    Contract on Cherry Street !......Martin Balsum and Martin Gabel were great in this movie !

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    I remember watching this on tv. So far haven't seen it released on dvd. Hope it will be.
    George B.

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    A little bit of trivia for you on this film.......the guy who kills Frank's character at the end is Jay Black.
    While not known for his acting abilities, he IS very well known for something else.

    He is the lead singer from the group Jay and the Americans. He's the voice behind such hits like "Come A Little Bit Closer", "Let's Lock The Door", and "Cara Mia".

    His voice still sounds great today.


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    New York, New York responses!

    Guess everyone knew that little piece of trivia!

    Oh well,


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    Smile I have a little triva also on this film...

    ...Parts of this film were shot in Woodside Queens, on and off Northern Blvd,,,,as well as in Little Italy and in Studio 54......In regards to the Woodside Queens shots, There was a scene shot in a restaurant on Northern Blvd & 58th street (Il Felice Rest.) and a few blocks away at a Transmission repair shop off Northern Blvd and 61 th street (thats where Sinatra shots the baldheaded black bad guy after Martin Balsum is killed)....The place is still there.......

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    I've never seen this film, so yeah it would be cool to see it released on DVD.

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    I have only had the chance to see this movie once, but when I saw it I actually remembered some of the location scenes. I was actually in New York during location shooting and actually remember seeing some filming and some locations being set up. Unfortunately at the time I did not know what movie was being shot or that Frank Sinatra was involved.

    Would love to have this movie come out on DVD.


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    Thumbs up ...A must see Sinatra Movie......

    ....If you love NYC, you'll love this movie

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    Thumbs up A must see!

    ...A Must See!

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    I havent ever seen the movie but I have seen it in the Frank filmography sections of different sites. I would love to get the opportunity to see this gem. Maybe someday they will re-run it on television. By the way does anyone know what network it was originally broadcasted on??

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    thank you martin

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    Thumbs up Has a Queens Connection...

    ........There is a scene in the movie where Martin Balsums character is killed in a auto garage where the bad guys are stripping cars (a Chop-Shop).........that garage is located on 61th street off Northern Blvd in Woodside (about 10 blocks from my house)....I past it several times a week and I always think of Sinatra !!!

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    I never saw this movie and the way things look I probably wont see it, for a long while at least. NBC needs to rerun it sometime....

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    hi all

    o.k. stranger, i will be the first dummy to admit that i did not know it was jay (from jay and the americans ) who was the killer
    so at least you got one of us,

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    Thumbs up A must see Movie.

    A lot of Cool New York city scenes in this movie

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    Thumbs up They just showed the film again on

    ...cable TV yesterday morning and I woke up with the TV on and it was on. It's a great movie especially if your a New Yorker because Sinatra does so many scenes all around Manhattan and Queens....I can name at least 20 scenes in the movie where Sinatra filmed...In and outside Studio 54, Mulberry street, the Village, Queens Plaza in L.I.C. and off Northern Blvd in Woodside queens, Prince Street in Little if your a New Yorker and a movie buff , check out this film and try and name all the spots Sinatra film it in....also there is a scene at Katz's jewish deli on Houston street (Lower east side)...a New York institution!

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    Mark, What Channel was it on??

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