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Strangers On My Flight



We were sent this funny parody of "Strangers in the Night". We're not sure who the singer is but you can hear Howard Stern's voice at the beginning. It's an MP3 file. Enjoy!

Strangers on my Flight

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Responses to 'Strangers On My Flight'

selena65 says:
Nov 27, 2001 4:11 PM
Ok..I don't know if it's politically correct to enjoy this..but I have to admit, my boyfriend and I were giggling :)

I guess if Frank were on my flight and something weird started happening, I'd be glad he was there :)

Thanks Rick,


Andrea says:
Nov 27, 2001 6:31 PM
Does this make anyone else besides me think sad thoughts?

Ed Potts says:
Nov 28, 2001 3:31 AM
I was hesitant to respond because I do not like Howard Stern but I must admit this was very funny! Ed

Whyking? says:
Nov 28, 2001 6:16 AM
There is no soundcard on my computer :-(

Anyone got he lyrics, I can sing it myself :-)

gymrat says:
Nov 28, 2001 6:55 PM
I agree, it's not politically correct, but at this point, who cares? It's funny!!

jeannette24 says:
Nov 28, 2001 7:52 PM
Hate Howard Stern, but must admit it was interesting, but not sure i liked it. I wonder how he did that....kinda cool.

Kris says:
Nov 28, 2001 9:08 PM
I didn't like it. I don't find that type of humor funny. I agree with Andrea.

BobbySoxer says:
Nov 28, 2001 9:24 PM
I'm no Howard Stern fan either, but it is very funny indeed. It would be fun to know more about the vocalist and the writers too.

SINRAY says:
Nov 29, 2001 8:16 PM

Jake says:
Nov 30, 2001 5:06 AM
Ahem... Well, it certainly is Frank's style! And the singer does one hell of a good job nailing Frank's voice. And to hear Howard laughing here and there makes this version of Strangers very entertaining. I had to laugh, but in no way do I endorse it or share the view. What has happened in America was completely uncalled for, and the retaliation is just as dumbfounded... imagine bombing the hell out of everything blindly without knowing where you should bomb. Too bad. But still... tee hee hee (!!!), very uplifting and morale boosting to many who have been swamped in sorrow for so long.

Gonzalo Duque says:
Nov 30, 2001 9:14 AM
I've been a big Howard Stern fan for many years, and I think the song parody is hilarious! Hey, it's a joke; let's relax a little and breathe! It's NOT poking FUN at Sinatra at all!

Gonzalo Duque "Gonzo"

rene says:
Nov 30, 2001 9:21 AM
it was very funny...i enjoyed it ...we need a little laughter now and then....the singer was on the

Knarf Artanis says:
Dec 1, 2001 12:49 AM
I've been frequenting karaoke bars for a dozen years and do a good version of Frank myself. But this singer gets style points just for almost nailing the voice. Notice, I said almost. After all, there is only one Frank. As for those worried about political corectness, the term lost all relavant meaning after Sept. 11th. We're at war. And this is a funny war song. Playing it on the front lines would boose morale. And then some.

selena65 says:
Dec 1, 2001 6:08 AM
Do you think Mr. Sinatra would like this or be upset that his song and his voice was used? I think of him having a really good sense of humor..and enjoying irreverance...but there is some stereotyping in do you think he would feel about this?

Thanks! Selena - and it is almost sounds like him...kind of nice, but kind of eerie

Dec 1, 2001 10:45 AM
I have listened to this Song several times, and although I can appreciate the humor, as well as the healing value of humor, It reminds me vividly of United Airlines Flight #93, which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, before it reached its intended target (probably the White House). I can't help wonder if the Families of the Victims of Flight #93 would find any humor in this Song. The last words of CeeCee Ross-Lyles, a Passenger on that Flight, in a cell phone call to her Husband, were "We've been hijacked! We've been hijacked! I love You! I love the children!" CeeCee and her Husband have two Sons, aged 7 and 15. Our very own Leatrice Lee Lebowitz knows the Family.

Andrea says:
Dec 1, 2001 5:35 PM
Elizabeth's comment very much reflects my concerns. When I heard Strangers On My Flight, my first thought was of those who lost loved ones September 11th, and might be turning to the Sinatra Family Album for a distraction from their sorrow.

For All Of You Rat Pack Pack Rats


(Nancy's title - not the Tribune's)

THE ARTS/Chicago Tribune
 By Steve Knopper
Special to the Tribune
Published November 25, 2001

RAT pack redux

Ring-a-ding-ding! Frank and the boys are back to teach a new generation about swinging, singing, all-night parties and staying cool.

The Rat Pack will never happen again. Who can imagine Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears getting on stage with their arms around each other, slamming shots and delivering snappy one-liners between songs? Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. were not only big stars of stage and screen, they were best pals who really knew how to have a good time.

And after disappearing for a while after Sinatra's death, the pack is back. The George Clooney-Julia Roberts update of "Ocean's Eleven" is out Dec. 7, and two new Rat Pack CDs, a collection of their greatest hits ("Eee-O-11") and the previously unreleased "The Rat Pack Live at the Sands," came out on Capitol just last week.

Why does the Pack still fascinate us? Because they set the standard for cool. They wore immaculate suits, drank all night and set behavioral rules for every would-be hepcat. And for all their stardom, riches and wives -- and Sinatra's legendary temper -- they always laughed.

"They made fun of everything because they were kings of the world," says Bill Zehme, Chicago-based author of 1997's "The Way You Wear Your Hat," a book about Rat Pack style and attitude. "These were three supremely confident men.

"And I don't think anyone will be as powerful in show business and enjoy it more than Sinatra. Clearly he was the most confident man who ever lived. We all wish we didn't have a single doubt."

The Rat Pack lineup

- Frank Sinatra. The Rat Pack's indisputable leader, Sinatra set the style standards, demanded all-night party allegiance and made tough-guy statements like "I don't drink that sissy stuff, for Christ's sake -- you drink white wine!"

- Dean Martin. Rarely seen without a glass in hand, Martin specialized in suaveness and schtick. Unlike the trailblazing Sinatra, he was content to croon Bing Crosby style, releasing an overwrought dud for every stellar song such as "Everybody Loves Somebody."

- Sammy Davis Jr. Unable to keep up with the big-spending Sinatra, Davis once went broke. According to Zehme's book, a day after his accountant made Davis swear to give up his excessive ways, the singer sent him a gold cigarette case inscribed with "Thanks for the advice. Sammy."

- Joey Bishop. The Rat Pack's only surviving member, comedian Bishop befriended Sinatra in 1952 and quickly became one of the few living humans who could mock the Chairman publicly. ("Mr Sinatra will now speak of some of the good things the Mafia has done," Bishop would tell crowds -- leading to an awkward silence, of course.) He had his own '60s sitcom and filled in for Johnny Carson hundreds of times.

- Peter Lawford. By the '60s, this British actor was a sort of male Zsa Zsa Gabor, a celebrity for celebrity's sake. But he was a prolific actor in the '40s and '50s ("Royal Wedding"), using his looks to snag dates with Ava Gardner and Lana Turner. And as John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law, he was the Rat Pack's executive liaison.

- Humphrey Bogart. Although he wasn't the type to tell one-liners on stage with Frank and the boys, the great actor was the founding member of an early version of the Rat Pack. His wife, Lauren Bacall, dubbed her husband and his pals the Holmby Hills Rat Pack; when Bogart died, in 1957, Sinatra and his crew took over the Pack.

- Shirley MacLaine. Long before she was the Oscar-winning star of "Terms of Endearment," MacLaine was the group's beloved Girl Friday. Her 1996 tell-all, "My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir," focused in part on her relationships with Sinatra, Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Adjunct Rat Packers: Comedian Don Rickles, singer Steve Lawrence, songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen and actors Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas and Robert Wagner.

Where they hung their hats

Las Vegas: Copa Room, The Sands. When Judy Garland summoned guests Sinatra and Martin to the stage during a late 1958 appearance, the two singers clicked immediately. Thus began a legendary Vegas run, in which all five Rat Packers rotated onstage to accommodate their film schedules.

New York City: Jilly's. Owned by the giant, glass-eyed Jilly Rizzo, this New York City joint was Sinatra's favorite for decades, especially in the '60s. As the biggest star in a nightclub filled with stars, including Tony Bennett and Garland, Sinatra owned the place, relentlessly kibitzing with the chefs and waiters. It closed in the '80s; Chicago's Jilly's opened years later as an homage.

Chicago: The Pump Room, in the Ambassador East Hotel. Sinatra always made a big entrance, bandleader Stanley Paul told the Tribune shortly after the singer's death: "When he would come into the room, it was like royalty. People would whisper and look. You knew somebody -- a presence -- was in the room."

California: Nicky Blair's. One famous story from "The Way You Wear Your Hat" involves owner Nicky Blair upbraiding Hector, a waiter who'd broken several glasses in Sinatra's presence. Sinatra had his boys peel off big bills from a wad and asked Blair to bring out $4,500 in glasses -- then smashed them all. Sinatra: "Every time I come in here I want to see Hector working for you." Blair: "I always loved Hector!"

Essential works


"Ocean's Eleven" (1960). A simplistic Vegas tough-guy heist movie with live tunes from Dean ("Ain't That a Kick in the Head") and Sammy ("Eee-O- Eleven").

"Robin and the 7 Hoods" (1964). Sinatra plays Robbo, a Chicago mob boss in the '20s who wears impeccable double-breasted suits and battles other wise guys (including an over-the-top Peter Falk) and a femme fatale (Barbara Rush). Between murders, they burst into song.

"Swingers" (1996). In an obvious homage to Frank and the boys, schmendrick Vince Vaughn drags his down-and-out pal Jon Favreau to Las Vegas to get his mind off an old flame. Although they paraphrase carefree Pack-speak -- "beautiful babies," "you're money" -- "Swingers" has a certain non-retro wistfulness you didn't see when Sinatra sang and Davis danced.

"The Rat Pack" (1998). Released at the height of Rat Pack mania, this HBO movie cut right to the dirt, tackling Sinatra's mobster ties, his stormy relationship with the Kennedys and Davis' reaction to his pals' racist humor.


"Jackpot! The Las Vegas Story" (1996). This cocktail-culture classic isn't technically a Rat Pack recording, but it has Dino's "That's Amore" and Sammy's "I've Gotta Be Me." Among the essential Vegas-cheese artifacts: Buddy Greco's snappy "The Lady Is a Tramp"; Liberace shoehorning "MacArthur Park" into a medley; and Louis Prima and Keely Smith trading barbs on "That Old Black Magic."

"The Rat Pack Live at the Sands" (2001). Martin's slurred ad-libs open these 1963 shows at the Sands' famous Copa Room. The mutual (and politically incorrect) Sinatra-Martin harassment is something else. Dean: "Did you know Lincoln was Jewish?" Frank: "I did not know." Dean: "Yeah, he was shot in the temple."

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., "Eee-O-11: The Best of The Rat Pack" (2001). Though this is an all-music album, with familiar classics such as Sinatra's "The Lady Is a Tramp" and Martin's "Volare," the best bits are the exchanges between the singers. Don't miss "Sam's Song," in which Martin keeps trying to call it "Dean's Song," Sammy insists on the formal title and Dean finally suggests, "Clyde's Song."

Ten Rat Pack Style Rules:

1. Never wear brown after dark.

2. Jack Daniels. Always Jack Daniels.

3. Give the ice a few minutes to sink into your glass.

4. Hats are to be tilted. Unworn coats are to be carried nonchalantly over one shoulder.

5. Sinatra's orange fuzzy sweater at the beginning of "Ocean's Eleven" was an anomaly.

6. For the ultimate sign of friendship, share one of your martini olives.

7. Cuff links.

8. And a tuxedo.

9. But never on Sunday.

0. The worst thing you can do in front of a woman is yawn.

Sources: Bill Zehme, "The Way You Wear Your Hat" (HarperCollins, 1997); Steve Knopper (ed.), "MusicHound Lounge: The Essential Album Guide to Martini Music and Easy Listening" (Visible Ink Press, 1998); Mike Weatherford, "Cult Vegas" (Huntington Press, 2001); Celebrity Biography; Internet Movie Database.

Posted by: Nancy | Nov 25, 2001 12:52 PM | plus-minusComments(5)

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Responses to 'For All Of You Rat Pack Pack Rats'

Jamie says:
Nov 25, 2001 1:41 PM
That story can bring a smile to anyone's face.

Lynda51 says:
Nov 25, 2001 4:16 PM
These Guys will never be surpassed for sheer cool!

They possessed panache in spades! Also, they possessed the genuine cool and swagger that can act as a beacon for us to follow!!

You gotta have style!!!!

Nov 25, 2001 9:17 PM

I am very disappointed in Steve Knopper's November 25th CHICAGO TRIBUNE Article titled, "For You Rat Pack Pack Rats" because it perpetuates stale old lies and innuendos regarding Frank Sinatra's character and legacy. Knopper refers to "Sinatra's legendary temper", and to Joey Bishop's Introduction of Frank Sinatra, "Mr. Sinatra will now speak of some of the good things the Mafia has done." In reference to the movie "Robin And The Seven Hoods", Knopper writes, "Between murders, they burst into song." Knopper makes reference to the 1998 character assasinating HBO movie titled "The Rat Pack", writing "this HBO movie cut right to the dirt, tackling Sinatra's mobster ties, his stormy relationship with the Kennedys and Davis' reaction to his pals' racist humor." The sources Knopper lists at the end of his article include the beloved Bill Zehme book, "Frank Sinatra And The Lost Art Of Livin': The Way You Wear Your Hat", but unsurprisingly fail to mention two significant books written by Nancy Sinatra, that are carefully and laboriously researched, openly objective, well-documented, and based on fact and truth, which years ago, debunked the lies and innuendos that are perpetuated in Knopper's article. Nancy Sinatra's two books are: "Frank Sinatra: My Father" (1986), and "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend" (1995).

Nov 26, 2001 11:43 AM
CORRECTION: The title of Steve Knopper's November 25th CHICAGO TRIBUNE article is not "For You Rat Pack Pack Rats". The correct title is "Rat pack redux". My very sincere apologies to Nancy Sinatra and to Steve Knopper for the mis-quoted title. The article review is my own personal opinion and is not intended as official representation of this website.

siouxcillian says:
Nov 26, 2001 12:47 PM

Whenever the Rat Pack comes up we'll always get debates as to the truth or fiction about the group re: the mob,the Kennedy's,"racism",their legendary partying. Are these facts all true? I'd have to say yes. These issues have been addressed by Tina Sinatra in books and on television-mini-series and interviews,interviews with FS done with Pete Hamill,as well as two books written by Sammy Davis. Is it bad? No. These guys were the most talented trio of friends in Hollywood-they were the Hollywood/Vegas bad boys who stayed up drinking,gambling,and surrounding themselves with beautiful women. What's wrong with that?? Nothing.

The article is a great because Knooper stated the obvious-there will never be another group of talented guys who were at the top of their game, who got along so well, and made people laugh. There memories are always in our minds and our hearts.

The Sinatra Ball



Posted by: Nancy | Nov 19, 2001 11:49 AM | plus-minusComments(3)

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Responses to 'The Sinatra Ball'

Kris says:
Nov 19, 2001 3:48 PM
Why didn't she want the Star Spangled Banner played?

johnofphilly says:
Nov 19, 2001 6:46 PM
Could it be that she didn't like George Bush Sr.? Could it be that, if it were a few years later with ol' shuckins hayseed Bill, she wouldn't have minded? Who really knows. Had that situation arose a few years later, and hypothetically had she agreed, I'm sure Frank would have commented his approval.

It's nice to witness that people who are big enough to honor the craft of entertainment and bringing people together can rise above differences. My thumbs-up approval goes to Nancy, Tina and Junior on demonstrating this example of looking forward.

At first glance, I thought that picture of Juliana was Frannie Drescher.

Kris says:
Nov 20, 2001 5:41 PM
Thanks John!

Canine Crooner Belts Out "New York, New York" To Win Singing Pet Contest



Owner and Dog Named "Best Duet" at Advantage(R) Flea Control Event Raising $20,000 for Homeless Pets

The Advantage(R) Fast Friends Duets(SM) Finale today crowned a Sinatra-singing Sheltie named Buddy and his owner "Best Duet" for their rendition of "New York, New York," concluding a yearlong singing pet contest and an ongoing shelter adoption campaign. The Finale highlighted the nation's top 10 pet and owner duets, including a pup that sings to bagpipes and a Pomerian's pint-sized version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." It also brought animal lovers and pets together at an adopt-a-thon for cats and dogs from the Humane Society of New York (HSNY), many of whom found themselves homeless in the recent months. To encourage adoptions at today's event, Advantage(R) flea control donated $1,000 for each pet adopted, raising a total of $20,000 for the HSNY.

As an additional gesture of appreciation for their tireless work on behalf of injured and displaced pets, Advantage honored HSNY at the red carpet Finale, held at Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, with approximately $10,000 worth of Advantage flea control for the shelter's cats and dogs so the pets could enter their new homes flea-free.

"Buddy has always brought a note of joy to my life," says Jason Purinton. "I'm excited 20 lucky people today will get to enhance their lives by owning a new pet, and we're all thrilled to be supporting the great city of New York."

Buddy and Purinton beat out nine other tunefully talented cats and dogs that were chosen as finalists in Advantage Fast Friends Duets. The musical duo won a professional recording studio session, a year's supply of Advantage(R) (imidacloprid) Topical Solution from their veterinarian, a cash prize and the chance to appear in an advertisement for the product.

The Advantage Fast Friends Duets contest was conducted by Advantage flea control to promote shelter pet adoptions, as well as responsible pet care - which includes proper veterinary care and a consistent flea control regimen with Advantage, the fastest flea control.

On a flea control regimen with Advantage, cats, dogs and their owners can be confident that Advantage is the fastest flea control because it stops fleas from biting in minutes. In fact, Advantage kills 98-100 percent of existing fleas on pets within 12 hours of application and reinfesting fleas in two hours. It continues killing fleas after a shampooing, swimming or exposure to rain or sunlight and even kills flea larvae where pets sleep and play. Advantage also is gentle enough to be used on puppies as young as seven weeks and kittens as young as eight weeks of age.

Best known for its flagship product, Bayer Aspirin, Bayer Corporation produces a broad range of health care, life sciences and chemical products that help diagnose and treat diseases, purify water, preserve local landmarks, protect crops, advance automobile safety and durability and improve people's lives.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Bayer Corporation had sales of $10.1 billion in 2000 and is one of Fortune magazine's Most Admired Companies. The company employs 23,200 people. It is a member of the worldwide Bayer Group, a $29 billion international health care and chemicals group based in Leverkusen, Germany. The Bayer Group (BAYG.DE) stock is a component of the DAX, and is listed on multiple foreign exchanges.

For more information on the Advantage Fast Friends Duets contest and shelter adoption campaign, or to hear excerpts of the finalists, please visit


Bayer Corporation

Christian Jacobi, 913/268-2861


Edelman Worldwide

Sarah Lammel, 312/552-1144


Posted by: Nancy | Nov 13, 2001 11:10 PM | plus-minusComments(3)

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Responses to 'Canine Crooner Belts Out "New York, New York" To Win Singing Pet Contest'

Lynda51 says:
Nov 14, 2001 6:41 AM
What a cool story! Advantage is the best Flea control product I have ever used! I have used it now for over 4yrs.

selena65 says:
Nov 14, 2001 8:07 AM
What a sweet story!

We have a 7 month old dauschund named Maxine..she and our cat Sasha are the joys of my dog can do some amazing 'vocalizations'..
Not sure what she is trying to say, giggle...that contest must have been a true delight!

Nov 15, 2001 3:48 PM
Dear Nancy,

I love this story and the Pet Adoption Program! Would it be possible to add a copy of this story to my Thread titled "PETS WHO ARE ALSO SINATRA FANS: COOL CATS AND HOT-DIGGITY-DOGS!" ? I believe that Thread is in the "Yakety-Yak" Section. Thank You!

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