Cool World

1993 Paramount


In this 1992 motion picture, Frankie sings a jazzy rendition of "That Old Black Magic" in the background of one of the nightclub scenes, followed by his brief duet with Kim Basinger for "Let's Make Love."



Liner Notes

When ex-con cartoonist Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne) was behind bars he found escape by creating Cool World, a cartoon series featuring a voluptuous vixen named Holli Would.

But the toonsmith becomes a prisoner of his own fantasies when Holli pulls Jack into Cool World with a scheme to seduce him and bring herself to life. A hard-boiled detective (Brad Pitt)–the only other human in Cool World–cautions Jack with the law: 'Noids don't have sex with doodles (cartoons).

The flesh proves weaker than ink, however, as Holli takes human form (Kim Basinger) in Las Vegas, starting a trans-universal chase that threatens the destruction of both worlds.

With a splashy mix of animation and live-action sequences, Cool World, delivers the hottest action around.

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