His Way!

1972 Daybreak


Side 1:
1. The Fool Who Dared To Dream
2. What Were You Thinking [written by Frank Sinatra Jr.]
3. This Way, Mary
4. Music From Across The Way
5. Tomorrow
6. It's Too Late

Side 2
1. Life Is What You Make It
2. Hello Forever
3. Now Is The Time
4. The Summer Knows
5. Have A Nice Day


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Liner Notes

In this long-playing program, Frank emphasizes contemporary, up-to-the-minute songs, several of them from current motion pictures. But there's one entry, 'Have A Nice Day,' which sticks out almost immediately. Introduced by Count Basie and his orchestra, it's the swinging, hard-driving composition of Sammy Nestico with a 14-karat lyric by Johnny Mercer. Sinatra is the first to perform the song with Mercer's words.

Frank is generous in crediting Sonny Burke with assisting him in the long climb to prominence as a performer. A veteran orchestra leader, arranger, record producer and record company administrator (for Decca and Warner Bros., Reprise) Burke again sat in with Sinatra as producer of this package.

'Sonny never tells me what to do or how to do it,' says Frank. 'He may graciously suggest, and offer his valued advice from time to time, but he allows me full freedom–I make the final decision. There are few men like him in the industry.'

Sinatra asked that [arranger/conductor Nelson] Riddle and the musicians also be credited for their contributions to this album. 'They are very special,' he says.

Sinatra has become very special, too. Now he's singing his way.

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