It's Alright

1998 Hallmark Churchill Group


1. It's Alright
2. 31 Summers & Too Many Falls
3. The Misters In Her Life
4. Lovin' You Gets Better All The Time
5. Don't Blame Her
6. Three Time Loser
7. We Can't Even Let Each Other Down
8. Cry A Little
9. The Best I Ever Had
10. Seeing You Again


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Liner Notes

Recorded in Nashville by the cream of that city's finest musicians, Frank Sinatra, Jr. has created the Sinatra Pop-Country album. The vocal timbre and style assures the lineage, while the impeccable arrangements and production by Billy Strange pull all the elements together.

Frankie's Insights

I was working for a booking agency out of Chicago that involved two partners, one from Chicago and the other from the deep south somewhere in Alabama. They came to the conclusion that in order to make me more appealing for getting jobs and booking me, what they needed me to do was to make a new record album. ... At that time in the mid '70s the big music in the whole industry was country music. Everybody was making country music albums. They wanted to send me to Nashville to make a country album. And I had some degree of apprehension of such a thing, because very obviously, I was not a country singer. But they were insistent upon that, and they gave me a list of songs, some of which are pretty damn good by the way. They sent me off to Nashville, and when I arrived, I was really a fish out of water. Comedian George Gobel used to say, 'Life was a tuxedo, and I was a pair of brown shoes.' But I did have good fortune at one point. At Lake Tahoe I had been introduced to Mr. Eddy Arnold, who had been called the Frank Sinatra of country music. He was a very distinguished gentleman. He could not have been kinder to me when I met him. I was knocked out by his kindness. I had learned that Mr. Arnold made his home on a gentleman's estate just outside of Nashville. I was able to finagle a phone number, and when I called, to my surprise, he answered. I asked him if he could tutor me, if he could groom me a little bit. He said, 'Well, son, why don't you come out to my place and we'll sit a spell and we'll talk it over.' We sat in the sun drinking mint juleps and he began to train me about country music. Country music is nothing more than storytelling. He had been the ace of country music, and he became one of my mentors. To be great in any field, you have to tell the truth and not be afraid to go against the trend. (From BWW Interview: 'Singer Frank Sinatra Jr. Talks Upcoming 100th Birthday Sinatra Concert')

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