1971 Daybreak


Side 1:
1. Spice [written by Frank Sinatra Jr.]
2. The Windmills Of Your Mind
3. Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
4. Fun To Be Fooled
5. Everybody's Talkin'
6. Believe In Me [written by Frank Sinatra Jr.]
7. The Trolley Song

Side 2:
1. Black Night [written by Frank Sinatra Jr.]
2. Love Is Here To Stay
3. So Many Stars
4. Black Coffee
5. We've Only Just Begun
6. Indiscreet


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Liner Notes

ABOUT THE MUSIC AND SPICE: Hopefully, this record will be a delightful tour through a musical kitchen and, speaking culinarily, we have tried to assemble under one cover thirteen selections, with each being different than the one preceding or the one following. In this respect, we tried to prepare a variety of musical foods, a succotash of tuneful tastes and at the same time a complete menu of lyrical messages. Every song has been hand-picked and, I might add, 'hand-tooled.'

From the clove of THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND, to the pepper of THE TROLLEY SONG, from the sugar of SO MANY STARS, to the garlic of BLACK NIGHT, we have, I think, examined and utilized all of the tastes and fragrances–all of the mystical musical flavors–that come from Nelson Riddle and the orchestra with, of course, the help of some of the finest songwriters in the industry. ...

In conclusion, we sincerely hope that you enjoy our album, SPICE, and that it will bring you many years of listening pleasure. We have selected for you those songs which mean a great deal to me, songs which have been treated with the utmost respect by Master Spice Mixer, Nelson Riddle; producer, Sonny Burke; vocal consultant, Jimmy Joyce and Engineer Lee Herschberg. These songs represent what are, after all, my favorite musical tastes and I hope that these tastes which bring spice to my life will bring spice to yours, now and in the future. – Frank Sinatra, Jr.

Frankie's Insights

Way back in 1971 I had the privilege of making my first record album with Nelson Riddle, a great orchestrator. He helped me embrace the idea - this was my first album in six years ... I was at the time working on the road with a jazz octet, four horns and four rhythm, and that was the sound in clubs that people heard me making in our appearances. Then I wanted to do some wonderful exciting orchestrations with the big orchestra, and at the same time, I wanted to do some pretty ballads with the string orchestra, with french horns. So we had one sound, eight pieces; we had another sound, thirty pieces; and then we had the full orchestra sound, forty-eight pieces. We had in fact created three different record albums. Each one of those approaches should have been an album unto itself. But we had only the one record. How could we justify three sounds under one cover? So I hit upon the idea that if we mixed up those sounds, one after another, not continuous, we would make that the theme of the album. The theme being that no two songs were alike. It would be the variety of the content that gave the album its life. 'Variety is the spice of life.' So I called the album Spice. I sat down and in twenty minutes, I wrote a song called 'Spice,' which got played for many years and so in 2006 on my album That Face, they wanted me to record 'Spice' again. (From BWW Interview: 'Singer Frank Sinatra Jr. Talks Upcoming 100th Birthday Sinatra Concert')

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