Young Love For Sale

1965 Reprise


Side 1:
1. Love For Sale
2. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
3. Too Close For Comfort
4. 'S Wonderful
5. Falling In Love With Love
6. I Got The Sun In The Morning

Side 2:
1. I Only Have Eyes For You
2. I Don't Know Why
3. From This Moment On
4. Who Cares? (As Long As You Care For Me)
5. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
6. In The Still Of The Night


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Liner Notes

He calls himself a diligent apprentice. And so, for over two years, Frank Sinatra, Jr. has been on the road. This apprentice has traveled 274,000 miles. He has traveled to 21 different countries, and to forty American states. He has been the target of the spotlight's 'can't-run-away' glare through nine hard-audience gigs at Vegas' Flamingo Hotel. Stood there with nothing between him and the ready-to-scoff audiences. Nothing but a mike, a voice, a talent. And a fierce ambition to prove it–yes or no–I can do it, on my own, or I'm getting out. ...

So he's made his album, his first. Everything about it is new. New arrangements, even a new verse to 'Love For Sale' that he wrote for himself. Everything new but the incessant glare, the nerves and nervousness. The target. It's a hard way to go. The rough road. Only one kind of guy would choose it.

Frankie's Insights

Almost every big singer today grew up singing in a band. That's why I joined Sam Donahue's band. It might be twenty years too late, but the experience of singing with a band can't do me any harm.

When I was a little boy, sometimes at night I'd have a stack of records playing in my bedroom–'Nancy,' 'The Old Master Painter,' 'Night and Day,' 'I'll Never Smile Again,' and not only the Dorsey and Sinatra records but Harry James and Benny Goodman and Jimmy Dorsey and Artie Shaw. And I always used to sing along with these records. Sometimes I'd sing the part of the lead trumpet player, sometimes with the bass trombone. Just to do something; my mother was always happier when I was singing instead of shooting off cap-guns.

All through school, at one point or another, I was always using my voice. So when I was seventeen or eighteen (not long ago), I decided it was worthwhile to investigate whether I had any talent at all; and incidentally, I still regard my singing that way.

If, by the time my association with the band ends, if I, to myself–not to other people, but to myself–have not proved that I can sing as well as I'd like to, then, while I'm still young, I'll move on to something else. At the moment, though, this is the best I have to offer.

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