Bubblegum Girl Volume 1

2005 Boots Enterprises


1. Cuff Links And A Tie Clip
2. You Can Have Any Boy
3. Not Just Your Friend
4. Like A Girl Like Me *
5. Tammy
6. I See The Moon
7. Think Of Me
8. The Answer To Everything
9. Thanks To You
10. Pensa Me
11. Like I Do
12. One Way
13. Personality *

* Previously unreleased


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Liner Notes

[iTunes Editors' Notes]

Not only is the first volume of the Nancy Sinatra Bubblegum Girl collection an incredibly fun listening experience—it’s also significant for fans, as it compiles rare recordings that predated her 1966 debut solo album, Boots. This installment includes both the a-sides and b-sides of singles that were previously only available via boutique record retailers as original (and overpriced) vinyl 45 collectables. But as the symphonic pop gem 'Not Just Your Friend' reveals, Sinatra was already flirting through her music back in 1961 when that song surfaced as the b-side to the swinging 'Cuff Links and a Tie Clip.' The a-side is a bouncy ditty with a swinging rhythm and a much more playful vocal performance. Fans of retro redheaded chanteuse Lana Del Rey need go no further than Sinatra’s 1962 single 'Think of Me' to learn where Del Rey mined much inspiration for her torchy song style, sultry persona, and smoky singing voice. 'You Can Have Any Boy' shows Sinatra's vulnerable side as she pleads with her competition to leave her man alone.

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