California Girl

2002 Buena Vista


1. How Are Things In California? *
2. San Fernando Valley (previously unreleased) *
3. 99 Miles From LA (previously unreleased) +
4. California Girls (previously unreleased) *+
5. Hello L.A., Bye-Bye Birmingham *
6. California Dreamin' *
7. Route 66 (previously unreleased) *
8. San Francisco (previously unreleased) *
9. Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (previously unreleased) *+
10. Hooray For Hollywood (previously unreleased) *
11. Saturday In The Park (previously unreleased) +
12. California Man (previously unreleased) +
13. Hotel California (previously unreleased) +
14. Cuando Calienta El Sol (previously unreleased) +
15. There's No Place Like Home (previously unreleased) *


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Album Credits

Album Concept: Nancy Sinatra
*Produced by Billy Strange
+Produced by Nancy Sinatra and Keith Barrows
Executive Producer for Buena Vista Records: Ted Kryczko
Engineers: Keith Barrows, Eddie Brackett
Assistant Engineers: Richard Barron, Dan Hoal, Mark Linnett, Seth McClain
Recorded at United Recorders, Hollywood, CA; Steve Douglas Studios, Hollywood, CA; Your Pace Or Mine, Glendale, CA; Sonora Recorders, Los Angeles, CA
All Tracks Remixed by Keith Barrows at Sonora Recorders, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by John Polito at Audio Mechanics, Burbank, CA
Album Design: Jordan Foley, Mark London
Heartfelt thanks from Nancy to Brian Wilson, Melinda Wilson, Jeffrey Foskett, Billy Strange, Burt Bacharach, Hal Lifson, Bill Moynihan, Robert Finkelstein, Nathan Golden, Ted Kryczko, Kim Johnson, Jordan Foley, Michelle Clingan, Amanda Erlinger, A.J. Lambert
Notes: Hal Lifson 2001

Liner Notes

[Excerpt from the booklet notes]

Nancy Sinatra has been a California Girl almost all her life and this album is, in my opinion, a crowning musical achievement. Nancy even co-produced her new tracks. So, grab the cocoa butter, your beach towel, a six-pack of soda pop, and drop 'California Girl' into your CD player as Nancy takes you on a musical tour of California that you will never forget.

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