Country, My Way

1967 Reprise


Side 1:
1. It's Such A Pretty World Today
2. Get While The Gettin's Good
3. Walk Through This World With Me
4. Jackson
5. When It's Over

Side 2:
1. Lay Some Happiness On Me
2. Lonely Again
3. By The Way (I Still Love You)
4. Oh Lonesome Me
5. End Of The World
6. Help Stamp Out Loneliness


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Billboard Top LP's

Peak Position: 43
Weeks on the Chart: 26

Album Credits

Produced by Lee Hazlewood
Arranged by Billy Strange
Engineers: Jim Malloy (Nashville) and Eddie Brackett (Hollywood)
Cover Concept and Photographs: Ron Joy
Art Direction: Ed Thrasher

Liner Notes

NANCY SINATRA Heads for 'Jackson' and Records in Nashville

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