Get Yourself A College Girl - The MGM Sound Track Album

1964 MGM


Side 1:
1. Whenever You're Around - The Dave Clark Five
2. The Girl From Ipanema - Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto
3. Around And Around - The Animals
4. The Sermon - Jimmy Smith Trio
5. Get Yourself A College Girl - Mary Ann Mobley
6. Bony Moronie - The Standells

Side 2:
1. Thinking Of You Baby - The Dave Clark Five
2. Sweet Rain - Stan Getz
3. Blue Feeling - The Animals
4. Comin' Home Johnny - Jimmy Smith Trio
5. Talkin' About Love - Freddie Bell with Roberta Linn & The Bell Boys
6. The Swim - The Standells


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Album Credits

Album produced by Jesse Kaye
Director of Engineering Val Valentin

NOTE: This soundtrack album does not contain any Nancy Sinatra recordings.

Liner Notes

[Excerpt from the liner notes:]

Get Yourself A College Girl is a bright, hip, tuneful M-G-M motion picture about today's music business. The film is filled with fine young actors and actresses and top flight recording talents–artists right off the top of your favorite hit list. This sound track recording by MGM Records has all the musical highlights of the film, performed by the top-selling artists themselves, just as they do in the screen production.

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