Sheet Music - A Collection Of Her Favorite Love Songs

1998 DCC Compact Classics


1. Light My Fire
2. Something *
3. Fell In Love With A Poet
4. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning *
5. Kind Of A Woman **
6. Kinky Love
7. Easy Evil *
8. Imaginary Lover *
9. California Dreamin' *
10. Tired Of Waiting For You *
11. Call Me
12. Nice 'n' Easy
13. Until It's Time For You To Go
14. Here In The Palm Of Your Hand *
15. True Love **
16. The Shadow Of Your Smile
17. When I Look In Your Eyes *
18. I'm Just In Love
19. Maybe I'm Amazed *
20. Flowers
21. We Can Make It

*Previously unreleased
** Previously unreleased version


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Album Credits

Produced by Hal Lifson & Nancy Sinatra
Remastered by Steve Hoffman
Remixed by Keith Barrows for O.A.F. Productions
Guidance: Marshall Blonstein
Front and Back Booklet Photos by Stephen Wayda
Back cover photo by Ron Joy 1972
Digital Imaging: Hugh Milstein
Based on an idea by Congressman José E. Serrano of the Bronx, NY
Special thanks to Deb Paull, Bill Moynihan & Don Randi
Notes: Nancy Sinatra

Liner Notes

As I combed through all of my master tapes to choose the material for this album, I was reminded how lucky I was to have been able to work with so many legendary studio musicians and producers. These songs, written by some of the finest composers and lyricists of the past fifty years, prove to me that Cole Porter and Jim Morrison can co-exist and that the Bergmans and the Beatles are musically compatible. All the composers herein obviously knew what it was like to turn the lights very low and make love while listening to romantic music. I hope this album will inspire that kind of activity.

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