An Evening With Sammy Cahn

1978 Laureate


Individual LP, recorded live from the stage of the Kaufmann Concert Hall of the 92nd Street "Y" in New York City, April 1972.

Liner notes, "Cahn-templating Sammy," by FS on the interior gatefold.


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Notes By Sinatra

He is a personality, first and foremost – warm, gregarious, overbearing at times, stimulating, real. He's all these things.

"By trade, he is a songwriter – gifted, expressive, original, commercial, tireless, funny. All come out in his lyrics. I've never known, never sung a Cahn song that didn't say something. Maybe a few words or a line or two, but he made his point. Hell, they don't call this Shelley of Seward Park Junior High School from New York's lower East Side the poet laureate of Beverly Hills for nothing, do they?

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