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196233-7"Cuff Links And A Tie ClipReprise
196245-7"Like I DoReprise
196333-7"Golden HitsReprise
196333-7"Great Golden HitsReprise
196333-7"Thanks To YouReprise
196345-7"To Know Him Is To Love HimReprise
196445-7"Like I DoReprise
196533-7"So Long BabeReprise
196545-7"So Long BabeReprise
196633-7""Interview Specials" With The Stars Of "The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini"Garrison System
196645-7"Bang BangReprise
196633-7"Bang BangReprise
196645-7"Friday's ChildReprise
196645-7"Friday's Child (Desilusionada)Reprise
196645-7"How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?Reprise
196633-7"How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?Reprise
196645-7"How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?Reprise
196645-7"How Does That Grab You, Darlin'? (¿Que te parece, cariño?)Reprise
196645-7"How Does That Grab You?Reprise
196645-7"I Move AroundReprise
196645-7"In My RoomReprise
196645-7"In Our TimeReprise
196645-7"Klingende Post I/1966Teldec
196645-7"Klingende Post II/1966Reprise
196633-7"Nancy In London (Nancy En Londres)Reprise
196645-7"Nancy's Greatest HitsReprise
196645-7"Run For Your LifeReprise
196645-7"Sorry 'Bout ThatReprise
196645-7"Sugar TownReprise
196645-7"Sugar Town ("Pueblo De Azúcar") / Vol. 3Reprise
196645-7"The City Never Sleeps At NightReprise
196645-7"These BootsReprise
196645-7"These Boots Are Made For Walkin'Reprise
196645-7"These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Estas Botas Sirven Para Caminar)Reprise
196645-7"These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Estas Botas Son Para Caminar)Reprise
196645-7"Wishin' And Hopin' (Deseando Y Esperando) / Vol. 2Reprise
196633-7"Boots [Seeburg Jukebox EP]Reprise
196645-7"Stars Und Ihre Hits - August 1966Teldec
1967PlayTapeBoots [Cover 1]Reprise
196733-7"Cruel WarReprise
196745-7"Frank Sinatra: Les Disques D'or De La ChansonReprise
196733-7"Frank Sinatra: The World We Knew [Seeburg Jukebox EP]Reprise
196733-7"Golden Nancy SinatraReprise
196745-7"Jackson [Le Skate...]Reprise
196745-7"Klingende Post I/1967Teldec
196745-7"Klingende Post II/1967Teldec
196745-7"La Mujer Relámpago ("Lightning's Girl") / Vol. 5Reprise
196745-7"Lady BirdReprise
196745-7"Lightning's GirlReprise
196745-7"Lightning's Girl (La Chica De Centellas)Reprise
196745-7"Movin' With NancyReprise
196733-7"Movin' With NancyReprise
196745-7"Nashville NancyReprise
196745-7"Somethin' StupidReprise
196745-7"Somethin' StupidReprise
196745-7"Somethin' StupidReprise
196745-7"Somethin' StupidReprise
196745-7"Somethin' Stupid ("Algo Tonto - Ojos Amorosos")Reprise
196745-7"Somethin' Stupid ("Una Tontería")Reprise
196733-7"Something StupidReprise
196745-7"Sugar TownReprise
196733-7"Sugar TownReprise
196745-7"Summer WineReprise
196733-7"Summer WineReprise
196745-7"Summer Wine (Bebida Mágica)Reprise
196745-7"Summer Wine (Vino De Verano) / Vol. 5Reprise
196745-7"These BootsReprise
196745-7"Warner Bros./Reprise Artist Voice TracksWarner
196733-7"You Only Live Twice / Somethin' StupidReprise
196733-7"Country, My Way [Seeburg Jukebox EP]Reprise
196733-7"Movin' With Nancy [Seeburg Jukebox EP]Reprise
1968PlayTapeBoots [Cover 2]Reprise
196833-7"Broadcasters For Radio Free Europe - Special Issue Public Service Announcements 1968Radio Free Europe
196833-7"Elusive DreamsReprise
196845-7"Frank Sinatra: This Is My SongReprise
196833-7"Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits! [Seeburg Jukebox EP]Reprise
196833-7"Golden Nancy Sinatra, Vol. 2Reprise
196845-7"Happy (Feliz)Reprise
196833-7"Holy Childhood Association Christmas PSA'sHoly Childhood Association
196833-7"Lady BirdReprise
196845-7"Lady BirdReprise
196845-7"Lightning's GirlReprise
196845-7"Mason Williams SpotsWarner
1968PlayTapeMovin' With Nancy [Green Cover]Reprise
1968PlayTapeMovin' With Nancy [Red Cover]Reprise
196833-7"Nancy & LeeReprise
1968PlayTapeNancy & Lee [Track Sequence 1 • Magenta Cover]Reprise
1968PlayTapeNancy & Lee [Track Sequence 1 • Orange Cover]Reprise
1968PlayTapeNancy & Lee [Track Sequence 2 • Jackson Cover • Command Edition]Reprise
1968PlayTapeNancy & Lee [Track Sequence 2]Reprise