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Thread: Some Velvet Morning

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    Hallie Guest

    one of my fav tunes: "Some Velvet Morning"

    I just picked up a C.D. today of Nancy's and listened to "Some Velvet Morning"
    It took me back to when I first heard this.. I use to own this on a record..
    enjoyed Nancy's complete album:-) Put me in a great mood today:-)

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    Hi Hallie,

    Just saw your post. Which cd were you listening to? On the way home from a night on the town, my husband and I popped in the cd MOVING WITH NANCY and "Some Velvet Morning" was one of the selections. I've always liked the song, too, as well as the "marriage" of Lee and Nancy's voices -- his is rather deep and gruff in a great way, while on this song her's has a very young and vulnerable beauty. It's a nice blending of styles. The song made me fall in love with the name "Phaedra."


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    Hallie Guest
    Hi Kathy!
    Yes! I love the way you described the harmony done by Lee and Nancy!
    The album I bought is called"Lightning's Girl"..greatest hits 1965-1971.
    I noticed something about Nancy's singing I hadn't thought of before..
    was listening to "Summer Wine".. and noticed the way she does her phrasing.
    She doesn't rush the lyrics.. her timing is perfect. It crossed my mind
    that she probably picked this up from her dad Frank....
    There are 26 songs on this one CD...heaven!

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    Great diction -- and, did you notice, she never gasps for breath? This is a major annoyance for me with many singers today -- drives me nuts. She never, ever does it. Furthermore, she doesn't embellish the song with vocal gymnastics so that you totally lose the meaning of the lyric or lose track of the melody. This is another thing that irritates me with some of today's vocalists. She "tells" the story and, as has been said of another wonderful singer, is always "honest" in the telling.

    She also has a very intimate way with a song on some of the slower paced songs: a very warm and personal way of communicating in song. A real chanteuse.

    If you haven't listened to it, try to get a copy of MOVING WITH NANCY -- a very upbeat 1960s cd: full of joy. Great band, too. Another good one to listen to on a beautiful sunny day (which we had in Southern PA yesterday -- 60 degrees and sun -- all that dreadful snow began to melt, and my mood improve immensely).

    You should check out the Nancy Sinatra cd thread. I may have to re-read it myself!

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    Haunting song!

    Sorry so late in this reply. I've finally gotten around to looking for things I may have missed. This "odd" song has stuck in my brain forever. I LOVED it when it was new and for years when driving etc. it has run thru my mind. It brings up visual images way before MTV was even thought of. Like a "video" 30 years ahead of music television. It was so original !!!!

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    I, too, like the song. Art Bell used to use it as bumper music on his "Coast to Coast" radio show. I really miss Art. There was nothing like going to bed with him on the radio.


  7. Art Bell was neat.

    If I ever have to name another female cat, especially a pretty one, her name will be Phaedra.
    ......pick yourself up...... ......dust yourself off...... ......start all over again...... (my e-mail)

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    Thumbs up Some Velvet Morning.

    Every song sung by Nancy put me in a great mood always. "Some Velvet Morning", beside putting me in a good mood, it also put me in a mistic mood. There have been many covers from this great song but none of them have the "magic feeling" of Nancy and Lee Hazlewood original version. The composition and interpretation was very ahead of its time.

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    some velvet morning

    I always loved this song too - especially the opening strings right before the vocal kicks in. I had this on a Reprise single in the late sixties and now have it on Nancy's greatest hits (also a great cd).
    And to think a song that was about such a perverse topic was played on the radio back in the sixties. I don't know if it would be played today even in the age of racy hip hop records. But who knows ? The lyrics aren't explicit but the subject matter is obvious if you pay attention to them.

  10. Some Velvet Morning

    From the UK Daily Telegraph:

    In this special feature, Telgraph critics choose the finest team efforts from pop [music] history...

    The 50 best:

    50. Islands In the Stream - Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton 1983

    [skipping to]

    3. Don't Give Up - Peter Gabreil and Kate Bush 1986

    2. You're All I Need To Get By - Mary J. Blige and Method Man 1995

    1. Some Velvet Morning - Nancy and Lee 1968

    [about this record, they say:]

    Most pop music is quickly forgotten. All too rare are the songs that endure, whose sheer otherness [love that word] takes your breath away, even 30-odd years after they were conceived. Some Velvet Morning belongs in that company.

    Around the time that Frank Sinatra sang Somethin' Stupid with is daughter Nancy, she was making other duets which brought a hipper, bolder edge to the format, and which would influence countless subsquent pairings.

    Nancy conducted these with Lee Hazlewood, a laconic Oklahoman who had masterminded her kitsch anthem of women's liberation, These Boots Are Made for Walkin'.

    [there's more but it's too long to put here.]

    Lee faxed this to me with the message, "And nobody wants our new c.d in Europe???"

    Ironic, isn't it. Go figure...

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    Smile They always play that song on

    ...The Art Bell Coast to Coast overnight Radio Show...a great song.

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    ...whose sheer otherness [love that word]...
    That says it all, doesn't it....

    Congratulations, by the way, Numero Uno! 'Course, you're always Numero Uno around here!

    Pack a small bag....

  13. Oh, Ace. You've made me again.

    Thank you.


    Lee is very proud of this honor. And Billy Strange should be as well. I'll add the rest of the list when I have time. It's quite impressive. I think what I like best about it is that it came from critics!!

    Critics never like my work...

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  15. Thumbs up Last Saturdays Telegraph

    Saw that Ms Nancy and didn`t you and your Daddy get a high number for `Stupid`?

    Must have another look
    Mustn`t grumble.

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    Thumbs up Some Velvet Morning

    That's great news but also a little surprising.

    What happened to "Summer Wine," "Did You Ever," "Jackson" ?
    Wonder why these did these not make the list?

    I did not see the article Nancy but I'd like to see the full list.

    <<< "And nobody wants our new c.d in Europe???" >>>

    But I want it Nancy.
    The Nancy Sinatra UK Fan Page

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    The News

    This makes me feel

    That's no surprise to me, I always knew the number one spot in my heart belonged to NSL!
    To my little fur baby Sushi, If love could have kept you alive, you would have lived forever...

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    Hi Dan,

    I meant I was surprised that the top song chosen was "Some Velvet Morning" and not one of the other hits like "Summer Wine," "Did You Ever," "Jackson".

    You are right that Nancy definitely belongs at the number one spot.

    The Nancy Sinatra UK Fan Page

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    Exclamation Congrats on Number One.

    Let's see somebody try to top that!

    I doubt whether any of their songs made the top 50 pop list, but Ian and Sylvia did some nice folk-flavored recordings. (Which brings to mind Mickey and [a different] Sylvia's version of Love Is Strange, which in turn brings to mind Nancy and Lee's version of Love Is Strange.)

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    Smile Congrats!!!

    Hiya Nancy!
    Congratulations on the critical honor! You two most definitely deserve it. Personally, I prefer Summer Wine, but, from a critical standpoing, I understand why Some Velvet Morning is the winner. That song is full of intrigue. It paints a picture for the listener, but it is one that seems open to interpretation. So many people love that song, but how many people really know what it's about? Therein lies the mystery - the intrigue.
    I cannot believe that there is not a record label in the UK that wants the new Lee/Nancy album...that is just outrageous, imo.
    Did you try Duophonic?
    Btw, I just bought Movin' With Nancy this past week - what an awesome look back. Thanks for releasing it on DVD.
    I hope that this message finds you well, and in good spirits.