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Thread: Rolling Thunder 2004 

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    Bump. I hope you all got to see the ceremonies at the Mall in front of the Capitol Bldg last night.
    Pack a small bag....

  2. The Battle of Khe Sanh

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    ...Nancy's pink jacket and ballcap were given to her this year by her Khe Sanh vets... only four survivors out of a company. All four attended last year, only two this year. The jacket is class, a yellow rose and her name embroidered on the front and of course a pair of combat boots on the back.
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    Here is the jacket Ace was talking about. The boots on the back were the actual ones worn by Cliff Trees at Khe Sanh. He took a picture of them and then had them embroidered on my jacket. Just another example of how we get back so much more than we can EVER give these guys. The fact that he went to so much trouble for a gift for me is humbling. He and his three other buddies still mourn the loss of their comrades. When I think of how the war changed their lives it makes me ill.

    This is Cliff Treese (Clifford J. Treese Jr.) at his home in Allentown, PA in January 2003, with the boots that would be represented on the back of Nancy's jacket. He was severely wounded at Khe Sanh on March 11, 1968.

    Cpl. Treese, USMC (Ret.) and his wife, Linda, were interviewed for The History Channel's 2002 documentary Unsung Heroes: The Battle of Khe Sanh. In the following video link, he recounts the long and horrific battle: here.

    Added: From February 5, 2007 - "Vietnam-era Marines recall siege"...

    Quote Originally Posted by Betty Porter for "Florida Today"
    Palm Bay Three former Marines who survived the Vietnam War's Siege of Khe Sanh told American History students at Brevard Community College recently that the experience forever cemented them as "brothers."

    The three decorated men: Cliff Treese of Palm Bay; Philip Mineer of Fort Myers; and Ronald Shouse of Winston-Salem, N.C., said they are committed to keeping alive the memory of the 1,267 U.S. soldiers who died in the battle 39 years ago.

    "Khe Sanh Marines are eternally bonded," said Treese, who lost an arm in the fight.
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  3. Thank you very much, Andrew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace917 View Post
    I hope you all got to see the ceremonies at the Mall in front of the Capitol Bldg last night.
    If you missed it and have some time, a video of the concert is here.
    Pack a small bag....