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Thread: The person above is...

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    The person above is....

    This thread is for us to write a line about the person who posted before us, But it has to be something you've learnt about that person from reading their posts. (How else could we do it anyway).

    OK, so I have to be the first person talked about, then the person who says something about me is then talked about by the next poster, and so on.
    ..... Leanne

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    Let's see. You went out on a date the other night to a pub for dinner. You had a good time. I forgot how you were introduced to him. Your idea of a good man is not necessarily money or looks, but someone who has a good personality & a sense of humor? Is that pretty good?

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    I have learned that Leanne has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and knows that the key to satisfying that thirst is the ability to find things out for yourself. That she has a great deal of respect for her family. And she may be a bit cheeky.

    Peace, Dean

    Sorry, Denny must have posted the same time as you
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    Thanks guys. It should be one line.

    Dennis...........likes the Honeymooners. a deep thinker.
    ..... Leanne

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    Leanne (sometimes) likes to keep things short 'n sweet.

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    Josh, formerly Nancyman, isn't shy about telling the grownups here to behave, good lad.
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    Marty........has a great sense of humor, AND a great lady!


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    Jim is "The Master".

  9. Sarbo knows a lot of stuff.............

    and he's kick ass funny too !!!
    My heart.

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    Fred get's by very well without the need for viagra and he's also kick ass funny too (just ask his younger brother Methuselah)
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    Is a nice old man.

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    We typed at the same time.

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    A few words about Marty

    I think Marty is extremely funny, very intelligent, charming, warm, and generous. Yvonne is very, very lucky to have him!!

  14. Jazzbeau.........

    Is a great guy, with a very nice wife, who insisted on buying me a drink (even though I don't drink)
    My heart.

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    is a simultaneous typer

    and Carolyn always has positive things to say, and so much too

    and now i'm having to edit in a bit about Fred who is a great Neologist as otherwise I'd end up having to write about myself, which would really confuse the bejeezus out of me.
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

  16. Marty is a very intelligent guy.........

    who cares about people he doesn't even know.....and while being extremely funny too, he sometimes writes incomprehensible (to me anyway) meanings to words.
    My heart.

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    Leanne is a lovely young woman with a fine intellect and sense of humor. And she expresses herself beautifully!

  18. Very prolific.........

    and a great wordsmith.
    My heart.

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    Fred F. is the Doctor of Daffynitions. Very witty, albeit skeptical, guy.


  20. Jim's photograph is nearly as scary as mine.

    Be Aware & Don't Despair