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    It Happened in Brooklyn - 1947

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

    Producer: Jack Cummings
    Director: Richard Whorf
    Screenplay: Isobel Lennart
    Music Supervisor and Director: Johnny Green
    Orchestrations: Ted Duncan
    Frank Sinatra's Vocal Arrangements: Axel Stordahl
    Musical numbers staged and directed by: Jack Donohue
    Piano solos arranged and played by: Andre Previn

    Frank Sinatra: Danny Webson Miller
    Kathryn Grayson: Anne Fielding
    Peter Lawford: Jamie Shellgrove
    Jimmy Durante: Nick Lombardi
    Gloria Grahame: Nurse

    Frank Sinatra sings: "The Brooklyn Bridge", "I Believe", "Time After Time", "The Song's Gotta Come From the Heart", "It's the Same Old Dream", "La Ci Darem la Mano", and "Black Eyes"

    (Notes transcribed from Nancy Sinatra's "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend")

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    Thumbs up extremely entertaining

    sinatra plays a fun part and sings 5 great songs. jimmy durante supplies the laughs and a young peter lawford co-stars with frank and he wins the girl[kathyrn grayson] in the movie.
    the sinatra songs are the important part of this film. thanks, joe..

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    Ah Yes, I remember it Well!

    The Sinatra Girls at the Old Trans-Lux on Madison Avenue, the dreaded matron shining her glaring flashligt into our tender young eyes as we screamed at Kathryn Grayson for choosing that bland brit Peter Lawford over Frank Sinatra.

    But oh the music, especially La Ce Dorem La Mano and Dark Eyees in Russian no less.I still believe that nobody sang that Mozart aria better than Frank - and I know at least one diva who agrees. Yes, others might have had more range, but as I later realized the aria was about seduction - who else would we follow into hell!

    The Great Durante was in top form, and even the bridge never looked better.
    Wow What A Movie!

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    It Happened In Brooklyn 1947

    Okay, it may not have been the greatest plotline, but how about the great Cahn-Styne music that was written for this one film -- THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE, TIME AFTER TIME, IT'S THE SAME OLD DREAM, I BELIEVE, THE SONG'S GOTTA COME FROM THE HEART (priceless duet with Durante) and even a little Mozart (LA CI DAREM LA MANO, in an even more priceless duet with the voluptous Kathryn Grayson -- aaahh!). GOTTA ADMIT I NEVER TIRE OF LOOKING AT KATHRYN GRAYSON. Even the black and white photography seems to fit.

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, Calfornia

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  6. Wink Jackie Robinson

    The great thing that happened in Brooklyn in 1947 was that Jackie Robinson starting playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    "Enjoy The Day"

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    It Happened In Brooklyn

    Yes, Bret, excellent point. I grew up in Pasadena, California and attended the same schools as Jackie Robinson. He paid a visit to Washington Junior High School in early 1964. Was inspired ever since.

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    Thumbs up On DVD???

    Good movie, is it available on DVD ??
    Would the movies:
    1] Some came running
    2] The Joker is Wild
    3] Meet Danny Wilson
    ever be put on DVD?? There's great songs on the last two movies. Joe...

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    Unfortunately, It Happened In Brooklyn is still not available on DVD. I don't know why. You would think by now, the entire Sinatra movie catalogue would all be on DVD. Go figure.

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    ****You would think by now, the entire Sinatra movie catalogue would all be on DVD.*****

    Yes indeed, Denny. Big big shame that it isn't so. I wonder, what are the companies waiting for? Now is the hour!!!!

    Just take "Suddenly" as an example: United Artists failed to remember to renew the copyrights to this 1954 Sinatra film last year, so as a consequence it is now out of copyright. And within but a few weeks, several mid-price DVD issues have popped up that are all selling well (at least over here in Europe). Some include footage of the "making of" and original advertiszing spots.


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    "It Happened in Brooklyn" is one of those Frank Sinatra film titles that is destined to languish in the vaults of the massive Warner Bros. collection. It is not helped by the fact that it was a black and white movie. I think there must be an automatic bias against it for that reason, in the minds of corporate bean counters. There are so many obscure MGM films that are now under the control of the Warner conglomerate that "It Happened in Brooklyn" can easily be overlooked.

    Shameful, too, because the score for this movie is exceptional. "The Brooklyn Bridge," "Time After Time," "I Believe," "The Song's Gotta Come From the Heart," and the priceless Frank Sinatra-Kathryn Grayson duet of Mozart come to mind. As a selection of songs devoted to one movie, it actually doesn't get much better than what is on offer in "It Happened in Brooklyn." I would love to see a crisp, digitally restored video of this film.

    Best regards,

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    Hmmh... I somewhat doubt your "buried-in-the-massive-vaults-of-Warner-Bros" theory, Russ... the present Warner 'supercompany' owns the rights for zillions of great films, true, but when I look at the e.g. DVD output, I find many films comparable to "Brooklyn" that are reissued.

    Is there a real "pressure group", a lobby pressuring Warner to issue their Sinatra material??? I would love to believe so, but see no evidence for it. To the contrary, I think there are fundamental shortcomings in the promotion of Sinatra's film stuff.

    Take the below-zero non-marketing for the "FS in Hollywood" Box. That should have been accompanied by a flash of FS movies on DVD! Instead, in Germany's nation-wide second biggest record store specializing on Jazz & Swing music (in Munich, called "Beck's") it took the propietor THREE weeks to even get someone responsible on the phone in the US for the Hollywood Box, and another three weeks to get a few copies. What a shame!

    But OK I'm digressing from the topic.

    I also like "Brooklyn" a lot. I think it's a quite a good movie, while maybe not Sinatra's very best (there were severral problems during the filming). But it deserves a plöace as a classic, if only because Sinatra *IS* a classic. Who's gonna tell that to the junky Warner B(r)osses of today?


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    Cool it happened in brooklyn

    This is a very sweet movie. Frank and Jimmy togather is classic, singing the songs gotta come from the heart. It is a slice of americana...brooklyn americana circa post war 40's. Some may argue it isnt shakespear (i don't find shakespear all that entertaining). This is a song and dance movie ...i don't know the kids name in the gym, but what a talented little dancer he was. Even bland peter lawford is entertaining in this movie. Sometimes serious entertainment can take a backseat to light hearted song and dance...this is one of those times.

    vinny b.

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    Box office?

    Did "Brooklyn" do well at the boxoffice? It was a sweet movie, but after that, MGM did not use him well.

    They cast him in the stupid and inappropriate Kissing Bandit that bombed. Take Me Out to the Ballgame was good, but was more Kelly and Esther Williams and was basically another sailor suit movie with baseball uniforms replacing the navy togs. On the Town was great, but he was strictly second fiddle to Gene Kelly in the movie and by then he was too old to play the naive innnocent kid sailor. In addition, the best song in the score, Lonely Town, which Frank was supposed to sing, was never done in the movie. I understand he was livid when he learned that they eliminated that song and I don't blame him. He proved how perfect it was for him on the album, "Where Are You." AFter On the Town, MGM dropped him. Of course, he returned after the comeback with High Society.

    With their other major stars, MGM created vehicles tailor made for the peformers. They did not do this as much for Frank.

    Ed S.

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    Edwin, I agree with everything you said. However, I would still like all of Sinatra's films on DVD. To me, how a movie does at the box office, just like how many millions of songs a particular singer sells, is not always indicative of how good it really is.

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    This may sound repetitious, but I am in total agreement with Denny G. I take into account that the story line of "It Happened in Brooklyn" may appear somewhat dated, but the real attraction of this movie is the music, which in my faded memory still stands out. To see Frank Sinatra perform such indispensable material as "Time After Time," "It's the Same Old Dream" and "The Brooklyn Bridge," not to mention his Durante and Grayson duets, is a reward in itself when talking about this particular film.

    Best regards,

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    Thumbs up Nineteen Forty-Seven!!!

    Still catching up on all the FAS videos that I never have had an opp to actually sit down and watch. "It Happened in Brooklyn" was the next one up!

    The songs: "Time After Time" , "It's The Same Old Dream", "I Believe", and my fav "La Ci Darem laMano". Abe sang that w/a friend for years in a choir!!!!

    Frank, as always, was adorable and read he cherished playing a role w/Jimmy Durante. Jimmy had a great line in the movie when Frank was trying to awaken him...."I underslept!" Peter Lawford was in this film as well, the first time Frank and Peter appeared together and look what transpired!!!

    It's such fun to see these wonderful, sweet, clean, innocent movies. Frank was age 32, looking like 18! The wardrobe was also a riot. I remember the clothing as I was in junior high at the time and even remember seeing the movie, vague as it may be!

    "The Kissing Bandit" is next!

  18. That bridge took forever to build. So much went into it. The pilings of the tower on the Manhattan side are on sand and not bedrock, like the other one.
    This monumental construction took place during horse and buggy days.

    With the exception of Frank, nothing could be more futuristic, reaching, and linking from the old unto the new. Everytime I see this footage I'm amazed at how remarkably Frank held onto his boyish charm right on through his thirties.
    ......pick yourself up...... ......dust yourself off...... ......start all over again...... (my e-mail)

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    Just for the record -- Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to play major league baseball on April 15, 1947. I have a baseball with the story, and his signature -- recently givern to me by a dear friend. I treasure it.

    Great things do happen in Brooklyn -- I know, I was born and bred in Brooklyn, and love it.

    Did you know that Mel Brooks is now filming "The Producers" movie right here in Brooklyn, right now?


    And there used to be a ballpark right here.

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    Mel Brooks


    The Producers.....all time favorite of mine and my family's.

    I hope he uses some of the original cast from the film, like Gene Wilder and Kenneth Mars. Age shouldn't make a big difference for those characters.

    Are they filming near you? They probably do a lot more filming in Brooklyn than they do in Santa Barbara. Our city council manages to shoot down so much of it.

    Love IS all there is