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    1. Fly Me to the Moon
    2. I Wish You Love
    3. I Believe in You
    4. More
    5. I Can't Stop Loving You
    6. Hello, Dolly!
    7. I Wanna Be Around
    8. The Best Is Yet to Come
    9. The Good Life
    10. Wives and Lovers

    all tracks arranged by Billy Byers (uncredited) and Quincy Jones, and conducted by Quincy Jones

    Reprise CD


  2. SPECTACULAR album. For all you new-to-Sinatra folks that ask "What album(s) should I get"...INCLUDE this one.

    EVERY track kicks.

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    I totally agree!

    Been listening to "... Swing" for the last few weeks and I can't tire of it! What a selection of tracks!

    "...I wish you health and more than wealth, I wish you love..."

    So cool.


  4. "Hot Damn-I WISH YA LOVE"

    ALLLLLLL Kinds of Love......A WHOLE GANG of LOVE"

  5. It might as well be swing

    Beautiful, just picked it up, Frank and Basie, cant beat em, Love Wives and Lovers. Thanks Victor.

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    (Code digits: 1&2 = Disc, 3&4 = Track)


    0810 Fly Me to the Moon
    0813 I Wish You Love
    0809 I Believe in You
    0815 More
    0814 I Can't Stop Loving You
    0811 Hello, Dolly!
    0808 I Wanna Be Around
    0807 The Best Is Yet to Come
    0812 The Good Life
    0816 Wives and Lovers

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    Oh, I LOVE "More" -- what a great song!

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    Thumbs up Good 2 see U here, Luli!

    Hope your time here is most enjoyable.

    Bon vivants are my favorite people!

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    Thumbs up Hello Dolly (Hello Satch)

    what a number, that trumpet solo then FAS's tribute to the great Louis Armstrong
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    What a great combo - Basie & Sinatra. This album really swings. Frank sounds so happy here.

    Great Quincy Jones arrangement of Fly Me To the Moon. Though done by many other singers, this is the definitive version.

    Another great number on this is The Best Is Yet to Come. Great vehicle for Frank. He definitely put this song on the map.

    Oh, hell, they're all great. More, Hello Dolly (nice tribute to Armstrong), I Can't Stop Loving You; the Good Life, Wives & Lovers. Too bad there wasn't 20 more songs on this album.

    It just has great listenability, as usual with Frank's albums.

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    Yes, this album belongs in any select list. There are many examples here of tunes that define Mr. Sinatra in the context of the times. "Fly Me to the Moon" is one of those tracks. You can't imagine anyone else doing this song. No one. Actually, there was a Korean woman on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour who lasted for several weeks singing "FRY Me to the Moon," but she doesn't really count. Poor Sook Ja Kim actually lasted until the end of the season with her soulful attempt.

    "I Wish You Love," "I Believe in You," and "The Best is Yet to Come" are other numbers where there is no oher version that lasts in the memory. They are also great examples of popular song writing in the mid 60s. Bernhard mentioned the scintillating version of "Hello, Dolly" on the New Year's thread. The gentle swing of "More" is a nice change of pace in the greater mix. This is yet another album actually composed of highlight after highlight, big climax after big climax.

    This album presents the swinging side of Frank Sinatra in the same lofty plateau as the soaring side was presented in b"The Concert Sinatra." That it came right on the heels of "The Concert Sinatra" shows you how much of a roll Frank Sinatra was on during the entire decade of the 60s.

    Best regards,

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    Bart Howard

    Bart Howard, the composer of "Fly Me To The Moon", died last Saturday at age 88. I've copied-in an obituary here:

    Howard had written "In Other Words" for a cabaret singer (Felicia Sanders introduced it in 1954), and under the switched title "Fly Me To The Moon" Peggy Lee made it a hit, subsequently covered by Sinatra (here on this album for the first time) and of course Tony Bennett. Howard said that Tony Bennett's was his favourite version in an 1995 interview.


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    Originally posted by Denny G
    Frank sounds so happy here.......

    It just has great listenability.
    One of the best of the early Reprise albums, and ranks alongside the Jobim material in terms of collaboration.

    (side note: Whatever happened to Denny G?)
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    Thumbs up It Might as Well be Swing

    "It Might As Well Be Swing" FAS/Count Basie just received this as a gift from a very dear friend. Wow talk about super and swingin just blows me away.

    Great songs and very hip arrangements from both Frank and the Count. Doesn't get any better than this!!! If you don't have this cd I highly recommend it.


    FAS: The Very Best is Here!!!

  16. I have merged this with the thread already existing about this album.

    Please try and look for existing threads, Charlie, before starting new ones....yours is the biggest task to follow to keep things tidy...more so than anyone else on this forum.

    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    Doesn't get any better??

    As fabulous and successful as IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SWING does get better. Sinatra and Basie's first meeting two years earlier IS BETTER.. Hefti did the arrangements almost as ghost like as a Skip Martin and, in this setting from Oct. '62, has a much more jazzy hue in that the Basie sidemen are allowed long and rifty solo opportunities. Also, there are a couple rare and seldom heard older songs that Sinatra obviously knew well from his early days.

    If you don't have SINATRA-BASIE, Char..I would highly recommend it.

    Odd that the pictures on their second album were cut-out from their first.


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    It Might as well be Swing

    Sorry Adam, I'll be more careful from now on.

    Tom: I do have Sinatra and Count Basie at the Sands, I love it.

    Hot Damn: I wish you love

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    About Charlie

    Adam, was that mistake by Charlie such a big deal that you needed to take a public shot at her? Seems to me that this has been "Bash Charlie Week" and enough is enough..

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    It might as well be Swing 1964

    Thanks Bill, as usual your my champion

    Love, Charlie

    FAS: Hot Damn I wish you love!!