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Thread: The Classic Duets (2003) DVD

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    Rick, I believe that clip is from The Edsel Show, originally broadcast October 13, 1957.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickinKs View Post
    the "birth of the blues" clip with Louis Armstrong, I was wondering where it came from.
    From the Frank's Recordings thread for Classic Duets:
    Quote Originally Posted by bvo35 View Post
    Birth of the Blues – with Louis Armstrong
    From „The Edsel Show“ (Ford Motor Company), broadcast Oct. 13, 1957 on CBS
    Prerecorded (date and location not documented)
    Arrangement by Heinie Beau, Orchestra conducted by Camarata
    From Today in FS history:
    OCTOBER 13, 1957: With Louis Armstrong and Rosemary Clooney, Dad guested on his friend Bing Crosby's Edsel Show.
    (Overlapped with Andrew's correct answer.)

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    The Lena Horne-FS Duet prompts a trivia question -- computers not allowed -- Another legendary guest on that "Here's To The Ladies" Special "performed" a memorable version of "High Hopes." Who was that special Lady?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sschweiger View Post
    Who was that special Lady?
    See: FS and Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Frank Sinatra/Lena Horne – Harold Arlen Medley
    Here’s To The Ladies, Feb. 15, 1960
    “One For My Baby” (Lena); “Accentuate The Positive” (Frank); “Stormy Weather” (Lena); “Get Happy” (Frank); “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” (Lena and Frank).
    worth a spin this afternoon in memory of Lena Horne.

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    I went to buy a copy of this for a friend, and I can't find one except used or from third party sellers. Has this gone out of print?

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    Out of print for some time I believe. Nothing usually wrong with 3rd party sellers as long as you check their ratings.

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    Just watching Frank and Shirley Jones singing "If I Loved You." Absolutely thrilling! And we all know how Frank "owns" the "Soliloquy." I think Frank would have been a magnificent Billy Bigelow, and it's our great loss that the project fell through. The Jones duet is truly awesome!