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Thread: A Very British Nostalgia Thread

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    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Matt Cardle.
    Matt Cardle who?
    Blimey, is it the new year already?

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    I think I would rather chew broken glass that has been marinated in battery acid than watch anything with Kenny Everett in it.

    He's the exception that proves the rule about Scousers being funny, well him and Stan Boardman.

  3. I have recorded the Morcombe & Wise drama, I haven't had a chance to watch yet but I am really looking forward to it. Christmas isn't the same without them at all, the Morecombe & Wise Christmas Special was always a big part of my Christmas. I love both Eric and Ernie, Eric could make me laugh just to look at him and Ernie was the best straight man ever. I doubt there will ever be the likes of Eric and Ernie or the two Ronnies again. Happy days!

    Childhood memories were bought flooding back to me when I watched the BBC's dramatisation ofNigel Slater's memoirs "Toast", horrid memories of school milk and those awful brown leather sandals with the crepey soles we all seemed to wear, or lace ups! How I hated that school milk, always warm and disgusting.

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    though I remember the Routemasters, I don't recall them doing this..

  5. A nostalgic bump.