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Thread: Killing Me Softly ?

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    Question Killing Me Softly ?

    Hi All...I am curious. I have a friend who said she heard Frank Sinatra sing this song (not in person, a recording). My father-in-law was a huge fan, and so I have become one also.

    BUT I have never heard of him doing this song. And I looked it up as best I could on the internet and while I see a few lyrics shown where the author of the lyrics page claims Frank Sinatra sang it, I see nothing about it on UBL or any other site I'd lend much credence to.

    However, my friend is sure of it, so she says. Is it true? If so, what was it on? I'd love to get the CD/album if it's out there, but have no idea where to look!


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    To my knowledge, Frank never recorded it. Perry Como did. Perhaps thats the confusion.


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    No "Killing Me Softly" by FS.

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    “Killing Me Softly With His Song”

    No way. FS never sang it. You can’t believe everything you read on the World Wide Web.

    Still a very beautiful song, written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, and introduced in 1973 by Roberta Flack.

    There is a small Sinatra connection, though: Roberta’s recording was arranged by Eumir Deodato, who arranged several songs FS recorded with Antonio Carlos Jobim in 1969, and released on the album Sinatra & Company in 1971.

    [Added:] Here’s a small bit of trivia for you: The “him” referenced by the title was folk-rock singer/songwriter Don McLean, and “his song” was “American Pie.” The song was written originally for Lori Lieberman, who recorded it first. But it was Roberta Flack’s cover which became the monster Grammy-winning hit.

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    I can see where the confusion comes from, though.

    If you google the song title and add Sinatra after it, you'll get links to sites that say Frank recorded it on the LP, Killing Me Softly.


    HEY! I just did the same thing with Beyond The Sea. Guess what??


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    I read about that CD on the other "list" just the other day.

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    You're killing me.

    See what I did there?

  8. It seems people may be confusing Killing Me Softly with Softly As I Leave You.

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    That was my first thought, Nancy....but if you click on the link, it gives you the lyrics to Killing Me...., as sung by Frank Sinatra.

    Hey, did Frankie record it?

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    Yes. But it was a special record by Frankie dedicated to a certain accordion player.

  11. I think it was.....

    "Killing Me Softly As I Leave You"
    My heart.

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    << See what I did there? >>

    That's my line, Jim.

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    Liz' First Post

    Hey, Liz... Welcome to the Sinatra Family Forum! Lots of interesting stuff to learn here.

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    Bob, I've been using that line for years....I just let you borrow it last week.

  15. "Killing Me Softly As I Leave You"

    Do EITHER of you see what I did THERE ?
    My heart.

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    I for one

    Am Schultz. I see and know nothing.

    How many of you schmoes are coming to hear me in concert tonight? Better hurry, there's only 23,000 tickets left and the ground is pretty dry still from the rain.

    By the way, Frank never recorded "Killing Me Softly" but I'm thinking of writing a novel "Softly As I Kill You" a book about how to kill people with my type of humor.
    The enemy of truth is distortion.

  17. I'll be there, Rain or Shine!

    It is still on, right?


    Didn't Robbie Williams record Killing me Softly?
    James DeFrances

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    Still on

    Robbie may have recorded "Killing Me Softly" and "Shivver Me Timbers".
    The enemy of truth is distortion.

  19. "a book about how to kill people with my type of humor"

    Rick.....I'm thinking that could be a best seller.
    My heart.

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    There are people like you who think it will be a big hit and other people who don't think so.

    But I'm not going to get in the middle of that one. You'll have to fight it out amongst yourselves.
    The enemy of truth is distortion.