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Thread: The Voice Of Our Time (1991)

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    This will be repeated tonight on local PBS station at 8:00 PM (channel 13 in NY).

    And there used to be a ballpark right here.

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    At 4:30 ET. I will be watching this again on PBS channel 13.

    And there used to be a ballpark right here.

  3. This program is being re-released for fundraising pledge drives on PBS stations, for two years beginning in August 2017:

    American Public Television > FRANK SINATRA: THE VOICE OF OUR TIME (2nd Release)

    See post #16 above for earlier program details and preview video.

    (I notice this will air Friday, August 11, in Milwaukee. Check local PBS listings for availability in other markets.)


  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bob in Boston View Post
    Check local PBS listings for availability in other markets.
    The following two links in sequence should list the broadcast times within the next two weeks (if any) for your selected location and local TV provider:

    > Select Location and Provider
    > TV Schedules: Frank Sinatra: The Voice of Our Time

    This is the upcoming schedule for NYC (WNET channel 13):

    Note: Not all PBS stations have yet scheduled this program.

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    Thanks Bob. The DVR is set!

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    Sometimes I wish I still had cable TV! Years ago, I transferred an old VHS of this program to DVD, but the quality leaves a bit to be desired. I wish PBS would offer a DVD as a thank you gift (as they did for the Kennedy Inaugural special). For those who haven't yet seen it -- enjoy!

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    I taped and watched this "oldie" which aired recently on a Rhode Island PBS station. It's a mixed bag in some ways. A lot of very good examples of Mr. Sinatra's artistry particularly the shots of him in various television shows ranging from the likes of his romancing Ethel Merman in "Anything Goes" right through to some very nice instances of television appearances in the 1960s. However I was disappointed in the quality of most of the film clips which really seemed dated and faded in my mind. Would that they were of better quality. And some of Torme's comments left me wondering. IN THE END IF IT SHOWS UP IN YOUR AREA THIS IS OF COURSE MUST SEE TV (if I may borrow from an ad line I think once used by NBC).