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Thread: "It's Time For You"

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    Some Questions

    I've heard about a song called IT'S TIME FOR YOU that Francis recorded for a commercial in the eighties.My questions are,of course,if the song is available officialy in any compilation,when and where were recorded,who did the arrangements and who wrote the song.

    Someone in some thread talked about a version of MACK THE KNIFE recorded in 1984 and only available in the vinyl edition of L.A. IS MY LADY.I've heard the version released in the L.A IS MY LADY SESSIONS video.Is the same one?

    What are the Sinatra movies in dvd format released?

    Thank You

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    It is available offically on Freedom To Swing Cd issued by Las Vegas Conention Center Bureau.

    The Mack on the vinyl and in the video are the same.

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    According to what I have seen documented, "it's Time For You" was recorded on July 30, 1980, in New York City, session being conducted by Walt Levinsky, meant for a Chrysler Commercial. This would make the tune the only musical studio recording Sinatra laid down that year! Sinatra's lyrics were written by Sammy Cahn. Who wrote the music??? Haven't seen anything on that.


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    Thanx for your responses. I guess the CD with IT'S TIME FOR YOU is not easy to find.
    What about the films on dvd?
    There are plans to release the L.A. IS MY LADY SESSIONS on dvd, as the other tv specials?
    Thanx again.

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    trivia question

    Can anyone name who wrote the song for F.S ( It's time for you )
    for the chrysler commercial !!!!!!!!!!!
    Resist Evil...Defend Liberty.


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    Sammy Cahn

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    It's time for you.

    Right , it was recorded by F.S. on nov 15,1981 for Chrysler .
    Chrysler never used the song in their commercials!!!!!!!!!
    Resist Evil...Defend Liberty.


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    "It's Time For You"

    I believe the actual recording date was July 10, 1980. That is the date reportedly confirmed by Walt Levinsky, the orchestra conductor for the New York City recording session. The arrangement was by Don Costa.

    The November 15, 1981 date appeared in an AP news release in October 2001, when the song was used in a promotional campaign by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. For Sinatra's birthday that year, the LVCVA released a limited-edition promo CD, titled Freedom to Swing: A Las Vegas Tribute to Frank Sinatra, which included this previously unreleased track.

    I've also seen dates of July 30 or July 31, 1980 mentioned, for example in this earlier similar thread here in the forum (suitable for merging): Some Questions. [Edit: Now merged above.]

    Incidentally, you can hear the song on the web here: "It's Time For You" MP3 File.

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    "It's Time For You"

    Bumping this two-year old thread (I know, I know... !!!), for merging. A thread title change might also be suitable.

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    Bob, you're a walking Sinatra encyclopedia.

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    Walking vs. typing

    The problem is, Richie, that I don't get to do much walking sitting here in front of a keyboard.

    What I really need is one of those special Frank Sinatra Editions of the 1981-82 Chrysler Imperial, for which this song was supposedly written (as a favor to Sinatra friend, Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca).

    For more about the car, see this other recently bumped thread: A Sinatra Car Question.

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    My recollection is

    This song absolutely was used for the Imperial commercials on TV. Sid Mark also hawked the car on his show with this song.
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    Darn, i know i heard this song on TV years ago. i was young and im not sure ifit was frank or someone else.

  14. Bernhard,

    Didn't Frank record a few other songs for Chrysler between '81 and '83?
    James DeFrances

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    Everything old is new again. Here are some more blasts from the past:

    Las Vegas Commercial (merged threads)
    It's Time for You
    Frank Sinatra`s Car

    << Bernhard, Didn't Frank record a few other songs for Chrysler between '81 and '83? >>

    From that last thread, Bernhard answers this question in absentia (including the appropriate personalized greeting ):

    Originally posted by bvo35 (02-22-2005)
    James, re the 80s Chrysler commercials - "It's Time For You" was the 1980 commercial, in 1981, Sinatra did "From This Moment On", and in 1982 "My Kind Of Guys" for the company. Kind of a poignant re-assembling, since Chrysler was the sponsor of the Major Bowes Amateur Hour show in 1935 when Frank made his famed debut there with the 'Hoboken Four'.

  16. I appreciate it Bob!

    I knew that question seemed familiar

    Deja vu, right?
    James DeFrances

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    *** Bernhard answers this question in absentia ***

    Thanks Bob - if I had known I was that good, heck I could have stayed on holiday for a little while longer!


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    You're so good, Bernhard, that you even noticed my misspelling of "absentia."

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    It's Time for You

    Great Song, to bad Chrysler never used it, there loss!!!

    FAS: You are my music

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    I've added a post in Frank's Recordings for the promotional CD: Freedom to Swing: A Las Vegas Tribute to Frank Sinatra.