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Thread: Monsieur Alain Delon, Bon Anniversaire!

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    Nice to see you here, Paolo. Take care.
    S V Peluzio Jr

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    I had such a crush on Alain Delon a few decades ago. Even his name is beautiful!

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    I've been on a Chabrol kick this year, so my Delon appreciation has accelerated in a profound way. Also Purple Noon. I love him.

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    Delon is Mr. Cool.
    The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. -Mark Twain

  5. Certainly a good looking and great actor, but too bad is very full of himself, that spoils it all...
    "It's nice to go trav'ling..."

  6. Hello Mrs. Brigite
    Nice to meet you
    I´ve watched ,week dernière to ** Parole de Flic** again, many times also wached before.... that´s splendidous. That´s the real life.

    He is a great human being... He shows, in his carreer, films, movie-shows real facts that happens to all of us.
    C´est un realism fantastic.

    A great director aussi

    No, excuse, vous êtes très belle et sympatique, mais he is very humble, a natural person we meet in his personagens or in his life.

    He has an extraordinaire familie,....

    He struggled A LOT to where and what he is now, all his films are formidable.

    Excuse-moi, but he was never full of himself. Perhaps an impression he leaves to some few people, for his films are very realistic.

    He is not a saint, neither do I, nobody is.

    He is just what he is, Mr. Alain Delon, in his plein soleil! A man whose got no age. An age is just a numero...

    A big hug to you, Mrs. Brigitte.

    {P.S.} just in case, if you meet him, would you please send a big abbraccio to him. He is very loved he in South-America.

    I saw in a french magazine, that he lives in Switzerland.

    Tell him that I watched to Bosrsalino & Cia again (1974) 15 days ago on TV5. THANKS
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

  7. God and your Guadian Angel Keep you well Mr. Delon

    I am praying for you and for your recover.

    I AM sure every thing went well on your surgery

    God protect you


    Come Rain or Come Shine.....