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    Other Music

    Hey I was just curius, what other artists do you guys like? (other then Frank of course!)
    I like Judy Garland, Michael Buble, Swithfoot, Flogging Molly, Josh Groben, The Beatles, Dean Martin, and Elvis.

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    I like alot of country music singers, Like Shania LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill, George Strait, and then some pop/rock like Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, and I also like Hindi and Punjabi music too

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    I'm very into swing bands. Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman amoung others. Of course, you can't forget "Duke" Ellington's wonderful organization or Count Basie's hard-edged band fro mthe late 1930's.

    I'm also into classical artists and composers: George Gershwin being my favorite and the most contemporary person on the list.

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    Everything except heavy metal of rap. Celine Dion, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Faith Hill, Shania Twain...
    all my favorites!
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    Re: Other Music

    Originally posted by Chelsea
    Hey I was just curius, what other artists do you guys like? (other then Frank of course!)
    I like Judy Garland, Michael Buble, Swithfoot, Flogging Molly, Josh Groben, The Beatles, Dean Martin, and Elvis.
    Do you mean there's other kinds of music out there? I had no idea.
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    Apperantly there is. In all seriousness, I love Frank. He is the lord of all American music, however I can't help but also sometimes strayto other artists to find more. Case and point being Miles Davis, a man who's music was so revolutiononary and filled with all of the same elements that make me love Sinatra's work. "Kind of Blue" and " Sketches of Spain" are immesurable masterpieces.

    I'd also like to meantion Dave Brubeck for his great work with his Quartet. His greatest album with them would be, "Time Out".

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    Time Out by Dave Brubeck

    I absolutly love that album!!

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    Cannot stand rap. I like that Michael Buble kid. he has a great voice, and really knows how to use it. Listen to motown, and alot of rock...Rolling stones being my favorite.

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    angel Eyes !


    2. Exept of him, Robbie Williams is very talented, and such a entertainer. Faboulus guye..

    3. Edith Piaf was a great performer. But, most sadly she came into trubbel with drugs...... :-(

    4. Frederic Chopen is one i like, among the many other classical composers...

    5. if you have listened on Fank some dayes. And then you listen to a song performed by Elvis...
    its nothing at all.. he seem as an beginner then. Frank was a total master of vocal teqnicue.. he had full control, and he could sing in so many ways. He is one of the most talented male singer ever. And he will alwais be.

    He was a genius among singers, and such a worm hearted person. we will never se a singer as him in our liftime. So HOLD ON, ON THE MEMORIES !
    they will probobley dont last forever. But fore 100 of years

    We alsow need to remember Cole Porter, fore all the nice songs he wrote.

    And olsow Paol Anka and My Way, probobley the one Frank got most credit fore ! we will ossociate him with this song i think.


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    i like country, pop, rock, alternative and like indian music too and chinese music haha

    I know some bands too!! Like Reno , Amped
    and more too

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    i like rock and pop, but i cant stand on rap and hip hip. i have a very wide variety, i like everything from musicals to green day to kelly clarkson. oh also i love the beatles! my latest song obsession is Billy Joel - It's Still Rock n Roll to Me. i tend to listen to one song 50 milion times then get sick of it then move on to another, its a vicious circle.

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    Other Music from Nancy and Frank.I love Jazz and Swing.Tina Tunrner is also great. I love " You simply the best".Especially to hear in the morning when you get up.It is a great thrill


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    when I'm not listening to Frank..
    i try to catch up on my oldies-beach boys, chubby checker, otis redding-.. its pretty hard when atlanta cancels the only oldies station and turns it into VIVA!! ugh! ok.
    my classmates are somewhat "ghetto" since atlanta turned into the ATL.. so i am forced to listen to rap and crap (hey, i'm a poet).
    basically, i listen to classic rock like the rolling stones and the eagles

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    hmm..i like that one song by green day...umm...goes like...wake me up, wake me up when september ends. love it.

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    wow, my music tastes have COMPLETELY changed (besides Sinatra of course!). I love Arabic, Turkish, Indian, and Iranian music. Any kind of ethnic music is fun to listen to!

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    the #1 artist i listen to is frank but, im also into classical, jazz, alittle bit of 70's and alot of 80's. Im also into other artist of franks generation like dean martin etc.
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