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Thread: what's your take on life?

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    what's your take on life?

    i wanted to know what other teens think about there time on earth. how do you want to spend it? what do you want to be?

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    Me? My take on life stems from Orson Welles and a particular conversation he had with Ruth Warick on the set of "Citizen Kane". He said in so many wors that, the purpose of llife was to attain "your hearts desire". It sounds easy but it isn't but I figure it's worth a shot.

    I want to become a film-maker and try and bring back some prestige into Hollywood. That's it generally. I want to expres myself artistically and if I should latch on to a Mrs. on the way I should be only so glad to take her along for the ride.

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    I have no idea what I wanna be yet... I plan to get married when Im in my 20s then have a family... but other then that i dunno haha

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    yeah mines similar, basicly to be happy, but not just happy, more like on top of the world, crazy in love, not a care in the world, catch rain drops on your tounge, truely estaticly happy is what im after. i want to have fun while im young, and really not waste any of my life. lifes to short to do anything you dont want to do.

    oh and i want to be a make-up artist, mainly cuz its the only thing iv found that dosnt require much brain power, im not saying im dumb here but id rather doodle on the paper than do math.

    i dont know when i will get married, i mean i dont care if im 16 or sixty as long as its true love. i believe in love at first sight type stuff, and that stuff cuz love isn't something you "settle for" if its not truely madly deeply love then ill just wait.

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    Guest going to continue the family business..towtrucking..then i want to go to automotive school and get my on cars and start my own dealership or mechanic shop...then build some race cars.
    i want to become a Chicago Police Officer too.
    if i ever win the lottery..i want to build my own casino and build a racecourse/drag strip.

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    I have dreams of going to college to be an animator but, theres much, much more i want to do but, that's what i'm going to school for so i can bet a degree in animation. I have dreams of being an Animator, writer, producer, actress/voice-artist, lyricist, musician but, i have to take it one step at a time. I also have dreams of working with 20th century fox and my idol/hero Seth macfarlane. I also have dreams of having my own animated series and becoming successful in that and alot of era's of my life. The main thing is i believe and "if you believe then you'll recieve". So HollyWood watch because here i come ha ha!
    "i've got you under my skin".....FS