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    as suggested by "Sinatra" - here's a little online journal thing to get this section more active.

    & because I don't quite know what to post, I am going to copy & paste an entry i wrote for my livejournal before.


    20th February 2006

    it was Morrissey vs. The Smiths hour on VH2 this morning. that made me happy.

    Then I went to the train station & met up with the people I love the most! (well, minus a few... but most of them were there).

    We went to Manchester (a.k.a = primark!). Srsly, no one bought anything from any other shop than Primark, which was the first shop we went in and spent an hour in there. MADNESS!

    Although, well worth it. I have a sexy new dark blue and cream stripey top with a dark blue militaryish/navyish jacket, matching underwear [wtf? everything in this place MATCHES, unintentionally], silver beads. Yes, goddammit. Louise, look what you're doing to me! and two belts (one red with white spots and one blue with white spots [see, matching again!])

    my nan is making me skinny jeans.
    & I so need those blue spotty shoes from New Look, oh yes.

    lovely, lovely day.

    Off to Emma's tomorrow.

    I should really do some work at some point. yes... hm.

    the world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold.
    the curves of your lips rewrite history.
    J E N N A

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    I have alsow been on shopping, in Oslo two days ago.
    I bought 3 pants and two pair of shoes, and a sweater. It was great. altough i have spent far to much money. Anyway. you only live once.