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Thread: When Joanna Loved Me

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    When Joanna Loved Me

    I heard this beautiful song yesterday and I have a question:

    Do someone knows the entire lyric of this song?
    Bob? Bernhard?

    Thanks in advance.
    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

  2. Hi you go:

    When Joanna Loved Me

    Tony Bennett
    Written by Robert Wells and Jack Segal

    Peaked at # 94 in 1964 at the start of the British invasion

    Today is just another day, tomorrow is a guess
    But yesterday, oh, what I'd give for yesterday
    To relive one yesterday and its happiness
    When Joanna loved me
    Every town was Paris
    Every day was Sunday
    Every month was May

    When Joanna loved me
    Every sound was music
    Music made of laughter
    Laughter that was bright and gay

    But when Joanna left me
    May became December
    But, even in December, I remember
    Her touch, her smile, and for a little while

    She loves me
    And once again it's Paris
    Paris on a Sunday
    And the month is May

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    Hi, Christopher!

    Thanks a lot!

    It's a lovely song!

    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

  4. My pleasure!!! I couldn't agree more! It is a lovely piece of music.

    I enjoy both Tony Bennett's version, and Matt Monro's version as well.

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    "When Joanna Loved Me"

    It's a beautiful song and a shame that FS never did a studio recording.

    For more information, see this part of an earlier thread:

    Did Frank Ever Record The Song....?

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    Thanks, Bob. I saw the thread.

    Frank sang When Joana loved me in a Concert in So Paulo when he came to Brazil in 1981 with Vicent Falconi and his orquestra.

    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

  7. Thumbs up yep!!

    and I was in there Lourdie!! What a concert... It took place at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel. A great evening to remember.
    ciao, Paolo.
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

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    Nice song..

    I wish I could have heard Frank sing this song...
    what a concert it must have been in Brazil ! wow!!!!


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    Cool when joanna loved me

    wow i wish i was there...would have loved to hear fs sing that song. i am sure it was great.

    vinny b.

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    "Any Joannas in the building?"
    October 24 1987

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    When Joanna Loved Me.

    Lourdes, this has always been one of my favorite songs. Tony Bennett does it at all his concerts. In fact he named one of his daughters after the song. Just a little trivia for you.

    Hope all is well in Rio. I'll make it their one of these days.

    FAS: Violets for your Furs

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    Hi, Charlie!

    Nice to hear from you.

    I didn't know Tony Bennett gave this beautiful name for one of his daughters.

    Hope to see you in Rio very soon.

    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    Sinatra, when singing this great song, would always sing *all* the last lines in the refrains (not just the one in the final refrain) as "And the monththth wasss Mayyyy".

    It's a line that somewhat always strikes me poignant upon hearing since May 14, 1998.


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    This beautiful song was part of his program when appearing in Carneige Hall - Sept 1981 -
    I saw this concert on Sept. 9th - 18 - 20th..
    and he sang this song ...Vinnie Falcone was the music director..
    I prefer Frank"s versions to Tony Bennett"s but then that"s just me!!!
    "I'll be seeing you."......Elba

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    Re: "When Joanna Loved Me"

    Originally posted by Bob in Boston It's a beautiful song and a shame that FS never did a studio recording....
    Amen to that!

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    But I sure would like to hear the chart that Nelson wrote of this song for the "Ladies" album that never was. Frank's performances of this song (I heard him in Kansas City in October '81) used a stringless chart that Don Costa based on the original (but how different it must have been).
    I was hoping Frank Jr. would have included the song and the original Riddle arrangement on his new album.

  17. Frankie's new album is about Frankie's music with a little nod to Dad's.

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    Which makes a lot of sense, because apart from looking back, one also has to go forward in life and in music.

    The Sinatra legacy must be also be a living breathing thing with each generation creating and building on the great Sinatra reputation for quality in music and the arts.

    I think it is important that Frank Jr continues to progress his own career and sing his way as well as carrying on as the standard bearer keeping the flame for his dad burning bright. I look forward to his new CD.


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    I love also this songs.It is a great song.One of the outstanding moments in the music history.

    I love both Bennett and Sinatra version.

    Vinnie Falcone did a nice arrangement,didnt he?