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Thread: Sinatra : Off The Record (1998) VHS

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    Arrow Sinatra : Off The Record (1998) VHS

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    An Intimate Portrait of the Legend and His Life

    VHS Video by: CBS Video
    Distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
    Catalog No. 7557
    Released in US: 1998
    Screening Time: approx. 45 minutes

    This video includes portions of a 1965 CBS News documentary hosted by Walter Cronkite, with a new introduction by Dan Rather.

    The original program has its own thread in the Frank On TV forum at Sinatra, An American Original (1965). This reissue product was released at the time of Frank Sinatra's death, and it has been mentioned elsewhere (e.g. "It Was A Very Good Year" Footage). However, it has been missing its own dedicated forum TV thread until now.

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    From the back case cover

    Sinatra: Off the Record

    An Exclusive, Intimate Portrait of the Man and the Times of His Life, Featuring Material and a Frank Sinatra You Won't See Anywhere Else

    A rare, no-holds barred interview with Walter Cronkite
    Sinatra at work in a recording session
    Sinatra out with his family and friends
    New introductions by Dan Rather

    In 1965, CBS aired a one-hour news special on Frank Sinatra which was hosted by Walter Cronkite. Cronkite captured a no-holds-barred interview in which Sinatra talked about his work, his family and even his alleged mob connections. Sinatra gave CBS permission to follow him with a camera crew for six months. During this time, the cameras filmed Sinatra recording "It Was A Very Good Year," captured Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin in concert and backstage during unguarded moments and filmed Sinatra performing at a maximum-security prison. The program also looks at Sinatra's early life and film career including conversations with his family and friends.

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    Thumbs up 1965 footage

    I love the 1965 Cronkite interview!

    Imagine, there must have been more material be filmed, more of the "prison" concert.

    The back stage banter and different camera angles are enjoyable, sadly they didn't make it on the DVD of "Rat Pack Live & Swingin'" (Dean and Sammy heckling Frank during "Please be Kind".
    SINATRA : " Standing Room Only " ... new LIVE box 2018

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    Thanks for posting Bob..I'm going to see if I can find it.
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    Wow. Another must have. Thanks again, Bob.
    Tutti a tavola a mangiare!

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    This should not be hard to find even my local library has it. Good luck Mark

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    Bumping for a mention of the filming of the making of the song "It Was A Very Good Year."

    See Frank's Recordings: September Of My Years (post #141)

  9. Yes, this looks to be very interesting.

    Not available on DVD yet I see.

    The VHS copies on Amazon are going from US$39-95 up to... US$650.00
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    wow that's expensive I bought my VHS copy for 10 $!

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    Hi Mel!!!!

    Where did you get yours at?

    Carrie Ann

    Born in the wrong era!

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    CARRIE!!! GREAT new avatar!!! SO good to see you online.

    No VCRs that work anymore in my house... HOPING for a DVD release of this one soon.
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    I don't even have this on VCR, I hope it goes on DVD soon! I would really like to see this one.

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    Hey Carrie! Great to see you back I got it at a second hand store

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris View Post
    The VHS copies on Amazon are going from US$39-95 up to... US$650.00
    That's ridiculous. It can be purchased from an eBay store (gently used condition) for $3.99.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    That's ridiculous. It can be purchased from an eBay store (gently used condition) for $3.99.
    Yes, it pays to "shop" around, especially when bidding on eBay. I just purchased both "Off the Record" and "The Best is Yet to Come" for $12.99 (including shipping). Watched both last night -- essential viewing, I think!

  17. Wow, I went through my stuff and I have that VHS. I am going to watch it tonight. I cant remember everything in that. I watched it so long ago.

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    Interesting fact: the original CBS documentary on which this is based was written by Andy Rooney.

  19. wow that is awesome.

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    Cool Off the Record Legacy!

    " I'd like to be remembered as an innovator of popular music...And I wish somebody would learn how to do it, so it doesn't die, the way it is."

    - Frank Sinatra to Walter Cronkite -