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Thread: Finally the night came

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    Finally the night came

    He was amazing in he's own right but I knew that already,even before I ever heard him sing ever,even on albums. Since I am from a mucisal family I know that it is a fact the old saying that "The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree" or like "Father Like Son". (The first time I heard Mr Frank Sinatra Jr actually was a TV documentary of Mr Frank Sinatra Sr I dont remember what was the name I saw it in Hungary on television and only little parts of it not entirely, I was with my family and we went out but I do hope to see it again soon and both Sinatras were singing together My Kind Of Town in 95 I guess that was about the time when Duets 2 came out and after I heard samples of As I Remember It at

    Before I arrived in the hall it is called Cabaret there were some workers that were selling he's three albums It's Alright,As I Remember It and That Face just as Stenofilm said it,so I was looking at the albums and I asked the vendor girl how much is it cost by the way if anybody planning to see this amazing show tomorrow or the day after tommorow here in Montreal and you want to buy this CDs, if you do not have it you should buy it for sure it is only 25 Canadian dollars wich is about 22 American dollars.

    Nancy please add to Frankie schedule of performances the following dates:the 15th and the 16th of september ( I thank you in advance! Getting back to my amazing night the vendor girl wanted to explain to me when the albums were made... I stopped her and I said politely, I thank you for all the infos but I know all this already so I buyed It's All Right and As I Remember It and I went in the hall.I was sitting in front at the left table and Mr Frank Sinatra Jr sang beautifully a couple of songs right away,almost in a meadly style one after the other S Wonderful,Angel Eyes than he introduced him self ,he was moving quite a lot from left to center to right and he was looking at everybody eyes,I mean at the audience and he said something like that that he hope's that people like this wonderful songs and they still like them after they heard from him,if not just tell to people that you heard Michale Bumblebee or what he's name.It was so funny I think he could be very funny in a comedy movies as well!

    I did met a year ago Michael Buble he is very humble and nice and I am sure that he have great respect for the Sinatra family. Mr Frank Sinatra Jr is simply the best, he can sing what ever he want's how ever he want's with deep understanding of the music, songs,tone,swing.... also what a sincere tribute to he's father with a very intelligent narrations,wow! Of course the album As I Remember It is just like that as most of you already know but please dont miss the chance to see him if he ever go near your city to perform! I can not describe it in words just like Stenofilm said it when he saw him.I am grateful to see him live! I just wished I would of had the chance to tell all this to him, after the show but the employees said to me that he prefer not to see anybody after the show,of course I totally understand. I did spoke and congratulate to musicians from the band like violin players,brass players some were from here and I also had the chance to talk and congratulate to Mr Bob Chmel the drummer who played on both As I Remember It and on the new That Face album as well.

    The front and the back cover pictures of As I Remember It changed from the original,I dont know if everyone from the forum saw this newer pictures? But I would be more than happy to post it here and also inside of the CD folder there is pictures from the recording session wich I think is very similar to That Face album pictures and there are wonderful liner notes from Mr Frank Sinatra Jr as well,please let me know if I should post this great pics,infos here from As I Remember It,Tonight will inspire me for the rest of my life!
    Mr Sinatra

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    I am so glad you had such a wonderful time at Frankie's concert. It sounds amazing. I bet it was a beautiful spectacular show to watch such a consumate performer. Again I'm sure you will be reeling from this for quite a while! It's such a good feeling isn't it!!!

    Congrats you are very lucky to see him. I hope I get the chance one day too.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for posting about the show. I want to see Frankie one day. Is there anyway "As I Remember It" can be sold through one of the sites? They go so high on the second hand market and Frankie doesn't get a penny. I have a copy of the first version but I would buy the new cover just because the album is such a beautiful work of art.(We need a Frankie smilie )

    Press On....

  4. Thanks for telling us

    about your beautiful night. Your description was very exciting. Many of us wish we could be there, too.
    She loves the theatre but never comes late That's why the Lady is a Tramp.

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    He also spoke in French yesterday!

    To my surprise he spoke in French (as you probably all know here in Quebec 99% of the population are French speaking)and he not just said Hello in French but really spoke phrases! Like after he sang New York New York the whole public got up to there feet and clapping and he said in French for me I never got that before which is hard to believe with the talent he have!

    He is here performing since the 28 of June I have a hard time to believe that he got standing ovation only yesterday and anywhere else were he sang for over four decades,but anyway for sure is better to be in life humble and what can I say he is a perfect gentleman!

    Also I agree with Stenofilm that the one hour and a half went so fast like almost a couple of minutes that because we were so much enjoying he's exceptional talent! Apparently he was here in Montreal forty years ago, he did not said this yesterday, I read this somewhere before.

  6. Missing my brother.

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    "It's nice to go trav'ling..."

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    So sorry Nancy.

    Think of him often. Very much missed.