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Thread: SINATRA: VEGAS (Reprise) 2006 

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    The essays in the booklet are as follows:

    "His Kind Of Town" by Charles Pignone

    "Sinatra's Commanding Performances" by Charles Champlin

    "The Best Bet" by David Wild

    "Thrill and Longing In Las Vegas" by Phil Sawyer

    "It Happened In Vegas" by Herman Rush

    Producer's Notes by Charles Pignone

    Plus many comments from Nancy, Frankie, Tina, and other celebrities.

    Many rare photos and news clippings.

    "The Shadow Of Your Smile" is introduced by Sinatra as having been inspired by Tony Bennett's record.

    On the original LP of the Sands William Conrad's intro was overdubbed as the emcee was off-mic.

    "Just One Of Those Things" at the Sands in 1961 is performed as a "Saloon Song".

    The Caesar's Palace concert from 1982 is from the tour that Sinatra did with "no strings attached".

    The duet with Nancy of "Something Stupid" is a highlight and full of humorous banter. Sinatra asks Nancy: "Why don't you sing it with Wayne Newton?....he sings higher than I do."

    It is a truly MAGNIFICENT collection.

    Many thanks to The Sinatra Family and all concerned in the production of this "LIVING" document of Sinatra's tenure in the town he helped build.

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    At you can now watch a Clip of the DVD:

    There is one thing, I know for sure: It will be an absolutely gorgeous boxed set - unbelieveable...

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    Nice job, Ronald.

    If any non-Sinatra Family member was going to get first crack at this set, I'd put you right at the top of the list.

    Peace, Dean
    Support Live Music

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorsten View Post
    At you can now watch a Clip of the DVD
    That was the video preview I was going to post earlier. Sorry for the tease, but I wanted to get Nancy's approval first (and she's travelling at the moment, so she probably hasn't had a chance to respond to my PM). Since it's up at Amazon, I guess it's safe to say it's legal. Here's a link to a full-screen version on Rhino's website:

    "The Lady Is A Tramp" (Flash browser plug-in required)

    Note: The Amazon version has an additional trailer showing the contents of the box set.

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    Here, here!

    Don't go through life. Grow through life.

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    Ron: Thanks for the advance info!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronald Sarbo View Post
    On the original LP of the Sands William Conrad's intro was overdubbed as the emcee was off-mic.
    One of those little mysteries people have wondered about for years: William Conrad.

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    Ron and two guys..I know I have said it before... are bloody amazing...thank God for blokes like you two... ya..cheers...

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    Oh Bob!

    That video clip made time stand still for me. That is MY SINATRA!!! Whenever I think back on my privileged life of having been able to see The Man perfom "live" many, many times...THIS is time frame I cherish the most. He was trim and fit, as tan as can be, in GREAT voice and (seemingly) in the happiest time of his life onstage. He was electric, inviting, addicting and I thank the Dear Lord that I was able to share some time in this great performer's presence.

    This just goes to show how we will each cherish this incredible collection each in our own idividual way.

    Looks like I might be changing my vote for favorite disc again...maybe!!!

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    The anticipation is just MURDER!

    I'm particularly intrested in the comment from Charles Champlin, one of my favorite critics.

  10. Great clip!

    Have you ever seen a person going about their work that looks more relaxed and happy than Frank does here?
    He's having a great time.....What a great performer!
    'Cause he was Sensational....Thats all!

  11. Awesome!

    Links and info..Bob & Ron....thank you !!

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    In celebration of today's video clip debut, I have gone thru my scrapbooks to find the first time I saw Mr. S "live". It was January 26, 1974 @ Caesars Palace. It was the day Tina married Wes Farrell. I managed (by pure luck) to wind up @ the Sinatra table front and center seated across from Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bennett!!!

    Here's a bad scan of the full-page ad of the engagement from the Las Vegas Sun.

    My gift to the group with all my love in electric anticipation of this historic release!!!!!

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    That ad is one of many shown in the booklet.

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    Let's put it on the entrance page!

    ***Aaaarghh She gets too hungry, for dinner at eight!***

    And we get too hungry for 'release at eight'!
    Let's put this great Video Clip on the Front Page!

    Look at the glittering red show curtain, the banners from the ceiling, the gold mic ... Sinatras' grinning, kicking, joking...

    this is MY KIND OF SINATRA !!

    ***Aahh Fantomas!!*** ... Va fa'ntu mazz
    SINATRA : " Standing Room Only " ... new LIVE box 2018

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    Box Set Flash Animation

    Hey! Watch and wait until the concert clip has ended in that
    Amazon Video Clip, there is a very good Animation of the Box Set, set to "Luck be a lady"!

    Thanks Paul for the great Caesars Palace poster and your story!
    SINATRA : " Standing Room Only " ... new LIVE box 2018

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    I have my preorder in and can't wait!!

    Press On....

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    Me too.. I pre ordered mine on the 13th October..can't wait..

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    ******Aahh Fantomas!!***

    Actually, Steffen, what Sinatra sings there is not what you transcribe, although it might be prettier... seriously, Sinatra is singing an Italian slang expression here:
    Va fa'ntu mazz.
    (He did that on other occasions, too). Translated verbatim, I think it means something like "Go and get f***ed in your a**"...

    Sinatra was Sinatra.


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    All I know is that after watching that clip it's gonna be a long week and 2 days.... I can't wait.
    - Terry

    "Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race".